7 Pool Decor Ideas

Decorations play an essential role in the feel of a pool. What are you doing to create the right vibe?

You’ve been working hard all day, the weather is perfect outside, and your pool is calling your name. 

After you grab an ice-cold drink, you get outside and realize your pool lacks character and charm. Yes, having a pool is nice in itself, but why not make it your own paradise? 

Adding these simple decor ideas to your space can transform your backyard into an oasis. 

There are a few things you should consider before diving into decor ideas. 

Keep Everything Low Maintenance 

Since taking care of a pool is already enough upkeep, it’s a good idea to find low-maintenance items that don’t require constant upkeep. 

Finding water-proof items that can handle constant sunlight will be your best option. You want to find options that you can set out and forget about. Don’t give yourself another chore around the house. 

There’s plenty of outdoor furniture and decor options that are both functional and weather-proof, making this one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 

Now that you’re ready, let’s check out the top 7 ideas for pool decor!

7 Ideas For Pool Decor 

1. Floating Pool Lights

One of the best ways to add fun decor is using floating lights. The floating lights will add a variety of colors, the kids will love them, and they light up your area at night. 

They’re an affordable option, and many of them come with the ability to change colors when you want to have some fun. 

You can set them on normal white light during the week, and when you have friends over for the weekend, put them to the colored light option to make your backyard feel like a party. 

A 3d render of a pool with floating ball of lights.

2. Use String Lights

Another affordable yet fun option is using string lights. Unlike the floating pool lights, string lights will illuminate your entire space, making them a practical choice for you. 

You can string them over the pool, along the edges of your grass around the pool, or on the back porch. 

Using the large string lights will give you plenty of functional light, which means you won’t have to worry about buying or installing large, expensive lights for this area. 

The string lights will give your backyard a fun atmosphere that you and your kids will love. The backyard will be your favorite part of the house year-round. 

Using string lights as pool illumnation.

3. Build a Cabana 

You can transform your backyard into your favorite vacation destination simply by adding a cabana. Whether you already have a gazebo or you’re starting from scratch, this is a perfect way to upgrade your space. 

If you already have an existing gazebo, all you’ll need to do is find your favorite beachy fabric (maybe a tan color, light blue, or white and gray stripes), add it to the gazebo, and you’re done! 

Adding the fabric to every side of the gazebo and tying some of them back will transform your gazebo into a beautiful and relaxing cabana. 

If you’re starting from scratch, build a simple structure will all walls open, add a roof, then add your favorite fabric. You’ll love the extra shade on a hot summer’s day and letting the fabric down when you need privacy. 

You’ll never want to leave, and you’ll feel like you have your own resort in your backyard. 

A tropical cabana setup beside the pool.

4. Add a Teakwood Towel Rack 

One of the best materials for outdoor furniture and storage is teakwood. It’s a sturdy material that is weather-proof, gorgeous, and easy to build with. 

A great way to add functional decor to your outdoor oasis is by adding a teakwood towel rack. It gives you the perfect place to store your towels and floaties, and it’s a beautiful addition to your space. 

You can dress it up by adding flowers and plants from your garden or string lights around the edges to add a fun and exciting edge to it. 

The towel rack could be a cost-efficient option if you decide to build one yourself. You can customize the size and height of the shelves and paint them with your favorite stain. 

Give it a dark stain for a modern or industrial style, a clear stain for a farmhouse or mid-century style, and a light stain or paint for French-inspired or vintage styles. 

A hand holding a brush, varnishing the wood.

5. Install Lights In the Pool 

Adding lights around this area is a great way to upgrade this space, but if you’re going for the “wow” factor, add the lights inside the pool. 

Chances are, you already have a clear white light for night swimming, so why not have fun with it? 

Using colored lights will transform this space and turn the water any color you choose. You can even find bulbs that change color depending on your mood or the event you’re hosting. 

The kids will love the colored water, and you’ll love that it takes your ordinary backyard space and makes you feel like you’re at a spa. 

Add additional places for light in the water and use multiple colors to have a good time. This is a cost-efficient way to instantly upgrade this space and have fun!

A display of colorful pool lights at night.

6. Incorporate Tiki Torches 

During the summer months, enjoying your backyard oasis can be difficult with mosquitoes and gnats swarming around. 

Adding tiki torches with citronella in them can become your favorite functional and fun decoration. 

The citronella will keep away pesky insects, and the tiki torches themselves make you feel like you’re at your own tropical resort. 

They’re affordable and functional, which you’ll love, and they make you feel like you’re on vacation as soon as you get outside. 

Space them out as much or as little as you want to help with the bugs and get the tropical look and feel that you want. 

Couple of tiki torches with string lights in the backyard.

7. Update Your Chair and Umbrella Set 

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor area and feel like you’re at an all-inclusive resort, update your chairs and umbrellas. 

Upgrading to a matching set will instantly add class and elegance to your outdoor area. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference. 

If you’re looking to save some money, use teakwood chairs and tables and upgrade your cushions. Choose the same fabric for your cushions and your table umbrella to give your outdoor area a spa-like vibe. 

Changing the fabric can make a huge difference and set the whole tone of this space. Let your style and personality come through in the fabric, and choose something that will feel relaxing and personalized for you. 

When in doubt, you can always go with a creamy white to feel like you’re at a high-end resort. It matches every style, and the water-proof fabric is easy to clean and maintain. 

A pair of white pool deck chairs and large umbrella.
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