10 French Country Decorating Ideas

A French Country design can help your home feel cozy and relaxed. How can you incorporate this style into your home?

Imagine coming home after a long day and instantly feeling cozy and relaxed in your own home. Adding a French Country design style to your home is the perfect way to make this a reality. 

Simply changing out a few of your existing decor pieces, brightening up your furniture, and taking a trip to the antique shop can help you achieve this look in no time! The French Country style is a classic look that will stand the test of time. 

The accents and textures are calming, making your home a gorgeous place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. You can keep things simple by adding natural elements like wood, fresh plants, and leather. 

You can carry this design style throughout the home, making your entire space feel cohesive. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Choose a Rustic Coffee Table

Choosing the right coffee table can be tricky because you’ll want something that matches your style but also serves a functional purpose for you and your family. For this particular style, try to find a rustic coffee table that shows years of use or a live-edge option to give off the countryside vibe.

Remember to choose the shape and size that will serve a functional purpose for your family. Consider a larger rectangular table if you gather around the coffee table to play card games and eat quick meals on busy nights. If you just use it for an occasional cup of coffee and a few magazines, consider using a smaller round table instead. 

dried flower in a simple vase as table centerpiece

2. Incorporate Light and Airy Colors 

A staple of the French Country style is using a muted pallet with light and bright colors. Using white, tan, light gray, and creamy colors will help your space feel bright and airy, giving it a calming and almost spa-like atmosphere.

When possible, incorporate these colors in your decor pieces like throw pillows, candlesticks, furniture, blankets, and even picture frames. If you want to make more of a statement, you can pair your muted pallet with some contrast by adding black accents here and there. 

You’ll still have the overall feeling of an airy room, but your eyes are drawn to the contrasting pieces, adding layers to your space.

A very bright and airy reading corner
white flower white vase

3. Use Natural Greenery 

Incorporating natural greenery is a great way to make your space feel authentic and connected to the world around you. It’s an inexpensive decor option that will make a huge difference in your home. 

You can use seasonal plants and flowers to give your space the look and smell of an authentic home garden, or you can opt for faux plants that look and feel like the real thing but require little maintenance. 

Try adding greenery to bathrooms, bedrooms, and the dining room to make spaces that are typically closed-off feel welcoming and bright. 

a snake plant in a simple white vase

4. Incorporate Wood Accents 

A great way to enhance the French Country style is with wood accents. Using natural wood when possible will create a gorgeous look and help your home feel authentic. 

Using floating wooden shelves, wooden utensils in the kitchen, and wooden furniture will greatly enhance this style. If you have extra material from past projects, this could even be a great way to save money by making your own items like floating shelves or wooden coasters for the coffee table. 

Try to keep the wooden accents natural whenever possible. Leaving it the natural color and letting the grain lines stand out will make it more authentic and genuine to your space.

assorted wooden kitchen cutleries

5. Add Fresh-Scent Candles 

Your sense of smell can greatly impact how you feel and experience a space. Using candles with a light and fresh scent can enhance your design style and look great on your shelves! 

Try to find scents like clean laundry, fresh lemon, or lavender to make your home feel cozy and welcoming from the minute you walk in the door. Your guests will love the fresh smells, and the candles will look great as decor pieces around the house.

throw pillows and scented candles

6. Find Antique Light Fixtures 

If you’re trying to create an authentic French Country look, consider shopping at a local antique store for your light fixtures. This simple step can go a long way for the overall look and feel of your home. 

Using an antique light fixture is a great way to add a permanent decor piece to your home. You can use old chandeliers in the living room, rustic sconces in the bedroom, and unique pendant lights above the kitchen island. 

Try to find fixtures with gold, black metal, or crystal accents to add sophistication and interest to your space.

white kitchen with an antique light fixture

7. Use White Furniture 

Once you’ve picked out some rustic light fixtures and incorporated wood accents, it’s time to choose your large furniture pieces. Adding white furniture will be a beautiful contrast to your existing wood decor and accents and look great in your space. 

Using creamy white chairs and a white cloth couch is a perfect touch for the living room. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, try to find distressed white dressers and vanities to make the home feel like a cohesive space. 

You can pair the white furniture with muted-color accents or use dark decor to add contrast to your space.

white corner chair furniture

8. Incorporate Scalloped Edges

Sometimes, the little details go a long way when it comes to design style. Incorporating furniture with scalloped edges or arches can completely transform your space and add to your French Country design style. 

Arched openings to the kitchen or a couch table with scalloped edges can tie in the beautiful French-inspired architecture and help it feel naturally integrated into your home. You can even use this finish on bathroom and bedroom furniture by using the scalloped edges on the vanity or bedroom dressers.

9. Let Natural Light Shine 

Allowing natural light to shine is a great way to help your space feel larger and more welcoming. Using light window treatments like thin white curtains instead of blinds can add to the overall feel of your home and enhance your style. 

Pair a black metal curtain rod with bright white curtains to make your home feel like an authentic French Country cabin. The simple window treatments will let the natural sunlight shine throughout the day while providing you with some privacy at night. 

This is a simple and cost-efficient decor element to help your home feel cozy and inviting.

a very airy and bright white furniture

10. Incorporate Black Metal Accents 

Adding contrasting elements to your home is a great way to draw your eyes to specific areas you want to highlight. For example, using a pendant light with black a black metal casing is a great way to highlight tall kitchen ceilings. 

The black color and metal texture perfectly contrast with the rest of your light and airy style. It’s not something you’ll use in every decor piece but it could become the perfect addition to the overall feel of your home. 

Use this accent sparingly, so you don’t overwhelm your space or create a dark and moody vibe. Using a black metal mirror or installing black metal legs on a wooden coffee table would create a beautiful and interesting balance in your French Country home.

white kitchen with wood and black accents
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