11 Yoga Room Decor Ideas

A room designed to be a centering space can help you improve your mindset when doing yoga or mindfulness. Read on for our ideas.

Your home is already your sanctuary, but having a dedicated yoga room can help you feel like you have a retreat. Regardless of the room size you are transforming, creating a space to enhance your inner peace is easier than you might think. 

Yoga room decor is minimal and allows you room to breathe and to center yourself without a lot of distracting clutter. If you’ve been wondering how to create the perfect yoga space in your home, it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. 

No matter the budget you’re working with, achieving your dream yoga space is just a few interior design moves away. Once you consider the functionality of your room and the decorative theme you’d like to implement, you’ll already be on your way to a meditation space that will help you reap all of yoga’s health benefits. 

Before You Get Started on Your Yoga Room

A Yoga room with a blue mat and white brick walls.

The first step to any successful yoga room transformation is preparation. Before you can get started, you can do a few things that will make for a smooth transition. Blending your style with streamlined features will create a functional room for relaxing yoga routines.

Minimize and declutter 

Yoga spaces are usually sparsely furnished with minimal pieces. Try to get rid of as much unnecessary clutter and bulky furniture as possible. You’ll start with a lot more space to work with, and it will make your yoga room easier to personalize. 

Consider storage

Whether it’s yoga mats or a place to store towels, having storage space for your necessities can help keep your yoga room looking clean and inviting. Small closets and cabinets made from natural hardwoods are ideal for the task. 

Get exact measurements

The standard-size yoga mat is 24 inches wide and up to 72 inches long, so you’ll want to make sure that you have enough floor space for the number of mats you’ll be using at once. To ensure you never come up short, always measure the space to make sure you’ll have room to stretch out. It will also help you to arrange your space accordingly.

An open space as meditation room with floor pillow chairs.

9 Yoga Room Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Now that your future yoga room is ready to personalize, you’re ready to get started. There are many ways to create the perfect mood for workouts, and incorporating a few of these design ideas into your overall theme will make the room you need to focus on your inner peace.

1. Use Lighting to Create a Relaxing Mood

If your yoga room gets a lot of natural light, you’re already getting a dose of warm energy. Don’t fear if your room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight; it’s easy to replicate with carefully placed lamps and the proper types of bulbs. Soft whites should give you an adequate amount of light without being too bright. 

A well lit and airy meditation room with a single gray mat.

2. Opt for Paint Colors that Evoke Relaxation

Paint for yoga rooms should always inspire a sense of relaxation. Painting with bright reds or intense purples might seem like a good idea, but they may end up feeling too dark and oppressive. Instead, aim for lighter, sun-reflecting hues like light turquoise or warm sand tones. 

A black yoga mat beside a wooden wall.

3. House Plants Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

To keep your space feeling clean and decluttered, it’s important to use a sparing touch with your yoga decorations. Indoor plants are a great way to bring in a little good energy and to decorate without creating clutter. From hanging baskets to sleek planters, a splash of live greenery will help extend nature into your room. 

Varieties of houseplants arranged beside a window.

4. Don’t Forget the Candles and Incense

Soft candlelight has an automatically relaxing effect on us. When combined with incense that can help you feel centered, you’ll have a space that rivals any yoga studio in your area. Creating a separate, altar-like space for these decorations will help keep everything organized and help you start to focus. 

A tabletop with unique pieces of decorations such as candles and plants.

5. Incorporate a Full-Length Mirror

When you’re doing your yoga workout at home, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing all your poses correctly. A full-length mirror installed in the correct place will let you know whether or not you’re hitting your mark. It will also help reflect any light you’re working out in. 

Two rattan floor seats and a plant basket beside a full length mirror.

6. Utilize Natural Materials to Complete Your Yoga Decor

Emphasizing natural elements in your yoga room allow you to personalize without making it feel cold. Adding baskets or some wicker shelves around the room will seamlessly combine nature with any other elements you might add. Rough wooden shelves also make great yoga storage areas. 

A table cabinet decorated by dome books, plants and vases.

7. Consider Adding a Water Feature

Can you think of anything more relaxing than the sound of beach waves or the babble of waterfalls? Water features don’t have to be huge, and there are plenty of small, portable pieces that will help engage all your senses. A small aquarium is also a good option for yoga rooms.

A small garden water fountain sitting above an elevated pavement.

8. Tapestries and Rugs are Must-Haves

A home yoga studio wouldn’t be complete without at least one colorful tapestry or rug gracing the space. Wall tapestries that add color and movement and intricate rugs that assist with focal points are a subtle yet creative way to integrate a large swatch of color. Remember to keep it simple; otherwise, too many patterns might be too much visual stimulation.

A very bright, fresh and airy living room with natural elements.

9. Make Sure You Have a Place to Sit

It’s important that you include a little seating. Adding suitable chairs or sofas can give you an additional place to relax or perform some mindfulness. 

You’ll love having a yoga room that can be an anytime retreat, and your friends will feel invited to stay too. 

Sunlight peeking through the glass walls of a living room.

Getting the yoga home studio you’ve been dreaming about is easy to manifest, and it can be done on any budget. Incorporating natural materials, thoughtful lighting, and starting with a clean slate, will make your yoga room your new favorite place. After you carefully decorate it and have your first yoga session in it, you’ll never want to leave. 

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