10 Floor Art Ideas

Your floor can also be a way to show off your design aesthetic. What are some floor art ideas?

Imagine coming home every day to the most unique floors on the block. From painted hardwood to handmade tiles, your floor can become a statement piece in the house. If you’re tired of having faded hardwood throughout the house, it’s time to implement some floor art. 

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient option, you can paint over your hardwood, making it all one color or creating beautiful and intricate patterns. If you’re looking for something to last longer and don’t mind spending the money, unique handmade tiles are a great option and can add color and charm to your home. 

The great part about floor art is the ability to make it as simple or intricate as you’d like. You can choose from basic options like a simple chevron pattern or use stencils to create gorgeous and unique designs in specific rooms. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started and give you inspiration for your own home!

Wooden planks as flooring using herringbone pattern

1. Create Whitewashed Hardwood 

A cost-efficient technique that’s becoming increasingly popular is whitewashing hardwood floors. It’s an inexpensive process if you choose to do this on your own, and you’ll only need a few materials to complete the renovation. 

Whitewashing the hardwoods will soften up the room and create a brighter atmosphere throughout the home. You can whitewash a single room like the sunroom or living room or continue the process throughout all hardwood rooms in the house. 

The great thing about this technique is the ability to make it exactly how you want it. You can use a light stain to make it very simple and casual, or you can use a thick and rich white color to really coat the floors and make a big statement. 

A light washed wood board

2. Add a Gorgeous Rug 

If you’re tired of looking at worn-out flooring and you need a quick but efficient fix, consider adding a beautiful rug. Using a rug allows you to introduce new colors, textures, and patterns to your home. You can use them to create separate spaces within a single room or use one large one to highlight the center of a room. 

You can move them and clean them off as often as needed, so when you’re ready to expose your hardwood again, all you have to do is move the rug! Another great benefit of using rugs is incorporating them in multiple rooms with similar colors and patterns to have a sense of cohesiveness throughout your home. 

A dining room with a beautiful rug under the table

3. Use a Chevron Pattern 

For homes that are going through a major renovation or have flooring ripped up, consider laying down your hardwood floors in a unique pattern to add some interest and movement. Laying down hardwoods in a chevron pattern will add character to your house without feeling overwhelming. 

You can have your contractor install the hardwoods in this pattern and see a major improvement the effect will have on your home. It’s a timeless pattern that would look great with light woods or dark woods, and you can carry it throughout the house or in one specific room. 

A wooden single chair against a white wall

4. Add Handmade Tiles 

Adding anything that’s handmade or individually produced, like hand-painted tiles, will instantly add charm and character to your home. It’s a great way to have something completely unique and special that you can cherish for many years. 

Incorporating handmade tiles will introduce color and pattern to your home, which will brighten it up and help it feel cheerful. You can commission a painter to create specific colors and patterns, or you can go to a local tile shop to find a design that you’ll love in your home. 

These tiles would look great in the hallway, the laundry room, and the bathrooms, and they’ll likely be made from sturdy materials, which means they’ll stay durable over the years. 

White and blue floral tiles
A man standing on a green geometric pattern flooring tiles

5. Paint a Pattern on Hardwood Floors 

It’s completely possible to create unique floors without paying for intricate tiles or a contractor. If you have hardwoods that are in good condition but you’re ready for something new, consider painting patterns directly on them

You can pick a pattern or shapes that you want on the floor, then use stencils or a projector to outline where to paint. This project can be completed with a few paintbrushes and buckets of paint. 

This can be done in the main living areas like the living room and dining room, or you can incorporate this in the bedrooms to brighten them up and make them unique. 

An empty room with white walls and wooden floor

6. Create a Classic Checkerboard Pattern

A classic floor option that will instantly enhance your home is a checkerboard pattern. You can create a classic pattern by using black and white tiles or put a modern twist on it by using a light gray tile against a black tile. This keeps the rooms mysterious and moody but still gives you the classic pattern that you’ll love. 

The checkerboard pattern looks great in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. You can even add it to the foyer to create a dramatic entrance. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient option, consider staining your existing hardwoods with two different tones of wood stain to create this dramatic effect for a fraction of the cost. 

A black and white bathroom chessboard tiles
A white and black marble checkered floor tiles

7. Use Brick in the Sunroom or Patio

Areas of the house that often get overlooked are sunrooms and patios. These are important areas for the family to gather, which means they deserve to have elegant flooring that makes a statement. 

Using brick pavers as the flooring for sunrooms and the patio will create a dramatic effect, and it’s a durable option. The brick can create various patterns, including chevron and traditional brick patterns, or you can also create a laid-in rug or special design to designate different spaces in the room or on the patio. 

An industrial themed coffee table set made of metal
Classic orange brick outdoor flooring

8. Paint a Rug 

Adding a rug to common spaces like the living room and hallways is great, but between kids, dogs, and high traffic, they can start to wear down and trip people as they walk by. If you have hardwoods and like the way a rug looks, but it’s not a practical option in your house, consider painting one! 

Using a stencil or projector, you can create the outline of a rug on the hardwood and then grab a can of durable paint in your favorite color and paint a rug. It will look great in the living room or as a hall runner, and it won’t start to fray, catch dirt, or trip your guests as they walk around your house.  

Colorful square ceramic tiles
A classic but modern living room interior with patterned flooring

9. Create Rustic Hardwood Floors 

If you have existing hardwoods in your home but you’re ready for a change, consider making them rustic. This is a great option if you have an old house with original hardwoods because it can feel like you’re restoring them to their original state instead of constantly trying to update them with new stain. 

To make them look rustic, you can use a few different techniques like sanding them down and getting rid of the stain or painting the old or new hardwoods to look rustic. Adding in some blue, gray, and white paint will give your home a rustic and nautical feel, and it will completely transform your hardwoods. 

A closeup picture of a beautifully textured wood plank
A yellow dining chair on a unique wooden plank flooring

10. Make It Moody 

A great way to change the tone of a room is by adding a deep color in unexpected ways. Adding black or dark gray tiles to the floor or painting the hardwoods a deep blue or olive green color can completely transform your space. 

Consider this technique if you want specific rooms like the living room or office to have a moody and cozy vibe. You can pair leather accents and fresh plants to offset the dark colors while still maintaining a moody vibe that allows you to relax and unwind. 

A very spacious modern lobby
A simple but moody living room interior
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