16 Decor Ideas For Your Office at Work

Your office should reflect your personality while also still keeping things professional. Have you found the perfect balance?

We spend most of our time at work. Whether it’s in a high-rise office downtown or a cubical in the suburbs, we typically see the same four walls for 40 hours a week.  

Your office should be a comfortable and welcoming place that you won’t mind spending most of your time in. Something needs to change if you constantly come to work dreading the bland walls and boring atmosphere.

Making small changes and updating your decor can transform your outlook and mindset at work. Feeling comfortable in your workspace will help you stay on track and hit your deadlines comfortably, but you’ll need to keep a few things in mind! 

Keep It Professional and Functional 

While adding a personal touch to your office is never a bad idea, it’s essential always to keep things professional. Try to avoid any pictures or memorabilia from drinking with friends or anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see. 

Even if you don’t get visitors very often, it’s important to remember that you remain professional and on task while at work. 

It’s also a great idea to use as many functional decorations as possible to cut back on clutter and help you stay organized. 

Using functional and professional decorations will also prevent unnecessary distractions. Especially if you deal with constant deadlines, you want to ensure you don’t have tons of distracting decorations in your workspace.

Keep Everything Low Maintainance 

You have enough things to keep up with and remember throughout your day, so your decorations should be as low maintenance as possible. 

You don’t want ten different plants that need constant water and sunlight or decorations that will show a build-up of dust. 

Try to keep things simple and realistic for your space. It’s important to ensure you don’t have unnecessary items taking away your time and attention from productivity. 

Here are 16 easy and affordable ways to update your work office decor. 

16 Office Decor Ideas 

1. Frame Your Degree

Whether you have multiple college degrees or a high school diploma, framing it and hanging it in your office is a great way to add a meaningful touch to your space. 

Find or paint a frame with your college colors for a festive take on this. You’ll have a reminder of the time and commitment you put into your degree every time you step inside your office. 

You can also frame your high school diploma to support your hometown. There’s nothing like representing where you came from, especially if you moved away after graduation. 

Hanging your degrees is a great way to connect with coworkers and clients who come into the office. It can start a conversation and help you connect with people that you may not have connected with without your school spirit. 

2. Add a Floor Lamp

A great way to add functionality to your space is with a floor lamp. They’re cost-efficient and can add a personal touch. 

The fluorescent lights can start to take a toll on you, so having your own floor lamp is a great way to make your area feel warm and cozy, and it gives you light in a specific area. 

Whether you’re in a cubical or have a large corner office, a lamp is the perfect personal touch that makes your space comfortable and warm. 

A rattan reading chair for a reading corner beside a floor lamp

3. Display a Family Photo

While you want to make sure you keep things professional, it’s always a good idea to have a meaningful family photo on your desk. 

You’ll want to avoid photos from the beach or pool and instead pick a fully clothed photo, but keeping a picture of your family close by will add a personal touch and help you start a conversation with clients and coworkers. 

You can keep a small picture on your desk that won’t take up too much space or hang a large photo on the wall, and you won’t have to worry about losing desk space. 

A wooden medium sized frame with family picture

4. Find Unique Coasters 

Keeping your desk clean and mess-free is important for your office. Finding unique coasters will prevent your water bottles or take-out cups from creating those pesky water rings on your desk. 

Let the coasters become a fun and personal touch to your space. In a bland, ordinary room with white walls, find vibrant coasters that show your personal style or personality. 

You may even have coasters that were hand-made by a family member. Those would be perfect for your office and serve a functional purpose. 

Some red flowers and dried leaves on a slim vase, all siting in a wooden coaster

5. Add Fake Plants

Adding plants to any space is a great way to make it feel light and airy. The fresh green color is relaxing and helps you feel connected to nature. 

Try to use faux plants that look realistic. They won’t require any maintenance, and you can rearrange them anytime you need to. 

If you want the real thing, try using succulents since they are very low maintenance and can live several days without water if you’re focused on your deadlines. 

Small fake plants with black vase on top of a wooden table

6. Use a Tissue Box Cover 

Keeping tissues in the office is a must, so why not have fun with it? Incorporate a tissue box cover that speaks to your personal style. 

You can use this small detail to add a pop of color or add a different texture to your space. You won’t have to worry about ordinary tissue boxes bringing down your mood or energy!

Choose a wooden tissue box cover for a farmhouse or masculine space, a metal or gold cover for a modern and contemporary room, and a rustic or distressed cover for a masculine touch. 

A medium sizes rattan tissue box

7. Find a Unique Pen Holder

Another functional decor option for your office is finding a unique pen/pencil holder. Chances are, you’ll need an assortment of pens, highlighters, and pencils, so finding a holder that can add to your style is a great addition to your space!

You can really have fun with this task by finding a local pottery shop and making your own! Your kids will love helping you create a unique pen holder that you can proudly display on your desk. 

If you’re looking for a modern approach, you can find sleek metal or gold finished pen holders that will add class and sophistication to your space while serving a functional purpose. 

A collection of decor pieces together with a pen holder

8. Pick a Color Scheme

Small spaces can largely benefit from a consistent color scheme. Seemingly small details like coordinating colors can make a huge difference if you’re working with a tight space. 

Pick a color scheme that’s calming, like light pastels and neutral colors, to keep your office light and cozy. Carrying through a pop of color in items such as your folders, throw pillows, and wall decorations will make a big difference. 

You don’t have to use large items or an entire wall to create a cozy color scheme. Using decor to highlight your colors is a subtle but efficient way to let your personality shine through.

Very chic white journal notebook beside some figurines and vases

9. Find a Rustic Clock 

Adding rustic elements to any style or space can help you feel authentic. Chances are, you’ll need a clock in the office to help you keep track of time anyway, so finding a rustic clock is a great option. 

It adds personality and history to your space, and it’s a functional need that will help you stay on top of your day. 

You can choose an all-metal design for an industrial or modern-inspired space or a distressed wooden clock for a farmhouse or countryside-inspired room. 

A rustic white analog clock hung on a plain wall

10. Frame Your Favorite Quote 

A classic way to add inspiration to your workspace is by framing your favorite quote. It can be inspirational or comical (as long as it’s appropriate) and could even help you make connections with clients or coworkers. 

This is a cost-efficient option that can greatly impact your overall mood and attitude at work. Simply print out the quote, find a fun or unique frame, and hang it up on your wall! 

If you want to save space on your desk or wall, you could even use the quote as a computer screen saver. You’ll still see the inspiration daily and save room for other needs.

A girls study or work table with laptop, notebooks and some framed quote

11. Add an Hourglass 

Let’s be honest; there are times when you just need a brain break throughout the day. Sometimes you need two-three minutes to clear your mind of absolutely everything before you can get back to productivity. 

Adding an hourglass to your desk is the perfect way to have an uninterrupted brain break. You’re not on your phone or searching the internet; you’re just watching the sand shift from one place to another. 

It’ll look great on your desk and help you tap out when you need it and get your focus back on track. 

A simple but classic hourglass decor

12. Hang Up Floating Shelves 

Adding floating shelves to your office is a modern approach that you can functionally benefit from. 

They’re out of the way, they look great and updated, and they allow you to display family photos, your degree, and your plants. 

If you’re looking for a modern and simplistic approach to organizing your wall decor, floating shelves are a great option!

Sone small plants on colorful pots sitting on a floating shelf

13. Incorporate a Round Mirror

Displaying a fun, round mirror on your wall is a great way to incorporate functional decor. Most offices have tons of straight lines and sharp corners, so a round mirror will be a nice contrast in this space. 

It’s also practical because you’ll want to make sure you look presentable after lunch or when you get into work after a rushed morning. 

Mirrors also help small spaces feel large and inviting. Adding a mirror to the wall you see as soon as you come through the door can make your space seem spacious and welcoming.

A compact work or study table with an overhead round mirror

14. Add a Rug 

Whether your office has carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring, adding a rug is the perfect way to make the space inviting and comfortable. 

You can add a touch of your style and personality through the rug and use it to break up spaces within the office. It will keep the original floors clean and it will feel great after a long day of walking back and forth or running errands. 

It’s a cost-efficient option that can completely transform your space. Using a rug over the boring or worn office carpet gives your workspace a new life and helps you get comfortable and stay focused. 

A patterned rug under the table, room interior

15. Display a Wall Calendar 

Keeping a wall calendar next to your desk is a great way to add decor and keep up with all of your deadlines. 

You’ll need a calendar to stay on top of work assignments, and having the ability to look up while you’re working on your computer and phone is a great option. 

You can write directly on the calendar, and keeping it displayed with important dates reminds your boss and coworkers that you’re organized and on top of things. 

A large wall calendar display as a background of set of scented candles

16. Include Candles or Wax Burners 

Keeping candles or wax scents in the office can help you stay focused and relaxed. It’s a great way to keep your nerves down and help your workspace feel like home. 

Candles are also cost-efficient decor options because they come in all shapes and size, and can add to your style. 

They’re functional for your space, and your coworkers will always feel invited and welcome when they step into your space. 

If your office doesn’t allow candles or wax burners, you can use plug-in scents. Many brands have plug-in scents that give a candle smell with no flame. 

You just need an outlet and the specific plug-in plus your favorite smell, and you’ll think you have the real thing going all the time without any chance of fire or smoke.

Notebook, candle jars and office supplies on the table
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