8 Outdoor Firepit Ideas

Firepits help transform your backyard to become a relaxing hangout. What are some ways to make your firepit look inviting

When the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall, the backyard becomes the perfect place to create a beautiful oasis. Adding an outdoor firepit can transform your backyard and create a peaceful and relaxing spot for your friends and family. 

There are many options to fit your space, whether you’re looking for a small metal frame or a large outdoor area to hold large gatherings. Make sure you consider how much room you’ll have and how you’ll be using this area. 

If you like to host gatherings and sit around the fire with a glass of wine, consider creating a full patio space with plenty of seating. If you’ll mainly be using this area for cooking your steak, burgers, and hotdogs, create a backyard kitchen to achieve the perfect smoky flavor in your food. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. In-Ground D.I.Y.

Consider a small in-ground option when you’re limited on space or if you want to easily cover up this area when it’s not in use. Start with digging a circular hole, then line it with stones or brick, stack the wood in the center, and you’re in business. 

You can achieve this look in most backyards regardless of soil type, and if you move or need the space for something else, you can remove the stone and cover the pit with dirt or sand. Arrange some cozy chairs or hammocks around the area, and you’ve got yourself a great spot to relax after a long day.

simple outdoor fireplace with colorful chairs

2. Metal Frame 

Choosing a metal frame for your backyard oasis is a great option for those who want something semi-permanent. They’re easy to use, assemble, and remove if you need the extra space or when it gets hot. There are tons of metal frames to choose from and various sizes to fit your specific needs. 

If you love hosting, consider finding a large circular frame to encourage friends and family to pull up a chair, roast a marshmallow, and enjoy each other’s company.

simple outdoor fireplace with two black chairs
huge fire pit outside the house

3. Stone D.I.Y. 

Consider using large stones to create a statement or make a multi-functional area. Stone is a durable material that can surround the firepit and act as a barricade to the heat. Try to find extra large stones for an easy D.I.Y. project that will look fantastic for years to come. 

You can even make a larger surface area to create a tabletop or spot to set down your drink or plate while spending time in the backyard. Choosing a stone material allows you to create a functional area that also looks great!

round firepit with beautiful scenery
a round firepit in the backyard

4. Gas Hook-Up Tables

For a modern take on the outdoor firepit, try a gas hook-up table. The metal frames look great in most backyards, they have room to serve as a functional table, and you’ll have a fire in the middle. The propane is typically easy to set up, and the metal frame keeps the tank hidden from sight. 

You can add glass marbles or stones to complete this look and even use the heat to roast marshmallows and warm you up on a cold winter evening. This is a good option for smaller patios or backyards without much lawn space.

a man wearing a suit sitting in the couch

5. Above Ground Concrete

A great addition to any backyard space is a concrete fixture that serves a functional purpose. You can make a concrete bowl by using a bowl-shaped mold or use pallet wood to create a concrete box for a more modern look. You can even use the shape of a rectangular fire table for a sleek finish and elegant look.

The tough concrete material can keep the heat at bay and look great in your backyard! Make sure you position the concrete frame in the right location before mixing and letting it dry because it will likely be difficult to move once complete.

beautiful stone fire pit design

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Creating an outdoor kitchen with a firepit can take your gatherings and cookouts to the next level! Adding metal cooking racks can help you cook burgers, steak, and hotdogs while adding the perfect smokey flavor. 

The best part about adding the cooking rack is creating a sustainable outdoor area. You won’t have to grill in one place while you hang out or eat in another. You can stay warm, cook your food, and eat your delicious meal, all without leaving the heat. 

a man cooking corn and sausages

7. Firepit Fireplace

A backyard fireplace is a great idea for anyone that loves to host large gatherings or spend lots of time on the back patio during the winter. With this idea, you can still achieve the traditional firepit vibe and just close in the back side or create a fully functioning fireplace.

It adds charm and character to your space but allows you to throw on some chopped wood, generate some heat, and roast marshmallows. You can add a metal cooktop and fix up steak, burgers, hotdogs, or veggies or keep it simple by adding some chairs and a bench to create a cozy backyard living room.

modern design of table and benches
fireplace area with burning woods

8. Outdoor Firepit Patio

If you have the time and space, consider turning your backyard into a full entertainment patio. Extend the material used around your firepit, whether stone, brick, or concrete, and create a beautiful gathering space. This makes solid footing to set up chairs, extra tables, and even backyard benches or couches. 

Creating a space specifically for entertaining in the winter can add value to your home and turn your backyard into the top destination in the neighborhood. When finished, this could become your second living room and serve as the spot for many backyard dinners, cookouts, and birthday parties.

round black firepit design with wooden chairs
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