10 Tile and Grout Color Combinations

Read on to see the hottest tile and grout color combinations. Do you have a favorite?

Choosing the right tile and grout combination can make a huge difference. Whether it’s the flooring for the bathroom, a kitchen backsplash, or the laundry room wall, this combination can be a standout feature.

There are endless possibilities available, so choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make this a fun process instead of a stressful one. 

Consider the Room 

Considering the specific room is vital for this decision. Rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms are typically small spaces that can easily feel cramped by certain style decisions. 

Bigger rooms like the kitchen can handle strong contrasts and show-stopping combinations without feeling boxed in or too busy. 

Smaller rooms will do better with less contrast, whereas larger rooms can handle the contrast and unexpected touch. 

If you are designing a kitchen, you will also want to consider the size of your cabinets as well as the general design style of the cabinets to make sure that they match.

White subway tiles backsplash with hanging wooden shelf.

Think About the Finish and Shape of the Tile

Before you choose the grout, you’ll likely already have the tile shape and finish in mind. Unique shapes such as an octagon or picket tiles should have a contrasting color in the grout to make the shape stand out. 

Using contrast will help the shape own the space and make a statement in any room. If you’re going for a seamless look, use a similar color grout to allow the area to feel like one continuous piece.

The finish can make a difference in this process as well. Glossy finishes are typically better matched with contrast, while matt finishes are typically better with a similar color. 

After these factors have been considered, it’s time to have fun with this project!

10 Tile and Grout Color Combinations for Any Room

1. All White 

A recently popular choice for kitchen backsplashes is white tile with white grout. This gives the kitchen a clean and seamless look making the space feel inviting and bright. 

This option will be beautiful in homes with a farmhouse or modern style. It’s a great addition to kitchens that have marble or dark countertops. 

The all-white backsplash will allow the beautiful countertops or dark cabinets to spotlight. 

If the kitchen has white countertops and cabinets, you may want to add a contrast to prevent this space from seeming cold and sterile. 

All white is also a great option for bathroom walls because it will brighten up the space and make it feel clean. 

Salt and pepper silver shakers and white tiles.

2. White and Brown

If you love a clean white tile but need a bit more contrast, go with a light brown grout to let the tile really shine. 

This combination is perfect in farmhouse kitchens and French-inspired homes because it mixes warmth with a clean and crisp look. 

For industrial and modern-style homes, consider using gray grout to create an even greater contrast and make the space feel modern and sophisticated. 

This combination is also perfect in laundry rooms because it allows the space to feel bright and inviting in the typically small and cramped space. 

Small bathrooms can also benefit from this color duo because it will make the space feel larger, brighter, and welcoming. 

Beige sink stone, square tiles and silver faucet.

3. Black and White 

Using black tile can seem like a risk when you’re planning out your dream home, but when done right, it can be an elegant and unique touch. 

Using a contrasting white grout to go with the black is the perfect way to create a moody but inviting space. 

The color contrast takes away from the darkness and highlights any other white features in the room, making the black blend in instead of taking all the attention. 

For a much warmer and moodier option, using black tile and gray grout will create the perfect contrasting wall in a bright kitchen or bathroom. 

This combination will be great in industrial and modern-style homes that aren’t afraid of a feature wall. 

A modern and sleek style black and white kitchen.

4. Gray and White 

Choosing the right color scheme for any home is important and can change the tone of the house. 

Gray is a great option for almost any home style, as it provides warmth without being too dark and feels clean without feeling sterile. 

Using a white grout will create a subtle contrast that brings light to the space and creates the perfect balance. 

This combination is great in kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring. It would look stunning in modern and mid-century homes and could even add depth to crisp farmhouse kitchens. 

A farmhouse inspired kitchen with gray subway tiles and white trims.

5. All Gray  

Incorporating dark colors in the house can turn from a moody feature wall to a room that feels like a cave real quick. 

To avoid this, it’s important to have some contrast in the space. A dark-gray tile with a light gray grout will create a warm feature wall or floor. The area will feel seamless, but the light gray will create just enough contrast. 

This is a great option in industrial and modern homes, and it’s a great flooring option in any style of home because it’s a great way to hide dirt.

A modern bathroom with a classic white tub and seamless gray stone tiles.

6. Blue/Green and Beige

Adding movement and motion to a space can transform the room. It can turn a bland wall or backsplash into a feature wall. 

Using blue/green tile with a beige grout gives the illusion of water which brings movement into the space. 

It’s a great feature in kitchens and can make a statement in any bathroom as well. This combination would be great in a wide variety of homes, including modern-style and mid-century homes. 

A very homey kitchen using a wooden countertop and green subway tiles backsplash.

7. Marble and Dark Gray 

Choosing marble tile can instantly upgrade a room. It’s elegant without being over-the-top, and it’s a timeless finish. 

Using contrasting colors to go along with the marble can make it stand out even more and have different effects depending on how much veining is in the marble pieces you have. 

For granite that doesn’t have much veining or has very light-colored veins, a dark gray or even black grout is the perfect contrast. 

The contrasting gray or black color will bring out the veining and let it shine, whereas using a light color along with marble could drown out the veins.

An advantage of this combination is that it can update any home style. Whether its’ a farmhouse kitchen, modern-style bathroom, or French-inspired laundry room, this combo will look great and add the perfect touch. 

A hexagon shaped marble granite mosaic.

8. Marble and White 

If you have a beautiful marble tile that’s full of dark-colored veins, using white grout will allow you to tone down the area. 

If you already have a busy kitchen and the marble you chose is full of movement, this is a great way to keep the space calm and bright. 

This is also a fantastic color combination for bathrooms because it has movement and depth, but it’s also bright and welcoming. 

No matter what style your home is, using this combination in a laundry room or bathroom will open up the space to make it feel bigger and make it feel clean. 

A modern and minimalist white marble bathroom with sink and toilet.

9. Natural Stone and Light Gray 

Homes that incorporate Mediterranian styles and rustic styles often use natural stone. This can be found in areas of the house such as the kitchen, fireplace, and even bathrooms. 

Using stone as a backsplash or in the bathroom shower gives the home texture and depth in unexpected places. 

A natural color stone such as browns and tan color stone will go great with light-colored contrast. Gray stone, however, is more popular in a large variety of homes and goes great with light gray grout. 

This color combination allows the stone to be the showstopper, and it brings just enough contrast to break up the flow of the stone. It’s perfect as a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom wall. 

A luxurious white and marble kitchen interior with stainless appliances.

10. Black and White Checkered 

Upgrading your space to a more sophisticated and elegant style can be achieved with the good old-fashioned checkered flooring. 

This timeless flooring option can be incorporated in a foyer, bathroom, and even kitchens. It goes great in modern and mid-century homes and can instantly upgrade the space.

Since it’s already a busy scheme, black grout will make this pattern feel seamless and natural and separate the black tile from the white. 

Using this pattern in a kitchen can make it feel like an industrial space and can even be used as a backsplash to create texture and depth. 

An all white kitchen interior with black countertop and checkered flooring.
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