15 Beach House Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Bring the coastal vibe to your kitchen with these fresh ideas!

If you love vacations on the beach, I’m sure you’ve thought about ways to bring the coastal vibe into your home. There are many ways to do this – some ways will create an obvious beachy feel, while others will be more subtle.

Since the kitchen tends to be the most trafficked area of a house, particularly for guests, it is a great starting point. 

Use the Beach House Color Scheme 

Before the ideas, you must know that getting your kitchen to look like the rest of the beach house comes down to a lot of things but most of all – the color palette. 

Coastal décor ideas can vary from minimalistic to bold with a pop of color, but at the end of the day, a beach-inspired designer kitchen is styled with a coastal/beach wallpaper or painted with coastal vibe colors. 

The following are a few coastal color ideas you can use for inspiration when designing your kitchen. 

Beachy Blue and Green

This is the first on the list because; what’s the color of the ocean? It’s a mix of beach blue and green backsplash. Using these two colors for your coastal kitchen décor is the foundation to a complete beach kitchen look. You can use the beachy blue as a backdrop and the green for touches. However, it is always best to mix these colors with white, cream, or grey. 


Turquoise is the term used to refer to bluish-green or light greenish-blue. This color especially goes well with copper, marble, and stainless steel appliances. You can use turquoise for your cabinetry or your glassware. 

A modem and minimalist house by the sea interior with a turquoise accents.

Ocean Deep Blue

Dive deeper into the ocean and discover the wonders of the sea within your kitchen. Deep blue can be easily paired with white, light shades of blue, and gold. 


This is the final coastal kitchen color palette idea you can use for your beach interior design. Neutrals include beach sand brown, white, pastel colors, chrome, and so on. 

You can use these colors as paint on the wall, kitchen accessories, or flooring and art. 


A coastal kitchen cannot be complete without a backsplash. 

They are small parts of the wall that has a different coloring to bring in a distinct but pleasant contrast to the room. Backsplashes can be created with tiles, paints, wallpapers, and so on. 

You can use the above color palettes as inspirations for your wall backsplash. Other colors like gold, silver, chrome, yellow, grey, chocolate, beach-sand brown, and so on can also be great ideas for an awesome dream kitchen. 

15 Coastal Décor Ideas for Your Kitchen

1. Add Vintage Ceramic Tiles

Vintage and antique styles, especially ceramic and porcelain tiles, are great kitchen ideas to beach up the walls and floorings. You can use natural stone tiles for a start because they bring the life of the beach into your kitchen. You can also add natural textures to the tiles or bring in some old designs.

When it comes to colors, pick between white, grey, silver, brown, and other neutral colors.

A white kitchen using a minimalist yet classic ceramic tiles backsplash.

2. Shells on the Countertop

What’s a beach without seashells? Some people go to the beach only to pick out the beautiful crab and oyster shells. 

Homeowners can take advantage of this to decorate their counter and other parts of the room. Red crab shells make a fine pop of color on a white countertop and decorative seashells add a little flair to your kitchen. 

Beautiful orange and white shells on a kitchen table.

3. Use Pendant Lights

Every room needs light. Nothing can replace the beauty of natural light, but all kitchens still need light bulbs. 

Instead of sticking to the basic, common, ordinary light bulbs, try utilizing pendant lights. Not only are they functional since they allow you to see more clearly, but they also look so good. Experiment with different colors. 

Some ideas are gold lights with white background and aesthetic, copper, brown, and white aesthetic, silver and sand brown aesthetic. Darker shades can also be included like deep green, teal, turquoise, chocolate, blue, aqua, and so on. 

Two glass pendant lights hanging above a wooden shelf.

4. Wooden Stools

Tall stools always make a difference in a room, especially in a kitchen. If you have a dining table, spread out three to six tall wooden stools and see how it brings your cook room closer to how the rest of the beach house looks. 

If you have a bar, make sure to utilize wooden bar stools. These stools, either made from wood or other beachy finishes, liven up the room and give you that look and feel you are looking for. 

Mix of minimalist and industrial kitchen styling with a use of wooden stools.

5. Add Texture to the Room

Add depth to your wall with gradient paint, texture the walls with wall painting and drawings, or add natural features with wallpapers. 

Some wallpapers are like stones, while others are like sand. Change the room’s entire look and switch things up with a textured wall or floor. A fish scale tiled wall is another coastal kitchen décor idea. 

A very textured and vintage style hanging shelf cabinet.

6. Utilize Stripes

One of the most popular dressing styles for the beach is stripes. Why? It’s because the beach simply goes well with big stripes. 

White, black, or other color mixes are great coastal-style kitchen ideas for your decoration. You can use a deep blue, light blue striped rug as an under placement for your kitchen island dining room. 

A striped dry towel placed on chair beside the kitchen sink.

7. Invest in White Cabinetry

One way to give your kitchen a coastal vibe is by using white cabinetry. This will help to brighten up the space and make it feel airier and inviting. You can also use white cabinetry to create a contrast against darker countertops and backsplashes or stick to all-white to keep it clean-looking.

A very airy and bright kitchen with the use of white cabinetries and glass doors.

8. Use Wicker Baskets

If you’re looking to achieve a coastal look in your home, wicker baskets are the way to go. Wicker is a great material because it’s lightweight and can easily be moved around. Plus, it’s a natural fiber that will add some texture to your kitchen.

Their woven aesthetic gives any room a beachy vibe, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. You can use these wicker baskets to organize your kitchen gadgets and keep your kitchen neat.

Two wicker baskets and a dried palm leaf as decors.

9. Beach Up Your Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are more functional than aesthetic. You never know when you need to clean up stains from off your counter or when you need to wipe your hands clean. But it is always advisable to have plenty of them. 

Differentiate the towels with different beach aesthetics. You can use prints, colors, patterns, or art to design the towels. 

White and gray stripes dry cloth at the wooden table.

10. Flowers! Especially Lilies

Flowers are also great decor ideas that’s bring your coastal kitchen to life. Lilies, tulips, sunflowers, and other brightly colored flowers are all great flowers to consider. You can buy them live or even occasionally utilize faux plants if you do not have a green thumb.

Plants obviously need sunlight to survive, so keep them near your window. You can also keep one as a centerpiece on your countertop and occasionally rotate the plant back closer to the window so it gets the sunlight it needs

A rattan serving cart with a beautiful flower and vase and glasses.

11. Rattan is a Green Alternative

Rattan is another great décor that goes well for a beach-themed kitchen. Using the material for pendant lights, as an item of furniture, or a pretty backsplash will completely tune up the look of the coastal room. 

Table setup using black and rattan colors and textures.

12. Beach Kitchen with Water Views

There are many ways to add water views to your kitchen. A small aquarium is a start. All you need to do is add a few attractive fishes and you’ll see how beautiful the room will become. 

Another idea is to add a large beach–water view wallpaper to the wall. Placing the wallpaper behind your stove can make it seem like you’ll be cooking on water. 

A gallery wall of summer and beach photos.

13. Art up your Refrigerator, Cabinet, and Tableware

Dot leave your refrigerator out of the fun. Stickers and photos of your best beach locations can make a difference. You can also give your cabinet glass or wooden finish with colorful tableware to pop up the room. 

A kitchen receiving natural lighting, large walls and high celing.

14. Add Wood

Furniture made from wood, upper cabinets, and tables easily incorporate into a coastal style. Don’t forget hardwood floors too. 

A special breakfast nook table, with many wooden elements.

15. Don’t Leave Out the Dishes

Dishes, glassware, cutleries, and other cooking appliances can also be themed up with the beach look. Ceramic plates can be designed with beach prints. Having them also in plain colors like light grey, white, cream, teal, blue, and green is not out of the question.

Clean and dry assorted plates and dishes.
Emily Haynes
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