8 Moody Kitchen Ideas

Moody kitchens are perfect for the modern interior design aesthetic. How can you create a moody design?

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where you try out new recipes, bake cookies for an at-home movie night, and it’s likely the first place you go in the morning as the smell of coffee draws you in. 

Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one in a loft apartment, you can create a unique space that you’ll love coming home to. Creating a moody kitchen is all about bringing in elements that you have a connection with.  

This could be your chance to take this ordinary space and make it completely unique and inviting. With a little bit of paint, updated fixtures, and added textures, you can create the moody kitchen of your dreams. 

Before you get started, consider laying out your ideas on paper to make sure you have a cohesive design. You’ll want to have a plan going into this transformation to ensure your unique elements and designs aren’t overshadowing or clashing with each other. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Minimalistic kitchen with dark gray interior

1. Choose a Deep Color

The best way to create a moody kitchen is with a deep and rich color. Whether you add that color to the countertops, walls, or cabinets is up to you. Adding a deep navy blue or a dark Forrest green color will give you the freedom to add contrasting and cohesive decor and accents.  

A great way to add color is with the cabinets. You can paint them yourself to save money, and they’ll still come out looking great. If you’re hesitant about adding a dark color, you can paint just the uppers or the lower cabinets to break up your space without making it too dark. 

If you love your existing cabinets, consider painting the walls instead! This will still allow you to have a cozy and intimate feeling without adding a dark color to your cabinet doors. 

White and green built in cabinets for kitchen

2. Create Contrast 

If you’re looking to create a moody kitchen that doesn’t feel overwhelming or too dark, create some areas of contrast. A great way to do this is using light-colored countertops to break up the dark cabinets or dark walls. 

If you use a white marble or light color granite countertop, you can have dark cabinets without your space feeling cave-like or uninviting. The light countertop will act as a great contrast to the dark colors you have in other areas. It also defines the separate sections and elements of this space.

Don’t forget about your trim! You can carry the same color that was used on your cabinets to the trim. This creates a great contrasting moment and helps the space feel complete.

A very large kitchen island in the middle of a classic white kitchen

3. Add Texture 

Adding texture can change the tone of any room. If you’re looking to create a moody kitchen that doesn’t feel too sterile or cold, add some texture! 

Using subway tiles as the backsplash instead of a single sheet of marble or granite will create a lovely pattern and add much-needed texture to your space. You can incorporate the traditional subway pattern or turn the tiles to create a beautiful herringbone pattern. 

If you don’t like the look of tile on your backsplash, consider adding decor items like a wooden cutting board or incorporate leather accents to make your space feel authentic while adding a masculine touch. 

Yellowish wooden floor against a white subway kitchen tiles

4. Incorporate Bold Accents

A fun way to complete your moody kitchen is with bold accents. This is your chance to really have fun with this space and show your personality. Gold accents and finishes are a great way to highlight deep colors like navy blue or dark green. 

The gold becomes a focal point and looks great in contrast to your dark and mysterious colors. You can choose gold hardware on the cabinets, a gold faucet, or gold accents on the light fixtures. 

If gold isn’t your style, you can use bronze or stainless steel to give your space a finishing touch that looks great. Don’t be afraid to mix and match two different finishes! This is a great space to experiment with multiple accent styles while highlighting the emotion and personality of this room.

Dark modern kitchen with black cabinetries

5. Lighten It Up With Decor 

If you love the look of dark cabinets and you also have a dark wall color, you can brighten up this space with light-colored decor. Adding fresh plants or fruit is always a great way to add vibrant colors to your room without compromising your interior style. 

Whether you have a mix of light and dark cabinets, black countertops, or a completely moody pallet, you can always lighten things up with decor. Consider adding a white vase with fresh flowers or a light-colored wood bowl with fresh lemons and limes. 

Simple elements will brighten up your space in a huge way. Keeping your decor elements in natural colors will help balance this space and look great!

A modern white and minimalistic kitchen finish

6. Consider the Flooring 

A vital design element that’s often neglected in the flooring. Creating a moody kitchen that flows and feels complete requires the correct flooring. There are many options to choose from, and this could be a great way to bring your own design elements or personality into this space. 

If you’re looking for a statement flooring option, consider going with the traditional checkerboard pattern. You can use white and black tiles or keep things dark by using black and gray tiles instead. This will give you contrast, movement, and a classic design. 

If you prefer the look of hardwood floors, consider staining them with a dark gray or black stain. This will help your space feel balanced and complete, and if you have existing hardwoods, you can do this yourself and save money!

Black and white kitchen interior with a chess tile flooring

7. Add Unique Light Fixtures 

Finding a fun antique or unique light fixture will be the perfect addition to your moody kitchen. You can add a light fixture with the same finish as your cabinet hardware or use a contrasting finish to make the space interesting. 

To match the vibes of this kitchen, try to find something industrial with exposed metal or black finishes with exposed light bulbs. The industrial style will look great with dark colors, and if you can find vintage fixtures, you’ll add some history and authenticity to this area.  

A large white kitchen island with geometrical overhead light fixture

8. Choose Bold Countertops

If you’re going for a bold and moody kitchen, let your countertops become a statement piece. A single slab of marble or a waterfall edge countertop would create a dramatic effect and look great in this space. 

Adding a white marble with dark veins would create contrast and look fantastic. If you have light cabinets and you want the countertops to be your dark element, you can incorporate unique concrete countertops or choose a dark color marble to create a statement in this space. 

You can have fun with this element by using the same material for your backsplash or choosing contrasting colors to help enhance the moody vibes.

Modern and chic kitchen aesthetic with marble countertops
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