10 Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace

When decorated properly, fireplaces will bring warmth and coziness to a room. Are you utilizing the space correctly?

On a cold January night, the best thing to do is wrap up with your family in front of the fireplace and listen to the fire pop. Pair it with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite movie, and you’ll soon have family memories that you won’t forget. 

Something is soothing about the sound and the warmth that a fireplace can bring to your home. It allows the worries of your day to melt away and lets you focus on the moment. 

Having a fireplace is a great addition to your home, and when done right, it can become the focal point of your living room. 

The hard part is figuring out how to decorate the fireplace in a safe way that will match your style. It doesn’t offer a ton of space, so decorating without making it feel crowded can be challenging.

Before you plan out your designs, keep these two things in mind! 

Avoid Fire Hazards 

Although uncommon, it is possible that decorations from the fireplace could become a hazard. Adding anything flammable to the fireplace as decoration is not recommended and should be reconsidered if you have pets or children.

Items that include any kind of accelerant or flammable liquid should not be used on the fireplace and should be kept away from this area altogether. 

It’s a good idea to stay in the room or at least stay home while you have a fire going. It’s very uncommon that a fire will start due to your decor, but unfortunately, it is possible. 

A dim living room with japanese inspired styling.

Avoid Decor That Hangs Down 

When planning your design for this area, make sure to leave off any items that may hang in front of the fire itself. This could be a huge fire hazard! 

You may have a beautiful table runner that would look perfect on the mantle, but if it’s hanging off on the ends, it could not only be a fire hazard but could get pulled down by kids or pets. 

Ensure that all decor is fully settled on the mantle and not dangling in any places to avoid accidents. 

Now that you’re ready to have a safe design take a look at these ideas!

10 Fireplace Decor Ideas 

1. Use An Oversized Mirror

You’ll typically have a large wall above your fireplace that can be an awkward space to fill. It’s hard to address the wall without making it seem empty or cluttered. 

The perfect solution is using a fun mirror! Try to find an oval shape or a rectangle and stand it up vertically to take up room on the wall without making it feel cluttered. 

Mirrors are a great addition to your family room because they make the room seem bigger and more inviting, and they bring character into the space. 

Match your style with the frame by using a rustic wood frame for a farmhouse or French-inspired home or a fun gold frame for a modern or industrial-style home. 

If you want to make this space unique and one-of-a-kind, find an old window frame and replace the glass panes with mirrors to create a fun and unexpected moment. 

A living room with a christmas tree, fireplace and a round mirror.

2. Incorporate Woven Accents

If you’re not a fan of using a mirror in the living room, add a large woven accent on the wall instead. 

Using a woven plate or basket on the wall creates depth and texture in a space that would otherwise be void of it. 

You can find these at an antique store or even brand new from top decor retailers for a very reasonable price. 

The texture will match almost any style, blending in with your current style or providing a fun contrast. It covers the large, awkward wall and doesn’t take the attention away from your beautiful fireplace. 

A modern fireplace using white bricks with a hanging wooden shelf with decors.

3. Store Extra Firewood in a Basket 

When using a wood-burning fireplace, it’s easy to go through firewood quickly, especially during the colder months. 

Keeping firewood in the house and in a designated spot helps you keep up with the demands. 

Find a unique basket or shelving unit to hold the extra chopped wood. Make sure you keep it a reasonable distance away to prevent any accidents. 

Woven baskets look great on a hearth, and they provide the storage that you need. Furthermore, since they’re lightweight, they’re easy to move around when you’re ready to rearrange things.

If you’re looking for a more modern touch, you can custom make shelving with a black metal frame and wooden shelves. 

This allows the extra wood to become part of the decoration itself, creating a modern rustic accent. 

A beautiful classic white fireplace with woos on a woven basket.

4. Incorporate Fresh Greens

Adding fresh flowers or greenery to your fireplace is a great way to bring life into this space. 

Grab your favorite vase, whether it’s a rustic tin vase, clear glass, or painted white, and fill it with beautiful fresh accents. 

You can even make this a fun tradition and get the kids involved. The kids will love helping you pick out fresh flowers from the garden or local greenery, and you’ll be left with a beautiful accent. 

It helps the space feel inviting and brings life to your living space. This is a cost-efficient way to have a beautiful accent on your mantel that you’ll love seeing every day. 

Make it even more interesting by using multiple vases with different shapes and sizes. It creates contrast and lets you have fun arranging them in different ways depending on your seasonal blooms.

An old and white fireplace with woods that are yet to be burned.

5. Give It a Personal Touch 

Adding personal memories or pictures to your fireplace is a great way to add some fun decor. The most important thing to remember when adding a personal touch here is not getting carried away. 

Mantles only offer a foot or two of space, meaning they can get cluttered real quick. Adding a bunch of family photos and memorabilia without spacing them out or using moderation can end up looking tacky. 

Try to use your favorite family photo or a painting that means something to you. Choosing one photo or painting and incorporating it with the rest of your style gives you an even balance. 

It lets your style shine through and enables you to highlight a beautiful memory that you love to show off. 

If you choose to use a photo, be mindful of the picture frame you choose. Select a rustic wooden frame for a French-inspired or farmhouse-style home or a metal frame for an industrial or modern home. 

You can make this space personal and functional by incorporating touches of your personal style and keeping the space clutter-free. 

For a more subtle touch, find an accent with the first letter of your last name. This creates a very simple and modest touch of personalization to your space if you’re looking to keep this area neutral and light-hearted. 

A classic white bricks fireplace located at the corner with black enclosure.

6. Industrial Style 

Certain areas of industrial-style homes can be challenging to decorate. Fireplaces are typically not an “industrial” element unless specifically designed to mirror this particular style. 

So, how can you decorate existing fireplaces to match an industrial style? 

First, try to paint the brick or stone black. If black is too dark for your room, try a deep navy blue. Painting the surface a dark color will allow you to add industrial elements that you would not have been able to use if it was natural brick or stone. 

Once the surface has been painted, use simple and elegant accents like gold candlesticks, a mirror with a black metal frame, or a copper lantern. 

Using metals will instantly upgrade this space and give it an industrial look and feel that you’re trying to achieve. 

Keep a vibrant red brick surface if your home has industrial elements and dark accent walls. It will add contrast, make the home feel like a downtown loft, and bring character and texture into the space. 

It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your space. Utilize this opportunity to create unexpected contrast and texture in your home. 

The best way to achieve this look is by incorporating metals such as gold or copper and keeping it clutter-free. Industrial style is all about keeping things classy and simple. 

A simple and modern living room interior using a gas log fireplace at the center.

7. Modern Farmhouse Style

If you’re looking to decorate your modern or farmhouse-inspired home, a good rule of thumb is to mix textures and keep things simple. 

Working with a farmhouse-inspired home can be fun because there are no real rules with this style. You can mix different colors, finishes, and elements all in the same place. 

Try to incorporate a vase of fresh greens, a rustic lantern, and a unique mirror on the mantle for this style. 

Creating contrast in both color and height will make the mantle feel larger and make this space unique. 

Let the fresh greens or fresh flowers from your garden add a pop of color and keep the remaining accents neutral colors. 

If you have a traditional brick surface, use white or creamy colors on the mantle to create a break in the red color and add contrast. 

You can use rustic or metal finishes mixed with natural wood elements to make a statement with stone surfaces. 

Try out different combinations, and don’t be afraid to switch things up every few months to keep it fresh. 

A vintage styled farmhouse fireplace contrasted with a modern room interior.

8. Cottage and French-Inspired Style 

Your warm and cozy French-inspired or cottage-style home can become even more of a welcoming area by adding suitable decor to your fireplace. 

Keep the accents a creamy white and use light-color wood accents for this style. Try to find old candlesticks, wooden lantern frames, and fill clear vases with white flowers. 

The goal of this style is to make the space feel as welcoming as possible. Using light-colored elements will help this area feel warm. 

If you have a stone surface with thick mortar, you’ll be able to add some additional color to this space. 

Use terra-cotta pots to hold fresh flowers or create a contrast to the white or gray stone surface. 

Find a large mirror with a white or copper frame (depending on the wall color) to go above the mantle. A large mirror can bring an unexpected moment into the otherwise warm and calm area. 

The key here is to create a balance. Try not to have too much of one finish or color to make this a well-rounded space. 

A simple white indoor fireplace with a cottage aesthetic.

9. Make the Upper Portion of the Wall an Accent Wall

The wall above the fireplace is typically a long and narrow strip of wall that can be an eyesore if not used correctly. 

Instead of trying to hide it behind a massive canvas print or mirror, have fun with it! Turning the upper portion into an accent wall can transform an eyesore into your favorite part of the house. 

You can try a fun texture on the wall like shiplap, which is horizontal wooden planks, and paint it white, or let it stay natural to match your style. 

If shiplap doesn’t match your style, you could use a more sophisticated finish by adding board and batten instead. 

For industrial homes, you can create abstract shapes or lines using wood planks and paint over the entire thing in a deep blue or green to make the space cohesive. 

You’re adding texture and interest to what was before a stubborn wall that you couldn’t do anything with. 

A simple wooden fireplace with Christmas lights and decorations.

10. Keep It Fun and Festive

Your mantle is a great place to show off your seasonal decor and ideas, but remember to keep things clutter-free! 

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to spruce up this area, but it can quickly turn from festive and fun to cluttered and stressful. 

When you put out your seasonal decor, make sure you spread things out. You don’t want to pack in as many things as possible in one small space. 

It will become an eyesore and potentially a fire hazard. Instead, try taking off some of your normal accents and replacing them with your seasonal items. 

You’ll create room for beautiful accents that align with the time of year, and your space will still feel warm and inviting. 

Try mixing your seasonal decor with a bit of your own style. Use green and red Christmas accents along with natural wood elements for a farmhouse-style home, or mix your garland with a fun metal lantern for an industrial-style home.  

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your mantle dreamy and inviting as long as you keep a balance and try not to overstuff too many things in the small space. 

Christmas decors such as pine cones, lantern, and Christmas tree and ornaments.
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