8 Brown and Blue Living Room Ideas

Brown and blue is a beautiful color combination. What are some ideas for using these colors in your living room?

Nothing feels better after a long day than coming home, kicking up your feet, and relaxing in the living room. It’s where you watch your favorite shows, talk about your day at work, play with the kids, and cuddle with the dogs. If you feel your favorite place to gather is drab or needs a major update, consider creating a beautiful brown and blue space.

The soothing colors can help you relax and unwind in the evening while maintaining a subtle sophistication. Using these neutral colors gives you the freedom to decorate and accessorize to your taste while incorporating a fun color combination. 

It’s a tried and true style that works with a variety of interior designs. You can keep it subtle and use throw pillows and blankets or make it noticeable with the wall color and large furniture. Either way, your living room can quickly become your favorite spot in the house with a few changes. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Add a Fun Rug

A great way to introduce any new design style or color scheme is with a rug. They’re a great addition to any room and help you add texture, dimension, and patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

If you’re hesitant about completely changing over to a brown and blue living room, try finding a floor rug with both colors and placing it under the coffee table or in front of the sofa. You can even find a rug with just one of these colors to decide which one would look better as the primary option. 

blue round rug placed near the window

2. Consider Coordinating the Furniture and Accents 

A great way to change the interior style without having to paint the walls is to upgrade the furniture and accent combinations. With new sleek furniture like a deep blue velvet sofa and cozy accents like brow knit blankets or fuzzy pillows, you’ll completely change the atmosphere in the living room. 

Using large accent pieces like the sofa, coffee table, and area rugs is a great way to incorporate large chunks of color. The accents like throw pillows and table decor can create a beautiful contrast that makes the space feel complete. 

You can keep the accents as subtle or defined as you like, making this a fun way to play around with your personal style until you find something you like. 

sofa placed between big standing lamp

3. Choose a Fun Wallpaper 

If you love the blue and brown color scheme but don’t enjoy large chunks of color, consider finding a fun patterned wallpaper. It’s an easy way to incorporate soothing and neutral colors without overwhelming a space. With wallpaper rising in popularity, you can find a pattern that works for your specific home. 

Pair the wallpaper with a soft brown sofa and subtle blue accents. The combination of wallpaper and elegant furniture can instantly upgrade your space and help you create a beautiful living room perfect for relaxation.  

beautiful white flowers in big jug

4. Reupholster the Chairs 

Sometimes, all it takes to transform a space is updated upholstery. Taking an old sitting chair and adding a beautiful shade of blue can be the perfect addition to your living area. If you already have a brown or leather sofa, taking a fun velvet fabric and wrapping an old chair can take your space to the next level. 

You can create a similar effect with soft brown leather over an old chair, pairing it with a blue sofa or loveseat. If you want a more dramatic style effect, you can add accents like throw pillows or blankets of the opposite color over the reupholstered chairs. 

open living room near the balcony

5. Consider the Decor 

Your decor can go a long way, especially in open spaces like the living room. Whether it’s picture frames, lamps, or books on the coffee table, the small additions of color can make a huge difference. If you have primarily blue furniture pieces, consider adding more brown decor, like wooden picture frames, knit blankets, and fluffy pillows. You can do the opposite if the majority of furniture is brown by adding in blue decor pieces. 

For an added emphasis, you can incorporate glass decor to help the light shine through the specific colors. Tinted glass vases on the coffee table or glass ball decorations are great ways to add the desired colors while keeping things fun and sophisticated. 

green plant placed between brown baskets

6. Incorporate Colors on the Wall

One of the best ways to incorporate a large chunk of color is by painting the walls. Using a moody blue or soft brown on the wall can help you transform your living room. Once you choose the wall color, incorporate the opposite color for furniture to create a fun balance and contrast. 

A great way to keep this space elegant is with a moody wall color like navy and a simple but sophisticated sofa like soft leather. The color combinations look great and stand the test of time while giving you a relaxing space to unwind. 

big frames placed behind brown leather couch

7. Use an Accent Wall 

Accents walls are a great way to really make a splash and introduce a fun color combination. Whether you like to keep things simple or pull attention to one part of the house, they can be of great use. 

Try to use a soothing shade like navy on the largest wall for a fun and relaxing living room. The effect draws your eyes in and makes the space feel inviting. You can even add wooden texture to the wall before painting it with your desired color for a more dramatic effect, or leave the natural wood for a subtle and earthy effect.

Try to offset the accent wall by adding furniture and decor in the opposite color. This will create a beautiful contrast and help you incorporate this timeless color combination. 

big green plant placed on wooden chair

8. Choose Drapes With Your Desired Colors 

Living room drapes greatly affect the overall feel and style of your home. Your space feels out of touch and cold if they’re dated and chunky. On the other hand, if they’re too thin, your desired colors might not come through how you intend them to. 

Try to find modern drapes that reach the floor and add a sense of elegance to your space. Using neutral shades will help you perfectly pair these will your existing decor and furniture. The drapes provide privacy and look great, making them a practical addition to your new and improved living room.

big fancy lamp beside the blue couch
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