9 Front Door Colors For Gray Houses

Your front door is important in setting a good first impression. What color should you use for a gray house?

Gray homes have a calming and subtle effect to them that instantly help you feel welcomed. Whether it’s a dark and moody gray or a subtle shade, there’s just a sense of calm and peace about them. 

The tricky part is deciding on a front door color. Since most of the home is a dark neutral color, you’ll have to decide if you want to keep things subtle or make a splash. The good news is that there are tons of options that can match your dreamy neutral exterior. 

If you want your curb appeal to remain calming and subtle, choose a light shade for the front door or a color that closely matches the home’s exterior. To make a splash, choose a contrasting or bright option to help your home stand out from the road. 

Here are a few beautiful ideas to help you find inspiration and pick the perfect option for your home.

1. Cedar Wood 

Cedar wood’s bright and natural tone is the perfect combination with a neutral home exterior. It’s not too bright, yet it adds a vibrant touch to dark shades. Adding cedar wood to a gray house is the perfect way to make a subtle statement and add balance to your curb appeal. 

The neutral wood texture and tone complement the landscaping while perfectly contrasting with the home’s exterior. They’re fairly simple to find and easy to clean. If you decide to change things up, you can always choose a stain to create a lighter or darker shade for your curb appeal. 

front door design made of cedar wood

2. Dark Cherry 

Whether your home is deep and moody or light and neutral, you could benefit from a dark cherry door. This shade is a good combination of moody and neutral and matches many exteriors. Homes with dark siding could benefit from a deep cherry wood with side lights to add daily sunlight into the home and break up the dark tones. 

This is also a relatively easy option to find, and it’s easy to maintain. Much like the Cedar option, you can always choose a different stain down the road. Try to choose a contrasting shade to make a statement and add to your beautiful curb appeal!

big modern house with dark cherry door

3. Subtle Teal 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your curb appeal is to include a pop of color. Since the home’s exterior is a neutral and subtle shade, adding a fun and unexpected element to the front elevation can enhance your home. 

A subtle teal front door can take an ordinary home to the next level. It introduces a fun contrast without taking away from the simple exterior. You can use white trim to balance things out or use the same shade of teal on the trim for a more dramatic effect.

beautiful gray big house with bushes in front

4. Farmhouse Red 

If you’re looking for a classic farmhouse look, consider using a deep red to brighten up your front exterior! Whether you have a dark or light shade of gray on the exterior, a deep red can enhance your curb appeal and make the home feel inviting. 

There are many shades to choose from, meaning you can go as subtle as you’d like or make a splash by choosing a bright shade of red. Consider the trim once you’ve picked the perfect shade to enhance or tone down the color. 

huge beautiful white house with red door

5. Deep Gray with White Trim 

Consider using a deep gray door with white trim if you’re trying to keep a neutral and toned-down color pallet. This will break up the space between the door and the exterior but prevents the home from having a bright or unwelcome color. 

You can create contrast by choosing a shade on the opposite end of the spectrum, breaking up the front exterior and the actual door. The white trim will also help break up the space and identify the two different parts of the front elevation. This is a simple way to keep your curb appeal neutral, calm, and welcoming. 

deep gray door style with two bushes

6. Onyx Black 

Choosing an onyx black to enhance your front exterior is a great way to make a splash without including bright colors like red, yellow, blue, or orange. The deep color will contrast the outer walls while keeping a toned-down pallet. It’s also not a common color for the front door, so you can make a statement without having to incorporate colors you don’t want to include in your exterior pallet. 

A potential downfall is having to refinish the door over time since the color will likely fade or show dirt and debris easily. This is a great option if you don’t mind breaking out the paintbrush once a year!

a small blue house in the forest

7. Glass Panels 

Glass panel doors are a fantastic option for anyone who loves letting in natural light throughout the day. They look elegant, provide tons of practical lighting to your foyer or front entrance, and look great from the outside. 

You can choose to use completely transparent, translucent, or opaque glass if you want light but don’t want your neighbors looking in. You can use an option with several horizontal panels or choose one that’s mostly glass for a more dramatic effect. Regardless of your choice, the glass will look great with your neutral gray exterior. 

gray color of modern house

8. Creamy White 

Using a creamy white door can tone down your front elevation and add a bright element to your curb appeal. If you’re not big on bright colors and want to keep a soft pallet, a creamy white door is a great option. 

You can use a bright or fun color on the trim to make a splash or keep it all the same to help the white shade stand out. A white front door will look great on homes with other creamy elements around the exterior. 

beautiful exterior design of a house

9. Soft Yellow

If you’re not afraid of making a big statement, a soft yellow front door could be the perfect addition to your gray house. It offers a beautiful contrast and brightens up the curb appeal. You can add seasonal flowers around the porch to enhance this fun addition, or just keep it simple and let the color speak for itself. 

You can make as much or little of a statement as you’d like with so many shades to choose from. Try to balance the contrast and connection with the specific shade of gray you’ve used on your exterior. 

bright yellow color of a door
beautiful soft yellow front door
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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