11 Decor Ideas for AirBnb

A well designed AirBnb will get you 5-star reviews and plenty of bookings. Are you designing to draw customers?

AirBnb’s are great ways for spending quality vacation time with family. Some people would rather choose the coziness of an Airbnb than living in a hotel room that doesn’t feel inviting enough. Having a comfortable abode to relax paired with amazing locales is one of the biggest draws of renting an Airbnb. 

A house gets its charm with the way it is styled and the vibe its decor exudes. Let’s dig deep into some budget-friendly decor ideas that will spice up the home and give it the unique touch without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Fancy Wallpaper

Don’t imagine a boring striped wallpaper that reminds you of the late ’80s. The wallpaper game has completely changed and there are so many options to choose from. Gone are the days of bland wallpapers. Pick a color and design that goes with the overall theme of the room.

A dining space with an accent wall using tree logs wallpaper.

2. Indoor plants 

Indoor plants are a very easy way to spruce up a dull home. Indoor plants can be an important factor in reducing fatigue, headaches, and uplifting your mood. There are many options if you are thinking of adopting plant babies to transform your AirBnb. Some of the plants that require minimal upkeep are lady palm, pothos, jade plant, asparagus fern, Chinese money plant, and snake plant.

A reading corner with a comfy orange chair and indoor plants.

3. Aromatic candles

Candles have a way to revamp a rather simple room into an ornate hearth. Candles come in a variety of forms and aromas. Pick a candle that lights up the space while also putting out a scent of freshness. 

A scented candle with a dainty white flower in the background.

4. Wall Frames

A wall adorned with a bunch of pictures in modern-looking picture frames is a fantastic look for AirBnbs. You can pick an overall theme for the house and deck the walls with art and frames that go well with the theme. It is an easy and inexpensive way of beautifying the walls of a humdrum house.

two black trims wall frames above a green bedside table.

5. Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook can create a great ambiance for visitors. It is an alluring space that visitors can use to relax or escape from their usual reality. Feature it on your AirBnb ad and it can sometimes be the major selling point for someone renting your house. If the place has a designated space for reading lined up with furniture and cushions to make the reader cozy, what else can a person ask for? 

A comfy arm chair beside a wooden white bookshelf filled with books.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of making a place look bigger than it usually is. Mirrors give an illusion of the house being spacious and full of light since it reflects a lot of the sunlight in the house. Decorating the home with huge mirrors near the closets and stairs makes it look vast and comes in handy in those houses that are less spacious.

A large living room mirror for a larger space illusion.

7. Kid-Friendly Furniture

Lots of AirBnbs are rented out by families with little children. Decorating a house with furniture that is kid-friendly definitely goes a long way. Furniture that is easy to clean and decorate is a good option to revive a rather dull-looking interior.

A blue blanket assembled to become a mini tent for kids.

8. Game Room/Entertainment Room

AirBnb’s that have a pool table, foosball table, or any indoor gaming setup ranks as one of the most sought-after houses in the search result. People started to look for entertainment and staying in option especially after the pandemic hit. An AirBnb that provides the right amount of entertainment without stepping out is a game-changer.

A large pool table inside the billiard room in the attic.

9. Amping up the deck

Outdoor furniture is definitely a hit and will make the house irresistible. Patio furniture in the summer months is used to add the extra touch of allure to the otherwise amazingly decorated house. Patio furniture paired with an amazing barbeque set gives out a warm vibe to the house.

A swing in the backyard facing a pool or even a lake screams major vacation goals and photo ops. If you have a pool, make sure you are decorating it appropriately.

Rattan outdoor furniture setup in the deck.

10. Local Artwork/Handicraft

AirBnbs can show support to the local artisans and craftsmen by showcasing their artwork in whichever form they deem fit. It could be in the form of wall decor, wall hangings, posters, etc. People who travel to a new place would want to know more about the hidden gems such as a local guide of restaurants, must-see places in the vicinity, and other monumental places with historical importance or otherwise. 

A framed digital artwork beside some handicraft decor pieces.

11. Don’t Over Accessorize

Last but not least don’t over-accessorize and overdo the decor that the house becomes borderline hoarders haven. 

The saying that goes, ‘ Anything in excess is poison’ holds true on this matter. A lot of items and objects don’t need to be in the house unless it adds value to the home. Let’s face it you can’t waltz your way into decorating a home while shouldering baggage of excess things. 

A simple bedroom with an accent headboard using painted wooden planks.

These were some of the tips and ideas to spice up your AirBnb’s decor game to make it look pleasing to the eye and make your heart melt. 

Having a space that seems warm and comforting is difficult to achieve but not impossible. In the end, what matters is that the home possesses all the utilities with a little bit of character and it will go a long way.

Sarah Wolfenstein
Sarah Wolfenstein is a mother of three and is skilled at DIY projects, design, and cleaning and organization. She never accepts a mediocre job - she is always challenging herself to make things appear better than even professionals with many years of training. Sarah has always strived for perfection in all her projects. She is also very active on Pinterest , where she posts tutorials, ideas, and home decorating tips that are simple enough to even be done at home by anyone with a moderate amount of experience doing basic DIYs.
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