10 Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas

Decorations can completely change the feel of an outdoor party. Do you have some decoration ideas that will be a hit?

Early Spring and early Fall are beautiful times of the year. The weather changes, you can smell a difference in the fresh flowers or the falling leaves, and it calls for family celebrations. 

Outdoor parties are great for birthdays, holidays, or just simply to celebrate fantastic weather. There’s something about an outdoor gathering that brings friends and family together in a unique way. 

Setting up for a backyard event can completely change the tone or mood of your space and should be done with some consideration. It should be a fun task that allows you to pick out your favorite things and incorporate some fun in the sun. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting ready for your backyard event. 

Have a Rain Plan 

Weather can be unpredictable, even if you live in a very mild climate. It’s always a good idea to have a rain plan in case there are some unexpected clouds in the sky. 

Try to have a space ready inside in case the weather turns. This will provide your guests with a dry place to go and keep the party going! 

You may also want to consider using water-resistant materials for your furniture and accessories so you won’t have to worry about water damage from setting up the night before.

Consider Your Space 

Consider renting the neighborhood park or pavilion area if you have a small backyard that won’t accommodate all of your friends and family. 

Many neighborhoods have common spaces that are free to use if you schedule your time in advance, and they can accommodate larger crowds. 

You may even have a backyard that leads right into your living room or kitchen, and you could host an indoor/outdoor party, which has something for everyone. 

Here are 10 great ideas for outdoor party decorations to give your events just what they need. 

10 Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Parties 

1. Incorporate String Lights

Adding string lights to your backyard is a great addition that you can leave up year-round. Using the lights that have the larger, more sophisticated bulbs allows you to keep them as a permanent feature in the yard. 

They’re a practical option that will provide your yard with lighting, instantly lift the mood, and change the ambiance of your space.

Your event will greatly benefit from stringing up these lights, whether you’re hosting a birthday party, holiday get-together, or family barbeque. 

The best part is they’re cost-efficient, water-resistant, and match any home style! 

An outdoor lounge area with string lights during night time

2. Use Outdoor Rugs

One of the best ways to make an outdoor space feel inviting and comfortable is by adding an outdoor rug. 

Not only do they make your yard feel connected with the inside of the house, but they can also actually help you break up separate spaces within the yard to create multiple entertainment opportunities. 

These rugs are inexpensive and can become a staple of your backyard or back patio after the party is over. 

You can choose one that will fit the style and feel of your home, making this a purchase that will serve you many purposes. 

A brown outdoor sofa with a white cushion

3. Place Flowers in Glass Jars 

Using the right table decorations can go a long way in an outdoor party. You want to create the right vibe by tying elements from the inside of your home and nature. 

Choosing some beautiful fresh flowers from your garden and adding them to glass jars or vases is a great table decoration. 

You can choose specific flower colors to match your party’s theme and use a variety of glass jars. 

They’re easy to make and cost-efficient, which you’ll love, and your guests will love how beautiful and chic they are. 

If you’re going for a modern or beachy vibe, you can use greenery or pampas grass to make the table arrangement seem elegant and effortless. 

Try arranging them across the table, side tables by patio furniture, and in large vases by the back door.  

A fam style sitting table with gray tones arrangement

4. Add Pillow Seating

Not every backyard is adequately equipped to seat 20+ guests. That doesn’t have to stop you from hosting a fantastic event. 

Get creative with your seating by adding outdoor pillows and outdoor bean bags. This is a great idea for birthday parties because the kids will love sitting on cushions outside. 

Even if you’re throwing a holiday party for the adults, using large outdoor pillows with short tables is a great way to accommodate a large crowd. 

It puts everyone on the same level and helps your guests get comfortable. Try to find large or extra-large pillows for maximum comfort, and choose a water-resistant fabric. 

If possible, it’s also a great idea to keep them stored inside or in a dry space when they’re not in use. This prevents your guests from sitting on a wet pillow from yesterday’s rain. 

A sitting table with blue, white and pink decoration for outside dining

5. Use Solar Path Lights

Using path lights for your backyard or around your porch steps is a functional solution and a party statement. 

They warm up the atmosphere and provide much-needed light to spaces where guests may lose their balance or misstep. 

Solar lights are a great option because they’re inexpensive and are powered by the sun, which means once you place them in the yard, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. 

Lining your yard or steps with solar lights could save a guest or family member from slipping or falling on a rocky walkway or missing a step on the porch. 

You can have fun with these by finding solar lights that match the style or color of your event!

Solar path lights lined up to illuminate garden

6. Incorporate Table Lanterns

A gorgeous addition to your table arrangement for any backyard get-together is various size lanterns. 

Depending on the time of year and what you need most, they can serve multiple purposes. 

During the summer, you can use lanterns with citronella to keep away pesky insects like mosquitoes and gnats. 

In the winter, you can use lanterns with candles burning in them to provide some warmth and add a delicious scent to the air. 

During any season, using the lanterns as an additional form of light is a great way to make sure your party can continue late into the night, even after the sun goes down. 

Lanterns and small flower vases used as table decors

7. Create a Burlap Table Runner

Whether you’re hosting a barbeque, birthday party, or a fun holiday party, using a burlap table runner is a great addition to your event. 

Chances are, you’ll need a runner for your table and arrangements anyway, and using a burlap runner is a cost-efficient and functional option for any occasion. 

The burlap is versatile enough to match any style or occasion, and you can easily clean them and re-use them throughout the year. 

The runner will help you keep the table clean and give you one less thing to worry about when it’s time to clean after the event. 

You can use a burlap runner for full-sized tables or short tables with floor seating. It’s easy to cut, which means you can make the runner the exact length you need for your space without wasting any material.

A wooden burlap table set up outside for dinner

8. Use a Grass Wall Panel Backdrops

Using a grass wall panel as a backdrop is a perfect decoration for taking pictures in front of or creating separate spaces at your backyard event.

Using an artificial grass wall pannel as a backdrop will create a dreamy and inviting space for your backyard party. 

Your guests will feel welcome, and it gives your outdoor space an instant upgrade. They look elegant and sophisticated, and you can even hang your own decorations on top of it. 

A grass wall is a perfect place to allow your guests to take photos, and it helps your space feel like an oasis. 

Whether you live in the city, by the beach, or in the mountains, using a grass wall backdrop is a fantastic option. 

It’s perfect for any occasion because you can dress it up or down depending on the type of event you’re hosting, making it a versatile investment. 

sage, white and gold balloon setup for birthday

9. Invest In a Cabana Tent 

When hosting an outdoor party, it’s important to have a designated space to wait out the rain or to create a spot where your guests can find some shade. 

Getting a cabana tent for your event is a fantastic option whether you’re hosting a birthday party, family reunion, or holiday block party. 

Cabana tents have cloth walls that can come down in the event of rain, which means you can keep your food or drinks dry under it. 

You can add seating underneath it throughout the event to keep your guests dry in the rain or give them a space to get away from the sun during the summer. 

If you host several parties a year, it’s a good idea to purchase a cabana tent instead of renting one for each party. 

Renting might be a good option if you only host one event a year, but it will save you, in the long run, to buy if you host many get-togethers each year. 

A good size cabana tent with four outdoor sofa

10. Use a Party Tent 

If you’re hosting an event with many guests and plan on spending several hours outside, it’s a great idea to rent and decorate a party tent. 

These large tents typically have four walls (you’d want to leave one wall open if the weather permits), and they have windows in the walls to let in natural light. 

They’re typically a bit pricier than cabana tents, but if you’re hosting a very large event such as a family reunion or a wedding reception, it will provide you with the space and protection you need. 

Once the tent is set up, you can add your style to it by hanging chandeliers, adding wall decorations, and creating beautiful table arrangements. 

These tents are great if there is potential rain in the forecast, they can withstand all weather, and you’ll typically have someone set it up for you through the rental company. 

The best part about party tents is that you can make them feel warm and inviting. You’ll have enough space to create an area for eating, dancing, and socializing, all under the same tent. 

If you know you have a large outdoor party coming up, and you have the space in your backyard, save up some extra cash and splurge on the large party tent!

White canopy tents for parties
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