10 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Valentine’s day is a joyous day that should be filled with love. What are some ways you can decorate for the day?

The start of a new year brings new opportunities to grow, learn, and love. With Valentine’s Day falling so close to the end of the year holidays, it’s often forgotten about when it comes to decorating. 

The beautiful and heartfelt holiday can bring joy to your home and lighten the mood. Using a few strategically placed items around the living spaces can remind you to hold your loved ones near and appreciate the people in your life. 

If you don’t want your home to become engrossed by pink fluffy pillows and glitter, consider using neutral colors when you incorporate these decor ideas. You can paint your hearts white, tan, or a blush color to keep your color scheme calm and cohesive. 

Of course, if you don’t mind adding a pop of color and changing things up, adding pink and red around the living room or kitchen is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and have fun with the decorating process. Here are a few ideas to inspire you!

1. Make a Pink and Red Front Door Wreath

The best way to make a statement and add to your curb appeal is with a beautiful front door wreath. Whether you make one yourself or pick one out from your favorite craft store, it’s sure to look great on your door and get you into the holiday spirit before you even walk inside. 

Making a wreath with pink and red artificial flowers and adding in some greenery is a fantastic way to celebrate the season of love. They’re easy to make, and if you use artificial flowers and plants, you can keep using the same one for years to come!

hearth wreath in a white french window

2. Add Candy Heart Banner 

Whether you have a fireplace in your living room or just a modern entertaining system, you can string a candy hearts banner across it to get into the holiday spirit. This is a fun craft that the kids will love helping you with. 

Grab pastel-colored construction paper, cut out letters, and create your own candy hearts with personalized messages to your loved ones and kids. Once you have all of your hearts cut out and glued down your favorite sweet sayings, you can run a string through them and create a banner that will look great in front of the fireplace or TV.

3. Incorporate Pink Candles and Jars

Incorporating pink candles or pink-tinted jars is the perfect way to decorate for Valentine’s Day, as long as you don’t mind adding a pop of color to your existing interior design style. You can add these items to the mantle, on your floating shelves, or the dining room table. 

These subtle additions to your home will bring the season of love to life, and if you can find a pink candle with a sweet scent, it’ll make your home feel welcoming and bright. Candles are also a great addition to the bathroom, adding sweet scents and fun decor to the room that otherwise gets forgotten about during the holiday season!

bedside pink scented candles

4. Display a Fresh Bouquet of Roses 

Fresh flowers easily light up a room and add subtle beauty with their scent and texture. A great time to buy beautiful roses or pink flowers is in the week or two leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

You can set them on the kitchen counter, the dining room table, or even the coffee table to add a fresh take on any room of the house. They’re inexpensive and beautiful, making this a must-have decoration for the season. 

If you want to incorporate something you can reuse over the years, you can visit the local craft store and arrange your own bouquet of artificial flowers. The artificial arrangement can be used in the following years so you won’t have to buy new flowers every time the holiday rolls around.

fresh bouquet of rose in a water vase

5. Incorporate Neon Hearts 

If you want to add a modern take to Valentine’s Day decorations, consider using neon hearts. You can find a neon sign in the shape of a heart and display it on the office desk, the mantle, or the kitchen counter. 

This is a fun way to let the heart shine day and night and remind you of the importance of this holiday. You can try to find one large heart or use multiple ones to light up the whole house!

pink heart shaped neon light
neon light signage saying love 24 hrs

6. Craft Hearts On a Clothespin Line

A great project to do with the kids is drawing various sizes and shapes of hearts, then hanging them on a clothespin line. For this fun project, you’ll need some construction paper, colored pencils, markers, and scissors.

Have the kids paint, draw, or cut out hearts of different colors and materials, then place them all on a square piece of tan or white paper. The hearts will clip to the line with a clothespin, making this a fun banner you can display around the house. 

You can hang this over the front door, on the fireplace, in the kitchen, or on the wall in the living room. It’s a fun activity that will keep the kids entertained for a while and lets you explore your fun and creative side!

a heart craft hanging on a yarn

7. Use Fun Balloons 

You might not have extra space for seasonal decor in common areas like the living room, dining room, and kitchen. If that’s the case, you can always incorporate fun balloons that pay tribute to the season! Using fun helium balloons in the shape of a heart or some that spell out the word “love” is a great way to add decor that can easily stay off your counters and tables. 

They’re easy to move around, meaning you can bring them into whichever room you’re in or let the kids have fun watching them float in the air. These also make perfect backdrops for pictures, which is great if you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party.

valentines day rose gold heart balloon
word love golden baloon

8. Arrange Block Letters

Block letters are fun for any season and allow you to add emphasis to your favorite seasons. Finding some block letters with lights and painting them red or pink can help you celebrate the season of love. 

Try to get letters that spell out words like “love,” “heart,” or “be mine” to maximize their effect during this holiday. If the lights are functional, you can use them as night lights or let them shine throughout the evening while watching TV.

As you collect and find more block letters, you can use them for multiple seasons and spell out all kinds of words or sayings that mean the most to you or the specific holiday. You can use these year-round with a fresh coat of paint and working lightbulbs!

love block letters with lights

9. Let “Love” Shine

Spelling out the word “love” is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decorations. You can use neon signs, block letters, paper hearts with letters in them, or any other creative method you can think of. 

Let “love” shine by adding this word to the mantle, the kitchen counter, or the coffee table. It’s the perfect way to get into the spirit of the holiday and a sweet reminder to treat your friends and family with love no matter what. You can even save money by using materials you already have and making this a fun project for you and the kids.

the word love spelled in scrabble tiles
love light signage dark background

10. Use a Letter Board or Chalkboard

Letter boards are fun for any occasion and allow you to leave fun notes to your guests, spouse, and kids. These are the perfect addition around Valentine’s Day because you can leave love poems and sweet sayings or just leave hearts on them and add to the decor. 

You can achieve the same effect with chalkboards or dry erase boards. Place a bouquet or pink candles in front of it and let your kind words and sweet notes do the talking.

a valentine board saying be my valentine
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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