10 Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Decorations outside during Christmas can really set the right tone for the season. How are you sprucing up your space?

The temperature drops, you bring out the peppermint coffee creamer, and the Christmas tree makes its seasonal appearance in the house. 

There are so many things to signal the start of the holiday season. This year, instead of just decorating the interior of your home, try to decorate the outside as well! 

Making your yard festive will help you and your neighbors get into the holiday spirit and can brighten your day (and night). 

Outdoor decorations don’t have to break the bank to make a statement, and they could be just the thing you need to get ready for the hectic holiday season. 

Before committing to specific items, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind this year in regards to covering your front yard with holiday cheer. 

Consider Electricity Costs and Wiring Options 

If you plan to cover your yard this year, you may need to set aside a small budget for the increase in your electric bill. 

Running power to lights, inflatables, and other items will run up the bill, so you may want items with a timer or save up throughout the year to combat the high bill. 

You’ll also want to consider options for running power outside. Some inflatables or lights that draw a ton of energy need specific extension cords or power plugs. 

Try to plan ahead and prepare with the right wiring options and cords that you’ll need to last a whole season without tripping a breaker or overheating any items. 

Set Up a Spotlight 

There are plenty of Christmas decorations that don’t use lights, which means they’re harder to see at night. 

Consider setting up a small spotlight to shine on things like inflatables or nativity scenes. This ensures they are seen during the day and at night, making your home feel warm and welcoming. 

You can find temporary spotlights at an affordable price and re-use them during other holiday seasons. 

Now that your yard is ready check out these awesome ideas!

10 Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. Hang a Wreath On the Door 

A holiday season staple is a green wreath with red berries or bows on it. It’s a gorgeous statement piece that ties natural outdoor elements with organized and calm indoor elements. 

It’s the first thing your friends and family will see when they come over for the holiday party, and it can be a fun DIY project. 

Making your own wreath for the front door is an inexpensive and fun way to tap into the holiday spirit. Get the kids involved for a fun weekend project that will last all season long!

The best part about door wreaths is their ability to adapt to any season. If you love crafting, you can use the same wreath and use different items on it for multiple seasons.

The same wreath can be used for months out of the year simply by changing its items. If you love re-using decorations and keeping things cost-efficient, this is a great option.

A christmas wreath placed on the front door

2. Wrap Garland Around the Front Porch Railings

The best way to coordinate with the front door wreath is by wrapping garland around the front porch railings. 

Garland is an inexpensive way to upgrade your front porch and add holiday cheer. You can dress it up by adding red cherries or candy canes to it or leave it natural and green. 

If you don’t have a front porch, you can drape it over your front door and frame the door with a long strand of garland. 

The possibilities are endless, and it’s an easy and affordable option.

Garland all around the house railings

3. Set Out Large Yard Ornaments 

A cute and simple outdoor Christmas decoration is large yard ornaments. These are typically plastic or tough glass material that can handle cold weather. 

Adding a few of these around the yard close to the front porch or in a flower bed is a great way to add subtle but meaningful decor to the yard. 

You can even use the same colors as your indoor ornaments to tie in your indoor and outdoor style. 

Some places offer yard ornaments in sets, and you can pair them with plastic “presents” to really add to the holiday spirit. 

Christmas balls on snow

4. Hang Strings of Christmas Lights 

One of the first things that come to mind when you hear outdoor Christmas decorations is probably string lights. 

Hanging these lights will brighten up your house and increase holiday cheer. It’s a simple way to prepare for the holidays and frames out your beautiful house. 

You can wrap string lights around trees in the front yard, around front porch railings, and of course, along your roofline. 

The kids will love going outside at night to see the lights, and they can even help with short trees or bushes. 

Use white lights to add a traditional and classic touch to your home, or switch it up with colored lights. 

You can even mix and match by using white lights on the house and colored lights on your trees or the bushes. If you don’t have a preference, let the kids decide!

Colorful christmas lights outside of the house

5. Create a Nativity Scene 

A great way to remember the reason for the season is by creating a nativity scene for your front yard. 

Whether you use wooden characters or a one-piece inflatable option, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. 

Nativity scenes will likely need a spotlight to keep them illuminated at night, so adding a temporary spotlight to this decoration is a great idea. 

It’s a great project to have the kids help out with, and it could be a wonderful opportunity to tell them the story behind the scene. 

A nativity scene figure with lights in the background

6. Stage a Sleigh on the Roof 

What better way to incorporate outdoor Christmas decorations than by staging a sleigh on the roof?

Using a light metal or plastic sleigh and “parking” it close to your chimney is a fun and cute way to decorate your house. 

Sting the sleigh with lights or even add a fake Santa for added fun. The kids will love it, and if you don’t mind the heights, the setup is pretty easy. 

Make sure you use tie-downs to keep it from blowing away or falling off the roof if you decide to incorporate this!

7. Use an Outdoor Christmas Tree Made of Wire 

Incorporating fake trees outside during the holiday season has become increasingly popular. It’s a unique take on the idea and instantly upgrades your yard for the season. 

If you’re looking for something that can handle cold weather, snow, and rain, try finding a fake tree that is made of wire. They’re simple, match the style of any house, and can withstand the weather. 

They’re typically already integrated with lights, which means all you have to do is set them up in the yard and, you’re done. 

Using fake trees in the yard is a low-maintenance and cost-efficient option for your home this holiday season. 

You can also use old Christmas trees that you plan to toss out and set them up on the front porch or yard to have a more traditional option.

Christmas tree with lights during night

8. Incorporate Different Inflatables 

Everyone loves a good holiday inflatable! It seems like they have inflatables for almost every season now, but they originated for this specific holiday. 

Find a fun snowman, Rudolph, or snow globe to set up in the front yard. Your kids will love how the inflatables come to life, and they’re very easy to set up. 

They are resistant to most weather, but if you live in windy climates, you’ll want to make sure they are secure to the ground in case of bad weather. 

If you take care of them correctly, the inflatables will last for many years and become the holiday decor gift that keeps on giving. 

Make sure you have them plugged into the right power source and shine a spotlight on them if they don’t light up on their own. 

Your friends and family will love the new addition to your yard this holiday season! 

Christmas inflatables arranged in front of the house as deocrations

9. Use Laser Lights For the Front and Side Of the House 

Using a machine to project lights that spin or change is becoming more and more popular. 

These machines plug into a power source and sit unsuspectingly in your yard while projecting Christmas lights onto your home. 

It’s much easier than hanging string lights, and you can change the color, pattern, and design. 

If you like to switch things up throughout the season, this is the way to go. You have many options at your fingertips and don’t have to break a sweat or dig out the ladder to set them up. 

You can use them in addition to your sting lights for a beautiful display, and if you’re really tech-savvy, you can coordinate them to your favorite music. 

Grand christmas decors on the front of the house colorful during night

10. Use Candy-Cane Path Lights 

If you live in a climate that experiences frequent snow, you understand the importance of path lights. 

Making the driveway or walking path clear to friends and family (and even yourself) is extremely important. 

Using candy cane lights is a great way to serve a functional and fun purpose for your home this holiday season. 

The lights will give your driveway or walking path a clear definition, and using candy canes to do so is a great way to have fun with the holiday. 

They’re low maintenance, often only require a battery, and can withstand the weather. 

If you order some extra ones, you can even hang these from the trees or bushes in your front yard to have extra lighting and decoration. 

Even if you don’t go with the candy cane option, adding path lights to your driveway and walkway that experiences frequent snow is a great option. It’s an added safety feature that can prevent you from running off the driveway or slipping on the walking path. 

Consider using solar lights if you’re looking for path lights just for the holiday season since they won’t need batteries or plugs!

Pink candy cane as path guides
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