5 White Home Exterior Ideas

The feel of a white home can completely change depending on the colors you choose to pair it with and nearby décor.

Painting a house is a significant expenditure of time, energy, and money. If you don’t want to redo the job, choosing the proper color for your home is critical. So why not go with a color that is always in style?

White residences are by far the most popular among potential buyers. The crisp, clean design is modern without being overly so. A white exterior is anything but boring when paired with the right trim color.

If you’re thinking about using this traditional color for the exterior of your home, have a look at the ideas below for some inspiration before you get started!

Why You Should Paint Your House White

There are numerous reasons why white is the most preferred color for the exterior of houses around the country. You see them everywhere, and that’s because this vibrant shade comes with a slew of advantages.

Curb Appeal

To begin with, white houses sell faster. Buyers appreciate how clean and bright a white house seems. If you choose this option and later decide to sell your home, you will have a much easier time than if you painted it brown or bright yellow.


White is a timeless color. It complements a wide range of architectural types without detracting from the overall design of your home. If you’re still undecided, a fresh coat of white paint will never go wrong.


Painting your house white allows you to decorate it however you want. The same is true for your front yard landscaping. White is the ideal backdrop for you to unleash your creative muscles. It goes with anything, regardless of what you hang up or what kind of flowers you plant.

White exterior walls with a black front door

Easy to Change

If you get tired of looking at your house, you can easily alter the paint color because you have a blank canvas to work with. You can slap whatever color you want on top of that white and call it a day!

Things to Think About Before Painting

Now it may sound like white paint is all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s not the case for everyone. You need to consider just a few minor details before betting it all on white. 


Depending on what color your house is to begin with and what material it’s made out of, you’re most likely going to need to prime it before you paint it. The addition of primer and possibly multiple coats of paint can make an application like this cost more than darker colors.


White does not absorb sunlight like black. In fact, it reflects it, which is why white rooms feel bigger than dark ones. When it comes to the exterior of your house, this could work against you if you live somewhere colder. You won’t get any help keeping your house warm, though the paint color doesn’t play nearly as big of a role as proper installation and windows.


If your home is white, it’s going to show dirt and dust so much better. This can be annoying if you live somewhere with a lot of dust or smog. You will probably be cleaning the outside of your house a few times a year to keep it as bright and shiny as possible.

A classic white house with black trimmings.

Best White Paint Color

You can’t just pick up a bucket of bright white paint and call it a day. Some paint colors are better for the exterior of your home than others. Even if they all look the same to you, it might be worth sticking to one of these suggested brands just to be safe:

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore – One of the most popular paint colors for homes, White Dove is a bright white that contains just enough gray to make it nice and warm.
  • White Duck by Sherwin Williams – Soft off-white with creamy and greige undertones that keeps your house warm and neutral without turning it yellow.
  • China White by Benjamin Moore – A very light greige that is extremely close to white and pairs beautifully with a variety of trim colors.
  • Snow Bound by Sherwin Williams – Contains a bit of neutral grey to bring a soft warmth to the outside of your house without being creamy.

Pro Tip: Before settling on a paint color, paint a test swatch on your house so you can see it in all lighting conditions. It might look different where you live than under the lights at the store.

Best Accent Colors to Pair With It

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what about the trim?” and it’s hard to blame you. Picking a trim or front door color to pop against all that white is just as important as picking out the perfect shade of paint. 

Here are some of the best accent colors you can pair with the outside of your house.

Dark Contrast

White houses paired with dark doors, shutters, and trim will always be a popular combination. That’s because the clean, obvious contrast has a crisp, modern vibe that can’t be achieved any other way.

For this look, you can use navy, dark green, and charcoal. Or up the ante with true black if you’re going for the ultimate depth.

A beautiful classic black and white cottage house.

True Neutral

Homes with stunning architectural details, natural stone, or a lot of brick don’t need much help from the paint to draw eyes. In these cases, it’s best to choose low contrast trim colors that pair well with your white.

A few great choices are beige and grey in neutral tones that aren’t far off from the white you’re using.

Muted Sophistication

If you’re hoping for a pop of color that isn’t too blinding, muted colors are your best friend. Think pretty, pastel shades that warm things up even more without going overboard on the saturation.

Soft blues, dusty pinks, and shades of grey are perfect for achieving this aesthetic.

A pop of fresh blue house window.


Here’s where you just do what you want and put your favorite color out there to liven up the joint. You’re taking a risk using bright colors for the trim when it comes to curb appeal, though a bright red or blue front door is never a questionable choice.

5 White Home Exterior Ideas

Now that you’re on board with the idea of painting your house white, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration before you start. 

1. White Picket Fence

Nothing gives a cozy cottage look more than a small white house with a fence in front. The contrasting trim and door in a deep burgundy keep this little beauty warm and inviting to anyone that comes across it.

A white picket fence around a small family house.

2. Speaks for Itself

The gorgeous architecture on this home doesn’t need any help from bold paint. Keeping it white lets it stand on its own while the neutral door and shutters match the roof color perfectly, bringing it all together so it’s not blindingly white.

A two-storey concrete house with warm tones of beige and tan paint.

3. Modernize It

A stately, traditional home can quickly be made contemporary simply by painting it white. This simple color makes any house feel more modern, no matter how long ago it was built. And it gives you the perfect opportunity to paint those shutters a contrasting color for more fun.

A mix of traditional and modern white mansion.

4. Ultra Crisp

Painting a house with such perfect lines and angles pure white gives it such a crisp, clean aesthetic that it feels like it’s from the future. Paired with a white door and trim, you’ll always be with the times.

An all-white modern box house.

5. Best Friend of Bright Colors

If your house features a brightly colored roof, painting the exterior white allows that color to stand out without being overshadowed. It also provides the perfect contrast without being too much of an eyesore. Take that potentially overwhelming feature and make it the star of the show!

A traditional white house with an interesting pinkish red roof paint.
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