9 Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and your counter is the centerpiece. Are you decorating it properly?

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you’ll entertain your guests, make family recipes, and start new family traditions. 

When you’re expecting guests after a day of running errands and keeping up with the kids, the last thing you want to worry about is clearing off the kitchen counters. 

Keeping sensible and functional decor on your counter will prevent you from worrying about what this space looks like when you have guests coming over. 

It will keep you organized and focused, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your delicious meals. 

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Keep It Clutter-Free

Your kitchen counter is a sacred place that serves as your canvas before every meal you make. It’s important to keep the space free of clutter because you’ll need as much space as you can get to prepare your food. 

Instead of constantly rearranging things and pushing everything to one corner, make a habit of keeping it clutter-free. 

It’ll be one less thing you have to worry about when you start to prepare your masterpiece. Consciously keeping this area clutter-free will also end up saving you money. 

You won’t focus on finding and buying new decor items if you focus on using what you already have to create a beautiful and functional space. 

A wooden kitchen countertop

Incorporate Functional Items

Choose as many functional items as possible since you’re working with limited space. Keeping only functional items out will save you space and time. You won’t have to go digging around for the cutting board if it’s already beautifully displayed on the counter. 

Displaying commonly used items in this space keeps you organized and allows you to spend more time cooking and less time searching. 

It’s also a great way to show off that brand new mixer that you got for Christmas!

Check out these ideas to keep your space beautiful and functional. 

9 Ideas for Kitchen Counter Decor 

1. Use Glass Jars 

Adding texture to your space is always a fun way to catch your guest’s eye. Try to find different glass jars, and fill them with commonly used items. 

Use a tall glass jar to store pasta noodles, a short glass jar for sugar, and a unique shape or size glass jar for your coffee beans. 

Showing off the textures creates a different element for your space, and you’ll be storing commonly used items, which could save you time. 

You won’t have to dig around in the pantry for the sugar if it’s beautifully displayed with other commonly used items. 

A clear glass jar as rice container

2. Show-Off Your Expensive Appliances

Using the counter space to display your expensive appliances is a great way to keep your kitchen tools right where you need them and add some shine to your space. 

If you’re an avid baker, and you saved for months to buy your new chrome mixer, show it off! You’ll be using it multiple times a week anyway, so you might as well find a permanent home for it on the counter. 

You won’t have to worry about lifting it out of the bottom cabinet time and time again, and it will be one of the first things you see when you enter this space. 

Seeing it out will inspire you and get you excited about trying new recipes. It could also allow you to introduce contrast in this space. 

If you have colorful walls or cabinets, display your chrome or neutral color appliances. If you have all white walls and countertops, show off your colorful appliances to add a pop of color and interest. 

Expensive appliances and built in green cabinet.

3. Prop Up Your Cutting Boards 

Cutting boards are commonly used in just about any kitchen, so why not use them to enhance your style as well? 

If you have a unique or hand-made wooden cutting board, use it to add to your industrial, farmhouse, French-inspired, or mid-century modern style. 

The wooden cutting board will match with any of these styles, and the best part is when you need it, it’s already out and ready for use. 

It’s the perfect addition to crisp white kitchens or dark cabinets with a dark backsplash. 

Propping up a wooden cutting board on the backsplash will bring a new texture into this space. It brings a natural feeling and earthy tones into the room and will match almost any style. 

You can even display a meaningful cutting board that you don’t like to actually use. If you had a cutting board engraved with your wedding date on it, you can keep that one as a permanent part of your countertop and use other cutting boards for functional purposes. 

A set of wooden kitchen tools.

4. Display Fresh Fruit

Keeping fresh fruit on your counter is one of the easiest (and yummiest) ways to add a pop of color. 

Use a solid white plate or bowl and add red apples, limes, or lemons to bring unexpected colors and textures into your space. 

You’ll have to store the fruit somewhere anyway, and keeping them out on display reminds you to grab a healthy snack and adds to your style. 

It also makes your kitchen feel inviting and fresh. This is a great option, especially with crisp white cabinets and walls. 

The fruit is a beautiful way to add color that you can easily change up daily to match your mood. 

A minimalist white kitchen with fruits, vegetables, and cooking materials on the countertop.

5. Show-Off Your Clear Glass Cake Dome 

Displaying your glass cake dome is a great way to bring new shapes and textures to your kitchen. 

You can show off your delicious creations, leftover birthday cake, or healthy muffins. The glass dome will match perfectly with your style, and the colorful sweets will add an unexpected element. 

The dome won’t take up much room on the counter, but it will remind you to eat up what’s left before it goes bad. Not to mention, it’s the perfect excuse to keep it full of tasty sweets!

A person getting a slice of cake and a view of a glass cake dome in the corner.

6. Find an Antique Bread Box

Keeping things functional in your kitchen means making storage fun and easy. A great way to store your various types of bread is by using a bread box. 

Try to find an antique bread box, or have one custom-made from wood to perfectly fit your style. 

You won’t have to dig through the pantry to find the bread you’re looking for, and the box itself can enhance your style. 

It’s a great way to incorporate functional decor, and if you find one from an antique store, it’s the perfect conversation starter. 

If you have an industrial-style home, look for a metal bread box and a wooden bread box for a French-inspired or farmhouse-style home. 

A freshly baked bread placed in a wooden bread box beside some honey and tomatoes.

7. Keep Out Commonly Used Spices or Oil 

An easy way to add the perfect decor to your kitchen is by displaying your commonly used spices or oil in glass containers. 

You’re’ going to be using them almost nightly anyway, so having them out on the counter saves you time and hassle. 

Keep different spices out to add a pop of color like thyme, cayenne, pink Himalayan salt, and crushed pepper. The different colors will add texture and interest to the counter without spending money on special decor. 

Keep your favorite oil or vinegar in glass jars with your spices to create a contrast in size and texture. If you want to have fun with this, you can place the spices and oil on a spinning stand to access exactly what you’re looking for easily. 

An open shelf hanging above the sink with containers of herbs and spices.

8. Incorporate Fresh Flowers or Plants

Bringing in fresh flowers from your garden or fresh plants is a great way to add beautiful counter decor. 

It helps your kitchen feel fresh and crisp, it’s an inexpensive option, and it gives you a chance to show off your green thumb. 

If you have mainly neutral colors in this space, adding a pop of color with flowers or green plants is a great way to add contrast without even trying. 

Pair them with a neutral-colored vase to give the impression of a nature-inspired moment. You can even incorporate small vases of flowers on your floating shelves if you want to keep them off of your working counter space.

A white open cabinet with kitchen utensils displayed.

9. Display Your Favorite Cookbook 

If you got a beautiful new cookbook for Christmas and can’t get enough of it, keep it displayed! 

You’ll be using it regularly anyway, so why not use it to add some counter decor? Displaying your cookbook makes your kitchen feel like it’s lived in and used. 

It brings authenticity into your space and shows that you’ve been working hard on new creations. 

The best part about displaying a cookbook is the beautiful pictures. Chances are, there are tons of vibrant pictures boasting unique colors and textures. 

The pictures themselves are a fantastic addition to your kitchen counter and bring interest into this space. It’s also a great conversation starter and could lead to you trading for new recipes with a neighbor or guest. 

White kitchen countertop with an open white book displayed and some cutting board and red spatulas.
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