Top 8 Video Game Room Ideas

These ideas will make your gaming experience more exciting and will also impress your friends. Can you imagine playing in a room like this?

If you’re a regular gamer, you’ve definitely seen some amazing video gaming rooms as well as some that fell short. Lights, screens, seating, and the general surroundings can all have a significant impact on your experience.

Playing video games allows you to escape reality, connect with others, and compete. Creating an environment that encourages these encounters is just as crucial as the games themselves.

For many gamers, the setting where they play and interact with others can mean the difference between winning and losing. A gaming room has numerous requirements that can considerably improve the player’s experience and provide the ideal environment for complete immersion.

Creating the ideal gaming environment can be difficult, especially if you live with roommates or a large family. Most of the time, keeping things simple and modest is the best thing to do while designing this room.

A few things should be addressed before designing the ideal video game room.

Remember to keep your room near your WiFi router, and if at all possible, connect your PCs or gaming devices directly to your internet connection. This will minimize lag and connection issues and provide you with the fastest connection available.

Here are a few more suggestions to think about before redecorating this space.

A young man playing online games.

Consider Your Favorite Style

Even though this might not be your primary living space, you can still make it your own. Consider the style and flow of the rest of your home, and integrate accents and features that fit the style in this room.

You may also create this one-of-a-kind room for your home. Try bold or dark hues if you have a modern home with gentle and neutral colors yet want something distinctive for this space.

Using a dark hue on the wall and contrasting it with colored LED lights is a low-cost approach to create a one-of-a-kind space and gaming experience.

If you don’t want extra lighting in this space, you can add your favorite artwork and vibrant accessories to contrast with the gloomy walls. This will provide color and movement to the environment without producing glare or distractions.

Block Out Natural Light

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably encountered a bothersome glare from a window on your screen. Investing in black-out curtains is an excellent answer to this problem.

Blinds would suffice as a temporary cure but search for black-out drapes if you intend to construct a genuine video game room.

They come in whatever design and length you can dream of, and they’re the ideal solution to a bothersome and distracting problem.

If hiring someone to remove a glaring window isn’t an option, having black-out curtains is the next best thing.

Basements are ideal for this room because they often do not have windows. If you have this choice, it could be a tremendous benefit and contribute to your experience.

Upgrade Your Audio

Before getting started with planning and budgeting for cosmetic ideas in the video game room, consider upgrading the audio system. 

Audio can add to the gaming experience more authentic and exciting and by designing your room specifically for the music will make a big difference. Consider installing surround sound to fully immerse in the game and get the best experience possible. 

This doesn’t have to be a very expensive upgrade, but the experience will be enhanced and feel authentic by switching to surround sound.

If you upgrade the audio in the video game room, consider the effect that it will have on the rest of your house. You may want to put sound-proofing squares on the walls to prevent the sound from traveling to other parts of the house. 

If many people live in the house, you’ll likely want to consider sound-proofing (or at least partial sound-proofing) this space. This can prevent arguments and roommates from getting upset or annoyed by the loud sounds, especially for late-night gamers. 

A cool high end gamer's personal computer.

Keep It Free of Clutter 

The video game room should be a space that allows you to get creative and escape the stresses of your day-to-day life. 

Try to keep unnecessary clutter out and keep gaming accessories and equipment in a specific place.

Having a space for extra controllers, headsets, wires, and consoles will help you feel stress-free, and you’ll be able to find things when you’re looking for them. 

Hiding the wires to your monitor, desktops, and consoles is another way to cut back on the clutter, and it can keep the space safe.

The biggest key here is keeping the space clean. Be mindful of what is brought to this space, such as food, drinks, or other clutter, and take it with you when you leave. 

Keeping this space clean will provide more gaming time and less time cleaning.  

Once you’ve considered these things and made some adjustments, you’re ready to start thinking about specific ideas and concepts for this space. 

Top 8 Ideas for Your Video Game Room 

1. Choose a Comfortable Gaming Chair 

A comfortable gaming chair is imperative for the perfect video game room. You’ll probably be spending hours in this chair, which means it needs to be comfortable and functional. 

Consider what will be practical for long hours and late nights. Should it be able to recline? Does it need arm-rests? Does it need to roll? 

These questions should be thought through before purchasing an expensive chair for this space. 

Also, think about the possibility of putting a couch in the room instead. If being able to lay down and fully relax in this space is important, save your money, find an inexpensive couch for this room, and forgo the chair altogether.  

A cool but comfortable gaming chair.

2. Keep Everything Functional 

Any room that serves a specific purpose needs to be practical and functional. The same is true for the ultimate video game room. 

In small rooms, functionality is even more important. Consider using furniture and decorations that can serve multiple purposes.

Using wall decorations such as floating wooden shelves that add to your style and hold all of your games or DVDs is a great way to improve functionality. 

Consider using a desk with storage underneath or several drawers. This will keep clutter or equipment out of the way and provide extra storage for accessories that you need. 

Consider building a bookshelf or installing built-ins for custom storage if you have many different consoles with different games for each. This will provide a specific place for each console and the games/ controller that go along with each one. 

A kid playing a video game in the entertainment room.

3. Make It an Entertainment Space 

If you have enough space, go a step further and make your video game room the ultimate gaming room. 

Create a space specifically for video games and make it a functional movie room or hang-out room.  

Add couches and a projector to make this double the perfect spot to watch movies. Or add a dartboard and pool table to give your guests some off-screen options.  

Make sure you have plenty of seating in this space. Add one or two couches, store bean bag chairs for when you have tons of friends over, and consider hanging on to your old gaming chair if you have frequent guests that game with you.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your entertainment needs in this space. 

Setting up a corner or side of the room specific to gaming will provide you with the perfect environment you need while allowing this space to work when you have company.

Industrial inspired entertainment space.

4. Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting can enhance your gaming experience dramatically. Consider the various lighting options after choosing the best window treatments for your space (remember, black-out curtains are a great option). 

For a modern gaming environment, choose funky and unique pendant lights or lamps to provide light when you need it. This will upgrade the style and feel of the space while also serving a functional purpose. 

For a fun and unique experience, incorporate colored LED lights unexpectedly. Line the sides of your TV with LED strips, or install them on the backside of your desk to create the perfect gaming ambiance. 

To set the mood for a dark and uninterrupted experience, choose deep blue or red LED lights and line your baseboards or top of your walls to get the full effect. 

A complete and powerful gaming computer.

5. Consider Screen Placement

Your screens and monitors will be one of the most important elements in your video game room. 

Consider different placements for your specific needs. 

If it’s normally just one person using this space, first consider the seating. If you’re using a gamer chair, you’ll want your screens at eye level to avoid having to look up or down while gaming. 

Use a desk with an appropriate height, and use a monitor stand if the screen needs to be raised. 

Also, consider using a stand that can hold multiple screens at one time to create the perfect multiple-screen setup. 

If the main seating area is a couch, consider mounting the screens on the wall to provide the best viewing and playing experience. 

If there are always friends over, consider using multiple screens and spacing them out appropriately. 

If all screens are side by side, everyone will have to cram together to get a good view of their screen, which can be uncomfortable after hours of gaming. 

A gamer with multiple and strategic monitor displays.

6. Use a Projector for a Large Screen Experience 

Use a projector if you don’t need multiple screens but want the best experience out of a single screen. 

Installing a projector from your ceiling will allow you to have a big screen and take your experience to the next level. 

You’ll need an open wall painted white for the best picture quality, or you could purchase a white projector screen. 

Another great advantage of using a projector is not needing to replace broken or busted TV screens. While the projector itself may be more expensive upfront, they are very low maintenance and could save money in the long run. 

You won’t have to worry about accidents around a TV screen or monitor because the projector will be attached to the ceiling. This is great for when you have clumsy or accident-prone friends and siblings. 

This is a great way to impress your company and feel completely immersed in the gaming experience, and the best part is that it can double as a movie screen for movie nights.

A couple enjoying a large screen display.

7. Make It a Themed Room

Have fun in this space by creating a specific theme. Choose a movie or certain game that you love, and find accessories/ decorations that bring the theme to life. 

Create a Star Wars-themed room by using different color LED strips to make lightsabers on the walls, and hang posters of your favorite characters. 

Make it a Batman theme by painting an accent wall black with yellow accents or trim and using black leather as the furniture.  

Or go old school and create a Pac-Man room by incorporating various colors and using retro furniture and decorations. 

If this space doubles as a movie room, consider making it a movie-theater theme. Hang posters of your favorite actors/actresses or posters from your favorite movies. If you will be setting up a TV, make sure to decorate around the TV properly!

Add in some vintage signs and seating, and you’ll have the perfect space for entertainment.

This is a great way to completely customize your space and have fun with it while also getting in the zone for gaming. 

A neon light themed room.

8. Use the Corner of the Room to Your Advantage 

Small spaces can be hard to work with, especially when they need to serve a specific purpose. 

Use this to your advantage by creating a gaming corner. You can have the desk catty-corner in a room and have three monitors. Place one in the center of the desk and one on each side.

This is a great way to utilize otherwise wasted space and have the perfect setup. 

You can still achieve all style and functional aspects by using the corner to your advantage. 

This will let you get creative with storage, seating, and lighting options. 

Using the corner will open up space to fit several chairs or a couch for when friends come over and allow space for appropriate storage for all the necessary equipment. 

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