8 Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Decorating your door with a Christmas theme can add a lot of flare to your home. What are some design ideas?

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, you know Christmas is right around the corner! While you’re brainstorming decor ideas for your yard and the front of the house, don’t forget about the front door. 

It’s often the first thing your guests see when they pull up to your house, so it shouldn’t be any different around the holidays. With some planning and creativity, you can create a beautiful and fun front entrance that your guests and neighbors will adore. 

Before embarking on this project, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You can always use the color of your door to your advantage to save time and supplies. For example, if you have a red door, consider turning it into a Santa suit or a chimney and if the color is already brown, consider turning it into a reindeer or a gingerbread house. 

You’ll also want to keep things simple and flat when possible. If this is your main means of entering and exiting the house, you’ll want to take that into consideration because the decorations may experience wear and tear throughout the month. Try to keep things flat when possible and keep the edges free from 3-D materials. 

And, of course, always remember to use your porch to your advantage for extras and additional items that will bring your front entrance to life! Here are eight ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

1. Decorate a Wreath 

A classic option is taking an ordinary wreath and adding personal decorations to make it stand out. You can add faux snow to make it look wintertime even if you live in the South, or add color by embedding red berries and candy canes. 

Regardless of the theme you use, you can always add a red bow at the top or the bottom to really get in the holiday spirit. This could be a fun project to work on with the kids, and it’s easy to take down once the new year rolls around. 

A christmas wreath hung at the front door

2. Christmas Tree 

Getting creative and letting the wheels turn for this project is a great way to allow your imaginative side to shine! Another great option for your door is turning it into a Christmas tree. You can use construction paper and create leaves and ornaments yourself, or get more creative and use unexpected items. 

Using the door as a backdrop, you can add elements from around the house like sticks, pinecones, and dried lemons to create the shape of the tree. This will look great and allows you to bring out your creative and fun side.

a diy christmas tree made up of assorted ornaments

3. Add Stockings 

It’s always a great idea to work with what you have in terms of a backdrop. If you have a brick house, use that to your advantage and hang your stockings on the porch. This is a cute way to dress up the front of the house without having to add a ton of large or bulky decorations. 

You can give the kids a new stocking to decorate specifically for the front porch and turn this into a fun project opportunity!

Santa christmas stockings hung at the front door

4. Turn It Into a Present  

The perfect way to use your leftover wrapping paper is on the front door! You can create a beautiful entrance with your leftovers by creating the look of a gift perfectly wrapped on the front porch. 

You can even add a large bow or create one out of wrapping paper to make this look complete. For a more sophisticated look, add one vertical stripe and one horizontal stripe, then place the bow in the middle. If you’re short on time, you can always wrap the whole thing in a fun patterned paper! 

A front door turned into a large gift using gift ribbons

5. Christmas Countdown 

A Christmas countdown is a creative and fun idea that you can easily incorporate. You can create your own out of a poster board and markers or a chalkboard. If you don’t have the time to create your own this year, you can always find one at most craft stores.

Adding the countdown to the front door is a fun reminder for you and the kids that Santa is coming soon. You can let the kids mark off each day as the month progresses to keep the excitement up. The countdown will add color to your front entrance, and it’s a fun craft that the kids will get a kick out of all month long. 

6. Falling Snow 

If you have a dark blue or a black door, you can create the illusion of falling snow on your front porch! This quick and easy project can go a long way and enhance your front porch during the holiday season. 

Add different sizes and shapes of snowflakes to give off an authentic look. This is another great project to get the kids involved in. They’ll love cutting out the different shapes, and you can even throw some glitter on top to add some extra shine!

front door decorated with snow cutouts and some christmas ornaments

7. Winter Wonderland

Using your porch or front walk-up to your advantage can go a long way during the holiday season. You can create a fun winter wonderland with just a few items that you likely already have lying around the house. Grab an old Christmas tree, some firewood, and lanterns to start with and set them up around the front porch. 

Add some faux snow if you live in a warmer climate, place a beautiful wreath on the front door, and use a red blanket to invite a pop of color. Utilizing your entire area will help the front entrance pop and create a fun and inviting home. 

A house frontdoor turned into a christmas winter wonderland

8. Gingerbread House 

Using the colors you already have on your front porch can go a long way. If you have a brown front door and a brown home, consider turning it into a gingerbread house! To make it feel authentic, you can add colored lights around the front entrance and wreaths to the windows.  

Adding fake gumdrops and candy canes around the porch steps and railings can add to the atmosphere and make your home feel welcoming and sweet. Put together a real gingerbread house first for some inspiration before tackling this project!

gingerbread house with some assorted ornaments
Jessica Childres
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