8 TV Stand Decor Ideas

TV décor can make or break a room. Are you utilizing the space correctly?

When it comes to decorating your entertainment spaces, finding the perfect spot for your TV is only half the battle.

When there is clutter all around the TV, watching your favorite movies and shows can be unpleasant. At the same time, something should be there to make the area surrounding the TV feel warm and inviting.

Making this space comfortable and inviting without detracting from the entertainment isn’t as difficult as it appears. Using our advice and ideas, you can entirely transform this area in a single afternoon and on a budget!

A few things must be examined before you begin this process.

TV Height and Size

Consider the location, size, and height of your television. The placement of the furniture and decor will influence how huge or small everything seems in the area.

If you have a smaller TV, place it on a tall entertainment system or install it on the wall. If you have a large or tall TV, try using a shorter stand to keep it from being too high and forcing you to look up while viewing your favorite shows.

Take your ceiling height into account as well. To make a low ceiling room appear larger, choose entertainment systems that are lower to the ground.

Choose Your Style

Choose your style before you start looking for specific furnishings for this space. To make the space feel more organic, try to mirror the style of the rest of your home.

Incorporate natural tones like greens and yellows to help your things stand out if you have a country style. Use antiques to bind your home together and give it a rustic vibe.

If the remainder of your home is decorated in an industrial design, use metal finishes and one-of-a-kind pieces that feel current and new. A one-of-a-kind metal lamp or mirror would be the ideal finishing touch for this room.

For homes with a mid-century modern vibe, try using wooden accessories such as a mirror or even wooden picture frames with family photos. Adding a personal touch always makes a space feel more welcome and pleasant.

Now that you’ve thought about these suggestions, it’s time to make this space stand out.

8 Ideas for TV Stand Decor 

1. Keep it Clutter-Free

The best way to let your entertainment area shine is by clearing it of all distracting clutter. 

Keeping this space clear of any unnecessary knick-knacks or extra-large decorations is key to being able to enjoy your favorite movie after a long day of work. 

If you have items such as remotes, magazines, coasters, and other out-of-place items from around the house, this entertainment space will start to feel uninviting and cold.

It’s hard to relax when there’s too much going on in one space. Try to find a good balance by still having some space on the stand to make it feel open.

Use only meaningful pieces or pieces that perfectly tie into the style of your home. 

A high standing table with circular pattern below a hanging tv.

2. Use Sentimental Pieces 

Since your entertainment space should only have a few items to keep it clutter-free, try incorporating sentimental pieces. 

Using family photos, family heirlooms, or historical pieces from your past will make this entertainment space personal and inviting to your guests. 

Even items such as a unique lamp that has been passed down could be the perfect addition to this space by adding meaning and functionality.

Try to keep things minimal here and use small picture frames or decorations. It’s important to keep the focus on the TV, so using sentimental pieces smaller than the television will help your eyes go to the TV first. 

A wood and glass built in entertainment center.

3. Incorporate Different Textures

Working with small spaces such as on a TV stand means you have limited options, so you have to make each piece of decor count. 

You can make the space seem full and welcoming without packing the stand with unnecessary decor by using different textures. 

If your home has a farmhouse style, incorporate burlap pieces or use woven baskets. 

Try finding a metal lamp and decor with leather finishes for homes with an industrial style.  

This is a great area to try out different texture combinations because you’ll be using small pieces and have the ability to mix and match here without going over your budget. 

An easy way to add texture to this space is by using a uniquely shaped or textured vase with fresh flowers, which keeps things fresh and unexpected. 

A lightwood and modern tv console.

4. Use Fresh Greens

Using fresh flowers and greens in this space can bring life and warmth without taking up much space. 

It makes the entertainment space feel like it has life and movement, and it’s a very inexpensive option. 

Fresh flowers are a great way to make a room feel warm and inviting. It’s a peaceful way to decorate your TV stand while bringing some color to the space, and the best part is it’s a non-distracting option. 

You can find seasonal fresh flowers at your local flower shop, or if you have a garden, bringing flowers inside from your own yard is a great way to show off your hard work. 

A comfy chair in the corner beside the tv console.

5. Keep the Colors Neutral 

Whether your style is industrial, farmhouse, or mid-century, using neutral colors is a great way to match your style and make your entertainment space feel calming and warm. 

Using neutral colors will eliminate distractions while you’re catching up on the latest shows. 

Keeping the larger decorations pieces neutral will allow you to use small pops of color, such as in the fresh flowers or in the photos that you display. 

Try using neutral color lamps, vases, and picture frames in this space to avoid any distractions or make the space feel overwhelming. 

Living room interior with a neutral colored wooden tv console.

6. Hide Storage Space Underneath 

If your TV stand has open shelving for storage, try to keep the storage hidden by using decorative baskets. 

Storage under a TV stand is great because it gives you an easy place to keep your remotes, consoles, movies, and extra wires. 

However, the problem with open storage is that it can get cluttered and messy real fast. Using decorative baskets will hide the clutter and make the space feel clean and organized. 

If your stand has cabinet doors to hide the clutter, try keeping them closed when guests are over and keep the cabinets organized to help you find what you’re looking for. 

If there aren’t cabinet doors, utilizing storage baskets will draw your eyes away from the storage underneath and up to the decorations that you chose for the top of the stand. 

This is a simple way to help this space feel organized and complete. 

A hanging big flat screen tv on a white wall and a white floor shelf with gray storage boxes.

7. Make it Seasonal 

If you don’t like committing to the same decor year-round, use seasonal decorations in this area. 

Using reds and greens around Christmas time will bring you holiday cheer even when you’re watching your favorite movie. 

Incorporating orange and yellow accents in the fall will remind you that it’s getting colder outside and reflect the colors of the changing leaves. 

You can even use reds and blues in July to bring a festive spark to the entertainment center of your home. 

Seasonal decorations are great because they are budget-friendly, allow for a fun change in the space, and bring people together.

Try to keep the area clutter-free and only use smaller items to avoid taking the attention away from the TV. 

Pairing the seasonal decoration with neutral pieces such as an off-white lamp or a wooden picture frame will allow you to keep the style of your home while also having fun with the space. 

A built in white cabinet with fireplace, TV, and skiing equipment.

8. Use the Space Around the TV Stand

Depending on the size of the TV, you may not be able to put anything on the stand. If that’s the case, you’ll still have options for making this a beautiful entertainment space. 

Using the wall behind the TV will allow you to hang family photos or meaningful canvas drawings. 

Try to keep paintings in this area neutral colors to avoid distractions, but having a pop of color would be a nice and inviting addition to the space. 

If you have decorations that you know will perfectly match the house, consider getting a stackable shelving unit beside the entertainment system. 

This will give you the space you need to showcase your fresh greens, family photos, and textured decor. You can also make the shelving unit stand out and act as a showpiece on its own. 

Try to use one with metallic finishes in an industrial home or a white-washed wooden shelving unit for a farmhouse-style home. 

Making it fit for your space is just as important as the decor that will go on it. Again, try to keep this space clutter-free and use items that will bring meaning and warmth to your space. 

A big LED TV with white console and an open shelf on the side.
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