6 Birthday Table Decoration Ideas for Adults

So much of a birthday party is centered around a table. How can you decorate it to contribute to the joyous occasion?

Birthdays are a great opportunity to get family and friends together and spend quality time with your loved ones. As the years go on, it gets harder to have all of your favorite people together since they have their own families and responsibilities. One of the main occasions that can still bring your loved ones together is your birthday! 

Since this is likely one of the few times a year you’ll have all of your favorite people together, you’ll want to make sure your decorations are on point. It seems like it gets harder to decorate for birthdays as the years go on, but there are a few ways to make this a simple and fun task. 

Instead of going overboard with party favors and banners, consider keeping it simple and letting your table decor draw everyone’s eyes. It’s a space where your family and friends will gather around, making it a purposeful spot to place your decorations. 

Here are a few ideas to get your simple but elegant party started! 

1. Use Real Tableware 

Plastic plates and forks are great, and they’re certainly easy on the wallet, but if you want to make a good impression on your loved ones and keep things elegant, try to use real plates, silverware, and bowls. 

This will instantly upgrade your party and make the table feel like an official place to celebrate. You can bring out the good china from your cabinet or grab a set of dishware for the specific occasion. Adding cloth napkins will also help your party feel like a sophisticated place to celebrate. 

You’ll have the opportunity to keep the dishware and use it for other occasions and holidays, making it a good investment. Consider choosing neutral or pastel colors so you will have an easy time matching them with the theme of other parties. 

Party reception hall blue and white decor

2. Add Earthy Elements 

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or outdoors, using earthy elements is a great way to incorporate natural style and keep things sophisticated. It’s not a difficult look to achieve, and chances are, you already have items around the house that can be repurposed for your party. 

Using a length of burlap to go in the middle of the table instead of a runner is a great option. It’s a neutral color, which means you can tie in any other color you want, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s an inexpensive fabric, so if you have multiple tables, you can get a whole roll for just a few dollars. 

Pair it with white or tan-colored plates and napkins, and add some small string lights or lanterns to have an “under the stars” theme. 

Plates and cutleries setup in a party table

3. Incorporate Fresh Flowers 

Fresh plants and flowers are always a great addition to any get-together. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or holiday, they’re the perfect addition to your party. You can keep things simple or get creative with fresh flowers. 

If you have a specific color scheme that you’re going for, this is a great opportunity to use natural elements to tie in colors. Depending on the season, you can find flowers of almost any color. This allows you to incorporate your favorite colors to your birthday effortlessly. 

Try to use glass vases so you can admire all parts of the flower or plants. The glass vases will look great with any theme or color scheme. You can tie ribbon or burlap around them to add more color or keep things interesting! 

Fresh flower arrangement as table centerpiece

4. Consider a Unique Tablecloth 

Not all events call for a simple white tablecloth. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to find a unique tablecloth that will help you celebrate a birthday in a unique way. Consider using a different material than the typical white plastic tablecloths that only last for a single use. 

You can even keep this cost-efficient by making your own out of your desired materials. Using denim, for example, is a great way to use a hardy but unique material for a tablecloth. It’s still simple but adds more style to the party, and it’s easy to clean if you make a mess. 

You can use any material you want if you have the supplies to make a few cuts and stitches in the right spot. If you don’t like the look of full tablecloths, you can even use materials like denim to make runners for rectangle or round tables. 

Flower centerpiece party table

5. Make it Bright and Airy 

One of the best ways to decorate for any occasion is bright and airy colors. This looks great in any setting but especially stands out if your party is outside. The white and bright colors look great against the backdrop of nature, and it gives the party a beautiful contrast.  

You can use glass vases with flowers, white tablecloths, and small amounts of greenery as a centerpiece. Incorporate small items like white starfish and sand dollars (or whatever items will fit the theme of your party). Keeping things simple is the key here because you don’t want it to feel too sterile or overwhelming. 

Adding in soft colors like baby blue or pink can help make this style feel personal but still seem bright and sophisticated. You can even add streamers and blow-up lanterns to make the occasion feel more festive and fun!

Wedding white table setup parties

6. Add Different Textures

A great way to add different dimensions to your party is by adding textured placemats or centerpieces to your table. It’s a great addition to any birthday party, and using a neutral color texture like wicker allows you to bring in other colors as well. 

You can dress it up with beautiful coral pink accents or keep it all earthy by adding soft green elements. The placemats will create a break in soft materials and the sleek table, making it a great way to decorate for your birthday. 

They’re also inexpensive and sturdy, which means you can use them for other occasions throughout the years. Whether you’re celebrating inside or outside, don’t forget to spice it up with various textures. 

Beach dining setups at parties
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