9 Fall Mantle Decor Ideas

The mantle place is the perfect area to bring a Fall seasonal vibe. How can you decorate it?

The weather is starting to get warmer, you can order a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shops, and the leaves are changing colors. Fall is what many people consider the most beautiful time of the year, whether you live on the coast of Georgia or the hills of California. 

Fall is a wonderful time of year that sparks a time of reflection and slowing down. The natural colors turn from vibrant greens to calm and neutral colors that are soothing to our eyes. Cool breezes replace the hot and humid air, and you can finally break out the flannels.  

Decorating for Fall is fun because you can incorporate colors like red, orange, and tan, which aren’t typically used around the house. You can add blankets and pillows to your favorite spots, making this the coziest season of the year.

Regardless of the climate you live in, the fireplace is sure to be used this time of year to keep you warm and help you decorate. Here are a few ideas to make your home cozy and ready for this beautiful season. 

1. Use Neutral Colors 

As the colors begin to change outside, consider changing the colors you have inside as well. Switching out vibrant decor and replacing it with neutral colors will help your home feel in tune with the changes outside. 

Your neutral color decor will match any interior design style, making this a great investment. Try to stick with tan, white, brown, and orange colors to make this space feel like Fall while matching your specific style. 

You can add these colors by using items like candles, lanterns, picture frames, beads, and even flowers. Each of these items would look great on the mantle and signal the start of Fall. 

A small white fireplace with green tiles

2. Add Textures 

This is a unique season because it’s not quite the end of the year, but summer has certainly taken a bow, and we know change is coming. It’s a season of new beginnings and getting cozy. Using quilted textures is a great way to honor this season.

It’s a cozy texture and reminds you of homemade items, which always seem to be popular around this time of year. Using knit pumpkins or adding a quilt to the chair next to the fireplace would be a great addition to your home. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate seasonal colors and textures all at once.

Halloween inspired fireplace decor

3. Incorporate Candlesticks 

A cost-efficient way to signal the start of Fall in your home is using candlesticks on the mantle. You may already have candlesticks around the house as decor, making this a great opportunity to save some money. 

Use leaves (real or fake) to garnish the candlesticks and place a scented candle on the top. Adding a candle with a scent like pumpkin spice or vanilla can really make your home feel cozy. 

The candlesticks will look great and match with tons of seasonal decor, and the colorful leaves will help your indoor decorations connect with nature.

Stylish fall themed fireplace house interior

4. Use a Glass Vase

Incorporating a glass vase or multiple ones with various sizes and shapes can really enhance this area. During this season, you can fill the vase with colorful leaves, dried branches, or candles. The vase will serve as a multi-purpose tool for your decorating needs. 

The glass will match any interior style and any occasion, making this a versatile item around the house. It can change with the seasons or be useful to you in other areas of the house. The transparency of the glass allows you to incorporate various colors and textures and have everything together in one nice and neat space inside the vase. 

Autumn inspired fireplace corner with string lights

5. Add Some Pumpkins 

Pumpkins are very popular around this time of the year, making them easy to find or make. Adding pumpkins in various sizes, shapes, and colors to your mantle will really get your home ready for Fall. 

You can even make this a fun opportunity to do a craft with the kids. Getting moldable craft foam and letting the kids paint their own pumpkins or carve a real pumpkin can make this a special memory. They’ll love the chance to have a hand in the home decor, and you’ll love spending quality time together with them.  

You can use real or fake pumpkins and add different colors to create a small amount of contrast in this space. Using white or tan ones next to orange ones will give this area some interest and movement. 

a huge stone fireplace with pumpkin decors

6. Stock Up on Firewood 

Nothing says colder weather like a pile of firewood by the fireplace. It’s a universal signal of the weather changing and cozying up with your loved ones. Whether you have a traditional wood-burning stove, modern fireplace, or electric fireplace, adding a stack of firewood is a great addition during this time of the year.  

You can use a cute basket to hold the firewood or make stacks on the hearth. You may even have a custom holder that stores your surplus firewood which will also be a great addition to this space. 

Try to keep your supplies to only two or three stacks to avoid overwhelming this area. You’ll want to leave room for other items but have enough to avoid making multiple trips a night to gather more wood.

Small but modern black fireplace

7. Incorporate Leaves and Branches

One of the highlights of this season is watching the leaves change colors. It’s a sign that colder weather is coming, and it’s a beautiful way for mother nature to shed her summer coat.  

Incorporating leaves and branches that boast bright Fall colors will be the perfect addition to your mantle. You can lay them down and spread them out around your existing decor, or you can find a jar or antique vase to put them in. 

The colors will look great in the house and remind you of the gorgeous changes occurring outside the windows. You can even save money by bringing in real branches and leaves from outside and just keeping them for the season. 

Autumn leaves put in a tin can case

8. Make It Cozy With Blankets

Adding blankets around the house is one of the perks of this season. You can add them to the back of the couch, the recliners, and even on the hearth. Folding up a red or orange blanket on the hearth signals an invitation to sit around the fire before bed and sip on some hot chocolate. 

The kids will love having a blanket in this spot to help them get cozy when they want to warm up their hands and feet. It’s also an opportunity to incorporate vibrant seasonal colors in an area that might not have other bold colors.

If you don’t have a space on the fireplace large enough to safely hold a blanket, drape it over a reading chair or couch next to the fireplace. It’s still close enough to easily grab before getting comfortable in front of the fire, but it will eliminate any potential fire hazards.

A cozy fireplace with pumpkins on the side

9. Add Rustic Lanterns

Incorporating rustic elements during this season is a great idea. Rustic elements will look great with neutral colors and even the red and orange accents that you use throughout the house this time of year. 

Adding a rustic lantern to the mantle will look great with a few pumpkins and candlesticks. It’s a simple item that can serve many purposes. You can place a candle in the middle, tie in some real leaves, or leave it empty. You could even make this a really unique item and have it hanging down to add an unexpected moment in this space. 

This is a great addition to your space, whether it’s open on all sides or has glass panes. It’s versatile enough to be used in other areas of the house after the season has come and gone, which is great news for your wallet!

Beautiful fireplace lamplight fixtures
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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