10 Boho Home Decor Ideas

Boho style creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. What are some ideas to decorate your house in this style?

Your home should be a place of comfort and your refuge after a long day. While there are many stunning interior design styles, none are quite as cozy and welcoming as Boho. With neutral colors, textured accents, and plenty of spaces to relax, this interior style is the perfect way to create a safe haven you love coming home to.  

Introducing this style can instantly transform your space and create an inviting atmosphere with just a few changes. The important thing to remember is to keep your colors neutral and keep things light. Try to utilize as much natural light as possible and incorporate natural, raw elements to achieve this look. 

Here are a few ideas that can work for any room in the house! 

1. Don’t Shy Away From Color 

While the Boho style typically uses neutral colors and fabrics, it’s okay to add a pop of color! You don’t have to keep everything tan, brown, gray, and white with this style. Adding in pops of green, terracotta, orange, and pink are great ways to compliment your neutral pallet while creating areas of interest and fun! 

Try to find unique paintings, interesting throw pillows, and fluffy blankets as a way to add color. Using small items with color allows you to rearrange as much as you’d like while maintaining a subtle and calming pallet. 

white sofa with neutral colors of pillow
room decor design with plain background

2. Use Lots of Rugs 

A unique aspect of this style is the use of rugs. Many Boho homes have rugs in most rooms of the house and often overlap to create a visual and functional effect. Try to find unique rugs that boast neutral colors and interesting patterns. 

If you want to add a dash of color, find rugs with splashes of red, yellow, orange, or blue to enhance your space. If you want to keep things rustic, you can even opt for a faux animal hide or woven rug to give your home a rugged look. 

white and brown style in living room

3. Incorporate Neutral Fabrics 

Creating a cozy space is made easy with neutral fabrics. Whether you’re choosing materials for your living room, bedroom, or multi-purpose room, consider the power of a neutral pallet. 

A simple gray comforter with brown or white blankets and terracotta-colored pillows creates a cozy and welcoming bedroom. In the living room, consider an off-white couch with brown leather throw pillows, a light pink blanket, and green floor cushions. The neutral fabrics paired with small pops of color can completely transform your home. 

brown wooden style in bedroom

4. Let in Natural Light 

Highlighting your home’s natural light can go a long way. Use simple window treatments to maximize the natural light from your windows in areas like the living room, kitchen, or dining area. 

Using sheer curtains or keeping your blinds pulled up will allow light to filter in throughout the day. This is also a great technique to use in smaller rooms of the house. Letting in natural light will make your room feel larger, and it adds a simple Boho touch to your space. 

bright and clean living room

5. Choose Unique Seating Options

Boho style is all about getting back to the basics. It’s common to find unique seating options like floor cushions, low-seated chairs, short sofas, or cloth ottomans like double as seats. These unique options give your plenty of seating space and perfectly pair with your interior decor. 

Try to use fabric seats when possible, and add throw pillows or blankets to metal or wooden chairs. In the living room, arrange your seats in a circle or semi-circle fashion to promote community and conversation instead of isolation.

beautiful brown wooden design in living room

6. Incorporate Fresh Plants and Flowers 

You can never have enough plants in the home, especially with a Boho design style! Adding various sizes, shapes, and varieties of plants and even flowers can enhance your space and make your home feel connected to nature. 

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can create a beautiful arrangement of faux plants that look like the real thing. Of course, succulents are also a great way to add real plants and greenery without requiring much maintenance. 

You can add your beautiful plants to the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and practically any additional room with natural light. It’s a small touch that can go a long way.

floral design of bedroom with white background

7. Keep It Cozy 

The Boho style is all about feeling relaxed, welcomed, and staying cozy. Add tons of throw pillows and blankets around the home to make yourself and your guests comfortable around every corner.

Using these items on the couch is a great way to incorporate this comforting atmosphere, but you can also achieve this vibe in the reading nook or sitting room with pillows and blankets. 

Keep baskets with these items around the house, and when possible, add a fun color or textured throw pillow to various chairs around the house. This small detail can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your home.

beautiful and bright sitting room

8. Have Fun With Texture 

Don’t be afraid to mix textures! Multiple textures or patterns around the house will create interest and a sense of natural belonging. Mixing textures is great in large rooms like the kitchen, living room, or sitting room. 

Using items like leather pillows and a knitted blanket on the couch, or a glass mirror and woven baskets on the wall will create contrast and interest. Each of these textures will be a perfect addition to the design style and add the right amount of contrast and functionality to your home.

a woven basket in the window

9. Use Rustic Elements

When possible, incorporate rustic elements around the house to achieve an authentic Boho style. Repurposing old furniture or tools, bringing in natural wooden elements, and adding metal accents can help you achieve this look. 

It can be as simple as pairing a new macrame wall accent with an old piece of wood or adding metal legs to the wooden coffee table. You can incorporate metal signs or antique tools in the kitchen and even repurpose old barn doors for a bathroom vanity.

When it comes to rustic elements, it’s all about getting creative. Repurposing old furniture for items around the house can go a long way. 

brown wooden furniture with big plants

10. Have a Variety of Wood and Leather Accents

Sometimes, little details can make the largest difference. Using decor elements with wood or leather accents can be the perfect touch to your Boho home. Adding floating wooden shelves to the living room and leather throw pillows to the couch can enhance this design style and make your home feel authentic and welcoming. 

Try to find wooden furniture like end tables, coffee tables, or even simple benches for the bedroom. Incorporating small accents like a leather lamp shade and leather chairs can take your style to the next level and bring an authentic Boho vibe to your space.

leather accents design in bedroom
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