7 Bathroom Shelf Decor Ideas

Bathroom shelves should be used both aesthetically and functionally. How are you designing your shelves?

Bathroom decorating requires you to be the flexible one in the relationship. Since you have to work in a smaller space with immovable features like toilets and sinks, utilizing shelves is a great way to bring organization and a sense of style to your bathroom. Decorating shelves can be a little challenging, though. 

Don’t worry! Without creating more unneeded clutter, there’s are easy ways to spruce up your shelves without sacrificing the easy reach of necessities. Whether you have modern floating shelves or built-in shelves that you can’t move, they’re a blank canvas for your bathroom decor. 

If you’ve been wondering how to use your bathroom shelves for function and decorative appeal, there are a few things you can do that won’t break the bank. The trick is choosing your decorations and placing them in a way that will make the biggest impact. 

Adding the right decorative touches to your shelves will help you stay organized and make your guests feel comfortable there too. 

7 Shelf Decor Tips for Your Bathroom

Decorating your shelves with bathroom decor is a little trickier than you might imagine. You don’t want your bathroom to look cluttered, but you also don’t want guests to go digging through your cupboards to find a hand towel. 

Make sure that you are keeping all surfaces clean and free of mold. Clean your shower curtain and clear your drains. These small details will help your bathroom appear classier.

Once you try these bathroom shelf decor tips, you’ll see your bathroom in a different light. It’s entirely possible to have a functional bathroom decor that still reflects who you are. 

A white bathroom with pink towel and toilet accessories.

1. Bring in a Little Plant Life

By nature, bathrooms can feel a little cold and less personal than the rest of your home. 

Many house plants love humid environments, making a bathroom shelf an excellent place for certain plants to thrive

Plus, adding a house plant or two will breathe a little life into the room while adding pops of natural color. 

A wooden bathroom shelf for bath towels, bottles and soaps storage.

2. Repeat Colors

When you’re decorating your bathroom shelves, try finding a few pieces in the same color family. Try not to go overboard by making everything the very same color; instead, choose a few key pieces that you can place on your shelves. 

From toothbrush holders to storage containers, bathroom decor that matches creates a lot of visual interest. It also brings a cohesive look that will brighten up the space.

Make sure that you are also taking into consideration your tiles and the grout, which contribute to the overall color scheme of the room.

A simple white bathroom and ladder storage with touch of blue elements.

3. Less is Usually More

Trying to keep your bathroom from looking cluttered is an ongoing challenge, and adding tons of things to a bathroom shelf won’t solve the problem. Rather than going overboard, stick to placing a few essentials on your shelves and stash the rest away from view. 

To keep it from looking too bland, you can always add personal touches to the areas surrounding your shelves. The space over the toilet is an excellent place to personalize, too. 

stainless hanging bathroom shelf and a scrub-a-dub-dub frame.

4. Use Containers as Bathroom Decor

Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be an ugly affair! Using jars and baskets to hold all your toiletries is a practical, economical, and attractive way to decorate your bathroom shelves. 

To keep things simple, aim for containers made from natural materials and jars that allow you to see the contents inside. It will add an extra layer of clever organization that many bathrooms are missing.

A simple white bathroom with a white open shelf storage.

5. Candles Pull Double Duty

Sometimes, your bathroom is your escape room, and it should be as serene as possible. Maximize its potential for relaxation by placing a scented candle or two on your bathroom shelves. 

They look great, and they’ll be ready for your next bath — or to cover up any unpleasant odors that might be lingering. 

A set of sustainable bathroom products and a scented candle.

6. Don’t Forget Your Personality

There are no rules anywhere in the design world that say your bathroom needs to be a serious place. Bring a little bit of your personality into the room with artwork, photographs, or a sign that makes you smile. 

You’ll feel more at home there, and it’s certain to give your guest something to talk about. 

Two overhead shelves for toilet storage and decor.

7. Group Items Together

As you’re deciding where to place things on your bathroom shelves, think about grouping them into sets. Then, leave a slight separation between the grouped items you have placed. 

Grouping like items together creates a sense of order, and it’s a fast way to get a designer bathroom look. Restock items when you run out, and you’ll be able to keep them looking consistent.

A farmhouse inspired toilet interior with simple white open cabinet with candles and towels.

Regardless of your bathroom’s size, shelf decor is vital to staying organized and creating a comfortable space. Every bathroom shelf is different, but any of these bathroom shelf decor ideas will help bring your room to life. With careful placement and thoughtfully placed bathroom necessities, your ideal bathroom is only a few decorated shelves away.

Teresa Burns
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