10 Large Wall Decor Ideas

High ceilings and large walls can be absolutely beautiful if decorated correctly. How are you utilizing the space?

There’s something about having a huge wall in your great room that makes it feel, well, great. Large walls bring a sense of authority and seem to put things into perspective. 

The only problem is, they’re hard to decorate. When you start decorating your new home, you’ll likely take care of other areas first and leave this wide-open canvas as your final act. 

With a little planning, this can be your favorite part of the house. It can serve multiple purposes, highlight your favorite piece of art, and give you a chance to get creative. 

Treat this opportunity as your chance to create a “wow” moment. Use the size to your advantage, and have fun with this space! 

10 Ways to Decorate a Large Wall

1. Use a Large Split Canvas Picture 

A great way to add your personal touch and cover a wide space is by getting your favorite family picture printed over multiple canvases. 

The canvases (typically three or four) will come together to create one picture. It can be a picture from your wedding day, a family photo, an image of your pets, or your favorite landscape picture. 

Whatever picture you decide on will be the perfect decor addition for your space. It takes up quite a bit of space depending on the size you choose, and it brings in a personal touch that you’ll love seeing every day. 

One of the advantages of choosing this option is it allows you to change your mind down the road. There’s no long-term commitment, and you won’t have to renovate anything if you decide you want to go in a different direction. 

If you want to use the space for something different, you can simply take down the large canvases and replace them with whatever you choose, no strings attached! 

A white wall with a large split canvas overhead the couch.

2. Highlight Your Favorite Piece of Art 

Use this opportunity to hang your favorite piece of art. Whether it’s a canvas painting from your favorite artist, a print photograph from your favorite photographer, or even a 3D design that you feel drawn to, you can use that to enhance this space. 

If you find a canvas from your favorite artist, make this the center of attention. Use a pendant light or sconce to aim the light directly on the painting. 

The added light will create a dramatic effect and immediately catch your eye and attention. 

You can do the same if you have a print from your favorite photographer. Turn it into a canvas print, or find a stunning picture frame to capture the true beauty of the photograph. 

You’ll still want to add a light fixture to make this a dramatic moment that your guests will love asking you about. 

Consider finding a frame with lighting built into it for a serious show-stopping effect. The backlight will bring out every line and contrast in the photo and take this space to a new level. 

If you don’t have a favorite artist or photographer in mind, grab the kids and start a new tradition by making your own canvas painting. 

Find a large canvas and different color paints at your local crafts store, lay down some newspapers, and have your kids help you with an abstract painting. 

There are no rules here; just have fun! Who knows, you might create a new tradition that will continue for years to come. 

A black and white interior with a large black and white portrait of a woman.

3. Create an Accent Wall With Shiplap 

If you’d rather fill your large wall with smaller decorations, you can still make the space a sshowstopperby making it an accent wall. 

Adding texture will bring interest and contrast to the space without seeming like an overwhelming add-on. 

Installing horizontal shiplap will bring texture to your space, and it can make the room feel larger by creating clean, horizontal lines. 

It’s a great addition to a farmhouse-style home, a French-inspired home, or even an industrial farmhouse style. 

Use vertical shiplap to make the room feel taller and add contrast with other elements in the room. Vertical shiplap is still easy to install, and it’s an affordable way to create an interesting accent wall. 

The best part about shiplap is that it’s easy to hang decorations or add pictures. You can leave it natural (wood) or paint it white to give it a farmhouse feel. 

You could even paint it a rich, bold color like a dark blue to add depth and give it a modern touch. 

You can also scatter shiplap throughout your house, such as putting it in your bathroom, to create a cohesive theme

A simple living room with black and wooden elements on furniture and decor.

4. Give It a Bold Color 

If you’re looking for a showstopper or a conversation starter, choose a bold color. The space is likely going to draw attention anyway due to its size, so you might as well have fun with it! 

If you have a French-inspired home, paint it a dark blue to match your neutral colors and nature-inspired interior. Your contrasting colors and interior will prevent this wall from making the room feel too dark or uninviting. 

Use a gray to match your style and add contrast to your soft white furniture for a farmhouse interior style. It’s a great addition to a light and bright space because it gives you some interest without feeling too moody. 

Industrial-style homes can use this technique as well. Paint the wall a forest green or dark olive color to perfectly match your metal and leather accents. It’s a great way to bring additional texture and bold colors to your space. 

Adding this bold color will prevent you from feeling like you have to fill up the wall with other things. The color alone will set the space apart and give it character. 

One accent wall painted with a rich blue color and some wooden furnitures.

5. Add Interesting Wallpaper 

There are tons of wallpaper options that can make this space interesting and unique all on its own. 

Adding wallpaper is a safe way to explore different colors and textures. It’s typically more expensive than paint and requires installation, but you can have fun with it. 

Instead of having a solid color, you can add wallpaper with a design or texture to amp up the space. 

Companies are even starting to make shiplap, board and batten, and wainscotting wallpapers which could be a more affordable option if you’re interested in those textures/ designs. 

You can even commission local artists to help you create a custom wallpaper with a design or drawing that you love. 

The options are truly endless, and you have the freedom to create a design or statement with wallpaper. 

A nature themed black wallpaper installed in the dining room focus wall.

6. Use Wooden Accents to Create Two Separate Spaces 

If you have a wall that runs the length of multiple spaces, such as a living room and a dining room or kitchen, create two separate spaces with wood planks. 

Using vertical wooden planks, you can create two seemingly different spaces. You’ll be able to use different decor on each side to match the rooms accordingly. 

Adding these wood accents allows you to keep the wall all one color and create separation in different areas of the home that otherwise would not feel separated. 

Your home will feel more inviting, and each space or room will be able to act on its own.

A large round mirror against a charcoal gray wall with wooden accents.

7. Incorporate Antique Windows or Shutters

A unique decor option is hanging an antique window pane to create a fun and unexpected moment in your home. 

This is a great option if you have a French-inspired home or farmhouse-style interior. An antique window frame with or without the glass will be the perfect touch to your home. 

It will help you break up the large open space and add an interesting element not commonly found in other homes. 

For extra-large spaces, add wooden shutters on each side of the antique window. You’ll cover more area, and the wooden shutter will add to the overall effect of this decor option. 

Try to center the window and shutter to let it have a standout moment and shine. It’s inexpensive, and you won’t have to think about using smaller decor all over the wall to cover the same amount of space. 

8. Create a Mirror Collage 

If you’re looking for a modern way to cover a large space in your home, consider creating a mirror collage. 

Using different sizes, shapes, and color mirrors is a modern way to bring interest and style to your home. 

It’s a great option if you have a mid-century modern or industrial-style home because the mirrors will play off the clean lines and metal finishes. 

Your mirror collage will be a fun way to add your personal touch and create an interesting element in an otherwise unused space. 

This is also a fun option if you have a mixture of round and square mirrors. The contrasting shapes will create interest in this space and add a fun spin on homes with straight lines everywhere else. 

A set of different sizes round mirror arranged like a gallery wall.

9. Install a Wall Mounted Light Fixture 

Finding a light fixture that is mounted instead of hanging from the ceiling can drastically change the tone. 

If you have a large open space in a farmhouse-style home, try to find multiple rustic sconces to incorporate in this area. Try to find three matching ones and space them out evenly to break up the large area. 

They’re functional and practical because they’ll add light to your space, but they also serve as inexpensive decor. 

If you have a modern or industrial home, you can try a unique approach. Use old pipes to create an interesting shape, and add exposed light bulbs to the ends of the pipes for lighting. 

Not many people will have this feature, so your friends and family will love coming over to see your unique decorative lighting. 

An industrial inspired living room, black couch and trunk table.

10. Use a Console Table 

Creating spaces that are decorative and functional can sometimes be challenging. Using a console table on your large wall will break up this space and provide functional storage. 

You can even find the perfect console table at an antique shop or second-hand store to stay under budget. 

Adding a console table allows you to put lamps, books, and other small decor on the table, drawing your eyes away from the wide-open space. 

The table itself can enhance your style by finding one that matches your personality and the rest of the home. 

Find a console table with metal legs and a wood top for industrial homes or a distressed wood table for farmhouse-style homes. 

If you are looking to place the console table in your entryway, make sure you check out our entry way décor ideas. 

A minimalist console table with lightwood finish against a plain white wall.
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