8 Plastic Chair Design Ideas

Plastic chairs can give an elegant feel if incorporated correctly into your design. How can you use it in your home?

Designing a cohesive home means using elements that match your style in every room of the house. Regardless of your style preferences, designing a home can quickly wear on the wallet. Imagine having a seamless style throughout your home without having to break your bank. 

You can make that a reality in your home if you switch out certain items like bulky wooden chairs for elegant plastic chairs. There are many ways to incorporate these in different areas of the house without compromising quality. Using high-end plastic and textures like wicker can help your home feel cohesive and elegant. 

If you still have doubts about how the quality will look compared to your existing furniture, consider adding elements like seat cushions or replacing the existing legs with metal ones.  

Making the switch could be a great option if you’re looking to update the living room with an accent chair, dining room seating, patio seating, or kids’ rooms. Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

1. Dining Room 

If you like to host holiday parties, birthday parties, and other large gatherings throughout the year, your dining room table is probably a well-used item. Choosing the right chairs for the spot that will host friends and neighbors is a big decision. 

Before spending hundreds of dollars on hand-carved wooden seats, consider choosing a cost-efficient and stylish option. Using plastic chairs around your dining room table will save you a bit of money and still look great with any interior style. 

It’s important to choose a thick plastic around the dining room table since these will likely get a ton of use over the years. Depending on your interior style, you may have multiple colors that would look good in this area, or you could choose clear, which will help you match your style even if it changes over the years. 

A dining room with a wooden table and gray chairs

2. Accent Piece 

A great way to add a pop of color to your space is with an accent piece. Using a colored plastic chair as your accent piece in a bedroom or the living room will give you a functional and stylish solution. It’s always great to have extra seating options in the bedroom and living room, and to make it stylish is a win-win.

You can let this be the accent all on its own or add fun elements like a fuzzy blanket, books, or a fun throw pillow. Try adding textures and patterns to create a focal point for your room while enhancing this fun and unique accent piece. 

A tall black chair against a plain white background
A pink single chair used as coffee table

3. Patio Furniture 

Having a cozy patio where the kids can play during the warm months while you sip a cold drink can feel like an at-home paradise. Creating an outdoor living space is possible with heavy-duty plastic chairs and couches. 

You can get a full set to include multiple seats and even include a couch and love seat made out of the same material to make this a fully functional outdoor living space. 

Once you find the set-up that works best for you and your family, you might not ever want to come back inside!

A very spacious patio with wood and gray furniture

4. Front Porch Seating

An area that’s often forgotten about as a place to add seating is the front porch. Incorporating fun seating options like colored Adirondack chairs could enhance your curb appeal and give you a cozy spot to enjoy your morning coffee. 

This could be a great way to add a pop of color to the outside of your home. You can choose from many different colors or paint them to the color of your choosing. If you want seating options but don’t want to overwhelm your front porch, you can choose a neutral color like brown, white, or gray to add seating without distracting from your beautiful home. 

Green plastic armchairs in the patio
Red, orange and blue wooden chairs outdoors

5. Pool Chairs

If you have a pool, you understand the constant upkeep and maintenance required to keep it running properly. Part of the upkeep extends to the accessories like the pool chairs. 

Before summer rolls around, upgrade to the heavy-duty faux wicker lounge chairs. You can add cushions in any color or style, and the heavy-duty plastic material will last for years to come. 

Although it may cost more upfront for these, you’ll save money in the long run because you’ll only have to replace cushions that get dirty over time. This is a great option to enhance the look of your pool deck, and they’re super comfortable, which means you’ll feel like you’re on vacation while you’re in your backyard. 

Resort lounging area with pool

6. Kids’ Rooms

Setting up a child’s room is challenging for many reasons. You want things to be functional without adding clutter, and they have to be durable to handle the constant energy and movement from your child. 

Adding a plastic table and chair set to their room could be a great addition. It’s functional because it gives them a place to sit while they color or play, and they could even grow into it over the years.

Using a durable material in a neutral color like white, gray, or tan will help this furniture stay relevant for years to come. As they get older, the table can be used for homework and studying. This is a great addition to any kid’s room, and with neutral colors, it will look great!

A narrow and white kids bedroom

7. Rocking Chairs

Whether you’re looking to add a relaxing space in a nursery or on the front porch, a rocking chair will be the perfect addition. If you’re tight on space, you don’t have to get a bulky wooden rocking chair. Instead, you can add a lightweight and functional option to your room.

Adding a heavy-duty plastic rocking chair will give you a relaxing spot to sit, and it will be a versatile and easily moveable option around the house. You can add a fuzzy blanket over the top or a decorative pillow to pad your back while you’re reading a book or drinking your morning coffee. 

These would look great in the bedroom, nursery, or porch!

Modern rattan rocking chair
A white plastic corner chair with a faux fur

8. Durable Faux Wicker

A popular and durable option for outdoor seating and furniture is faux wicker. Made with heavy-duty plastic, this gives you the ability to choose the best seating arrangements for you and your family without sacrificing quality materials. 

Using faux wicker for your outdoor chairs, tables, and couches will help you enjoy an outdoor living space without replacing your furniture every summer. They look great and match any design style, giving you the option to make the most out of this functional furniture. 

Brown and white outdoor plastic sofa
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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