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Our authors write on a broad range of different subjects based on their specific interests and areas of expertise.

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Jessica Childres

I am a former P.E. teacher and current writer with an interest in a wide range of topics. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine and being able to mix that with my love of home improvements and interior design is a dream come true. I love a good DIY project and helping others realize the potential their home has.

Some of the things I enjoy doing when I’m not busy writing is running and reading. I’m always eager to explore the world around me and learn new things.

When it comes to interior design there are no limits to what you can do. You can mix colors, patterns and textures even if they may seem contrasting at first glance. We all know how important good lighting is to help create the proper atmosphere in any room so why not aim for one that will give your guest an extra touch of style.

Sarah Wolfenstein

I love DIY projects! Recently, I’ve been working on some cute things for my home. When I’m not crafting, I enjoy reading and playing with my kids.

When it comes to troubleshooting things at home, I have had many years of experience of fixing broken appliances or retouching weathered parts of the house. I also have some experience in using simple tools to repair things like furniture, when it is no longer fixable with my limited knowledge.

I’ve always had an interest in DIY projects and crafts. My most recent project was a tree stump bench . I took the stumps from the trees that were cut down on my property and turned them into a fun decorative bench for a corner of our yard! It comes in handy while working outdoors or before going out at night for a nice family dinner.

If you want to try something new, look up some of my articles online to get ideas about how to make your next home improvement project even better than you imagined.

Carley Miller

I am a horticultural expert that has been in the field for over 25 years. I used to own my own landscaping business, but ultimately left the position when the business side of the job took over the horticultural side of the job.  That is why I am now working at the a nearby public garden, where I get to work in the greenhouses and do research.

Back when I was in business for myself, I would always try to combine lawn care with landscaping because many people wanted their yard taken care of all at once. That meant that they wanted trees trimmed along with flower beds weeded and grass cut. Now that my position is more focused on plants specifically, it has allowed me to expand my horizons even further than I could have ever imagined.

Jeffrey Douglas

I am a gardening hobbyist. I have a knack for helping things flourish.

Gardening has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. My love for gardening started when I was five years old. At this time, my parents took me on a family vacation to Lake Tahoe where I had the opportunity to go gardening with my grandmother at her home in Loomis, California. It was here that she taught me what it meant to garden, how to use tools properly, which types of seeds were the best choices for the climate around us, etc. She taught me everything that she knew about growing plants from seed before passing away later that year.

Ever since then, I’ve been busy with my own garden and also helping others be successful at growing plants and flowers in their own yards and homes.

For the past few years, I’ve been using a blog to help others learn about gardening and what they should know before beginning their own garden.

Alaine Connolly

I have been working in horticulture since 1992, beautifying golf courses, resorts, and hotels. I am also a part-time landscape designer who works full time caring for a 28,000 square foot public garden. At home, I maintain my own 400 square feet plot.

When it comes to plants, I love  all kinds. I do not discriminate based on color or form, but rather, my affection is given to plants that are hard working and easy to maintain. The more effective the plant in multiple ways of use (visual appeal, texture, softness), the better.

I love to garden without boundaries and wish there were more hours in a day for me to accomplish all that I have set out to achieve. Since time obviously does not stand still when you are waiting for it to do so, when space is limited or nonexistent at home, I head outdoors where my goal is always the same: To create places where people can escape from their daily lives in order to stop and relax in soothing surroundings with quality materials that will withstand years of abuse while giving.

Teresa Burns

I am a design specialist that has an eye for details. I believe that beauty is captured in the small details that many other people overlook. I find it fascinating how color, texture, and shape all meld into the beautiful designs that we see around us.

When it comes to my philosophy with my work, I  believe in the phrase: “Less is more.” I believe that by reducing many different ideas and concepts to its simplest form, we can find an underlying beauty in something so simple.

I’ve been working in this field for almost twenty years now. It’s such a joy to see how much design has evolved over the years. When I started out, it was all about making things look flashy and “cool” with loud colors and attention-grabbing images. Nowadays, we’re starting to see a trend towards simplifying the designs into clean lines and sleek shapes that highlight key points of interest instead of distracting from them.

Working as a design specialist over these past several decades has given me many opportunities to on many different types of projects

Mary Bishop

I have been working in the cleaning industry for over 5 years now. I started with residential cleaning, but then quickly moved on into commercial cleaning. It might be strange, but I have a passion for cleaning.

My philosophy when it comes to cleaning is that the most important thing is to provide a quality service. After I finish cleaning a customer’s house, I want them to feel like it feels brand new and they can spend time enjoying life rather than looking at a cluttered mess. 

In my spare time, I like to read and spend time with my family. I have two kids, both of whom are very active in sports. That keeps me busy on the weekends!

Derrick Porter

I got my Engineering degree at Rutgers University. While I no longer work in an office or in the Engineering field, because of my background, I like to figure out how the world works around me. As a stay-at-home father of two, how this plays out is that I will often inspect the process by which I do simple tasks like cleaning and organizing a home. I always want the most efficient and effective way of doing things.

When I am not taking care of my children, you can find me reading, writing, or working in the garden. I love to work on projects around the house and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills as a writer.