11 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

Friendsgivings is a time to celebrate with good company and food. What are some ideas to decorate for it?

As the weather starts to cool off and you can smell the pumpkin spice in the air, it’s time to start thinking about Friendsgiving. A tradition growing stronger and stronger each year, Friendsgiving is a time where friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and good food. 

Whether you have an entire yard full of friends or host an intimate dinner with a few besties, it’s important to have some essential decor items for the occasion. Many items can actually be reused for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner or used around the house to get into the holiday spirit once your feast is done. 

Before you get started, remember to keep kitchen safety a priority! Try to limit decorations and paper products in the kitchen itself to prevent fires. Here are a few ideas to transform your dining room or outdoor space for the perfect Friendsgiving! 

1. Use a Burlap Runner 

The perfect addition to any Fall gathering is a burlap runner. They’re durable and extremely affordable, which means you can reuse them for all your seasonal occasions. They look great with additional decor items, or they can even stand on their own if you’re going for a simple look. 

You can buy an entire roll of burlap and cut the specific lengths you want, which is great if you plan to use several tables for your gathering. The leftovers could also be used to wrap glass jars and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. 

garden party dinner table with a burlap runner

2. Add Lanterns

A great way to pay tribute to the season is with lanterns. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect addition for your gathering. The lanterns can stand alone as a decor piece, or you can put them to use and include candles for some mood lighting. 

Try to find durable metal lanterns instead of plastic ones if possible. The metal lanterns will hold up against the weather and last longer. They also won’t be at risk of melting if you include candles inside to provide lighting for the evening.

outside dining with lantern decor on the table

3. Incorporate Fun napkins 

Personalized decor always makes a gathering more meaningful. This year, consider splurging on customized napkins to make your Friendsgiving one to remember. There are tons of sites that are easy to use and let you add personalized images or messages to common square napkins. 

You can keep things simple and find some with leaves and pumpkins, or get creative and add a personalized message to your friends. This is a great way to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and it’s a sweet memento that everyone will want to keep. 

meal plate with a fun napkin

4. Hang Streamer Signs 

Whether your gathering will take place inside or on the back patio, including a streamer sign will add to the festivities. You can find these pre-made at most craft stores or roll up your sleeves and make your own! 

With just a bit of string and a hot glue gun, you can create a beautiful streamer to welcome your guests with. You can use leaves from around the yard, cut out letters from construction paper, and you’re in business. You can even get sentimental by adding polaroid pictures of everyone as the night progresses.

colorful fallen autumn leaves as party streamer

5. Use Personalized Party Cups 

If you want to incorporate a personalized memento that all your guests can take home and reuse throughout the year, consider getting customized party cups. Just like custom napkins, these cups can be made through various online sites and include any message or photo you’d like. 

This is a great opportunity to remember the date and year of your Friendsgiving, and it could be a go-to cup long after the gathering takes place. If your friend group has a catchphrase or an inside joke, use the personalized cups as a way to commemorate those special moments forever. 

6. Incorporate Mason Jars

A great way to signal the Fall season is with mason jars. They are functional assets to any gathering, and they look great! Adding mason jars to your tables will introduce a new texture and provide your guests with cute glasses to drink from. 

If you don’t love the plain glass look on your tables, you can paint them or even add a macrame skirt around them to dress it up. If you have any extras, you can drop T-lights in them and find yourself with instant decoration on a budget. 

Once the party is over, you can wash them out and save them for next year or use them around the house to add some style and creativity to your home. 

A beautiful dinner table setup

7. Display Assorted Candles 

Adding candles to your table for Friendsgiving is a great idea, especially if you’re hosting your gathering outside. The candles will look great, and as the evening progresses, they’ll serve a functional purpose. 

If you’re concerned about dripping wax, you can always place the candles in metal lanterns. It will look great as a centerpiece on your table, and there will be no mess to clean up afterward. Your guests will love the look, and you’ll love how easy and affordable this option is!

A fancy dinner table with wine glasses and candles

8. Utilize Decorative Plates 

Hosting a gathering such as Friendsgiving could mean that it’s time to bring out the good china. If you have a group of people that you trust to keep your china safe, it’s a great opportunity to use nice dishes that you keep tucked away throughout the year. 

If you’re going for a more casual atmosphere, consider using thick plastic plates that look like the real thing. You can find plastic plates with gold trim, scalloped edges, and even some that look like real china. 

They cost a bit more than typical paper plates, but you won’t have to worry about broken dishes or running multiple loads in the dishwasher, and your table will look sophisticated.

Cute gingham table cloth and decorative party plates

9. Go Green With Paper Straws 

Consider providing paper straws if you include a drink station or pre-made drinks for the occasion. This is a great alternative to plastic because they’re better for the environment, and they look great! 

You can buy a pack with various colors, or you can find Fall-theme straws that come in red, orange, yellow, and brown. Your guests will love the fun colors and appreciate your effort to keep the planet clean and plastic-free. 

colorful and assorted paper straws

10. Use Chalk Food Labels

Hosting a large group and serving a meal can be a bit stressful. People with dietary restrictions may have a hard time determining what they can and can’t eat. If you have multiple people bringing homemade dishes, it’s best to include food labels so your guests will know if they can eat specific foods. 

You can find small signs at any craft store and write the dish’s name and key ingredients that may need to be known, like gluten, meat, or peanuts. It’s an easy way to help your guests choose their food with confidence, and it’s a cute way to distinguish each dish. 

11. Add Fresh Plants or Flowers

Whether your Friendsgiving gathering will take place in the dining room or in the backyard, adding fresh plants or flowers to the table is the perfect way to incorporate color into the centerpiece. Finding a few glass jars and picking local plants and flowers is a cost-efficient way to make your table feel authentic and connected to nature. 

You can use small plants like succulents if you’re just looking for a small pop of color or create entire bouquets to make more of a statement. Try to use Fall colors in the arrangements to keep the table decor cohesive and festive.

Beautiful flower centerpiece on the dinner table

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