8 Blue Accent Wall Ideas

Blue accent walls add a striking aesthetic to your home. What are some ideas to utilize it correctly?

Whether you’re looking to freshen up the living room, get creative in the kitchen, or transform the bedroom into a relaxing oasis, a blue accent wall can help. The neutral and soothing color is easy to decorate with and offers a sense of peace and tranquility. 

Accent walls are a great addition to any room and can completely transform your space. You can use a subtle or light shade of blue or a dark shade to add sophistication and a wow factor. 

Once you’ve picked the perfect color, you’ll want to consider the rest of the room. You might want to upgrade the decor and accents to match your gorgeous addition. Making the space feel cohesive will enhance this style technique and take your new addition to the next level. 

If you’re ready to make a change, check out these great ideas!

1. Make it Moody 

Choosing a dark shade of blue can help you achieve a moody look without making your space feel closed off or cold. A deep navy or midnight shade can completely transform your room by adding depth and mystery. 

Pair this color with dark furniture, leather accents, and natural lighting to help it feel sophisticated without feeling cave-like. You can make the area more dramatic by using lamps instead of natural light or keep it simple and airy with white or tan accents.

white chair and table design of study area

2. Add a Modern Touch 

Sometimes changing the color in a room can make a dramatic difference to your interior design style. You can add a modern touch to your new accent wall by incorporating large glass doors, sleek furniture, and metallic finishes. 

These additions can keep your space modern and sophisticated and won’t take away from the dramatic color. These touches look great with a dark or moody shade and ensure that your room won’t feel closed off or uninviting. 

black glass doors with big gold mirror

3. Incorporate Texture 

Adding texture to the wall is a great way to enhance any room and draw your eyes to a specific area. If you want to create a statement piece and eliminate the need for all other decor, consider adding texture. 

You can create your own texture by painting over slats of wood, creating a board and batten look, or painting over a sturdy bead board. The texture will give your room dimension and style without taking attention away from the fun color. 

If you don’t want to add texture to the wall, you can incorporate blue velvet pillows, a navy knit blanket, or a fuzzy midnight rug to match the blue color and add texture to other areas of the room.  

sofa set placed nearby the window

4. Pair it With White Accents 

Consider using white or light tan accents if you want to keep a bright and airy space. Soft colors can keep things inviting and warm, whether you’ve painted or used dramatic navy drapes to create an accent wall. 

Consider bedding, pillows, picture frames, and natural light to help the space feel welcoming. These seemingly small touches can make a big difference and add elegance to your room.

dining area with simple gold chandelier

5. Consider a Bedroom Wall

While it’s often the living room that comes to mind when you hear of an accent wall, consider using this technique in the bedroom. The soothing color will look great for a spare bedroom and give your guests an updated and fun space. 

If you have a small bedroom, adding a dark or moody color will draw your eyes up and make the space feel larger. You can add soft touches to the bedding and incorporate natural lighting to keep the bedroom from feeling closed off. 

Whether you’re looking to update the primary or spare bedroom, consider using this technique to add sophistication and originality.

simple blue bedroom with white three pillows

6. Incorporate Elements of Nature 

A great addition to this interior design style is natural greenery and flowers. Beautiful green plants and fresh flowers will look great against your updated wall, and they’ll help your space feel connected to nature and welcoming. 

Hanging plant holders, floating shelves with small succulents, and fresh flower arrangements will look great in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. The natural colors perfectly pair with shades like midnight and navy, making this a beautiful and warm addition to your home. 

green plant decorations designs in living room

7. Display Simple Art 

Simple wall art is often a great addition to dark and moody colors. Simple white canvas prints with an elegant frame can help your space feel simple but sophisticated. The blue wall adds a dramatic touch to the room but could easily be overshadowed by large art or decor. 

Try to use simple colors and avoid photos with a ton of detail. This will help the space feel cohesive and prevent your decorations and color from clashing. 

displaying simple wall art in computer room

8. Add Metallic Decor 

Metallic finishes are a great addition to a deep or moody blue color. Once you’ve painted on your desired color, consider using metal since lighting, a unique metal chandelier, or a fun lamp to add functional light with metallic finishes. 

The metal material softens the depth of the blue color but adds functional pieces to your room. You can add metal floating shelves and furniture or keep it simple with the light fixtures. 

It adds a bit of a masculine touch to the room and would look great with leather and light brown accents. 

gray lamp placed beside the white pillow
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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