5 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen walls can be both functional and decorative. Don’t let your walls go to waste.

The kitchen is the heart of your house, and it is typically where your family gathers to celebrate.

Having an updated kitchen does not always imply replacing old appliances with costly new ones. It might be as easy as changing up your accessories.

This place represents family and affection, so the decorations in this space should reflect that.

Keep these few pointers in mind before editing this space.

Match the Style of the Rest of Your House   

Even though this room is unlike any other in your house, it should nevertheless complement the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Try to keep the color palette consistent with the rest of your home’s decor. This will make your kitchen feel like a natural extension of your home and will give you the impression that it belongs in with the rest of your living area.

You want this place to feel warm and inviting since it signifies family and love. Ideas from HGTV can be a fantastic place to start, but you’ll want to customize this room.

Use hand-made or hand-drawn images and paintings, as well as decorations and furniture passed down through your family.

You’ll be able to mix and match trendy and sophisticated accessories with personal and significant ones.

Keep Your Space Cozy and Personal 

Displaying your children’s artwork or family photos is a terrific way to make this the ideal gathering area. When you entertain family and friends, you want your kitchen to be welcoming and pleasant.

Making this a personal area will link you to others while also bringing your family and a sense of pride.

Incorporating personal items does not entail abandoning the overall style and flow of your home.

Getting ideas from HGTV or other home improvement websites is a great place to start, but you must be cautious or your home may feel cold and sterile.

5 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas  

1. Incorporate Color 

If you have crisp white cabinets or neutral colors on your countertops and cabinet doors, you can incorporate colors on the walls. 

Keeping a clean color palate on your cabinets and countertops can be achieved by incorporating colorful decor on the walls, such as a vintage red clock or an oil painting with greens and blues.

Using the wall as your main area with color will help your kitchen still feel crisp and clean while incorporating a touch of your own style and flair. 

Carry over colors from the rest of your house into this space. If you have shades of green in every other room in the house, try to use shades of green in this space. 

Remember to keep this space personal by using hand-made drawings or decorations from your kids or family members to make this space feel unique and personal.

A kitchen with red interior accents.

2. Use Texture on the Walls

A great way to add depth and movement to the kitchen is by using textures on the wall. This can also be an inexpensive way to add fresh decorations that hugely affect the space. 

Find a shallow woven basket and hang it up to add depth and texture in one piece. These can be found at antique stores and second-hand stores and are usually very inexpensive. 

You could also use woven placemats on your table and have hooks for them to hang up while they’re not in use, and this gives them functional and decorative purposes.

Displaying textured decors on a plain wall.

 3. Use Open Shelving 

One of the best ways to add decorations to the kitchen wall is using open-shelving or floating shelves. 

This option is great for having beautiful wall decor while also serving a functional purpose. It allows you to display your dishware and eliminate big and bulky cabinets. 

You’ll have to be organized if you do choose this option, but it’s a great way to add a fun and modern twist on storing your dishes. 

Open shelving against a plain wall.

4. Get Creative With Your Backsplash 

If picking out wall decor is not your thing, choose a fun backsplash to go in multiple areas. 

Many people think a fun and colorful backsplash can only go behind the stove or in one area. Use a colorful backsplash or a tile with a unique shape to bring movement and color into this space. 

You can use the backsplash behind the stove, and it can also be used as an accent in other parts of the kitchen, like above the sink. 

There are unlimited options for finding the perfect tile as a backsplash, and you can even have these handmade to fit the style of the rest of your home perfectly. 

Patterns and textures incorporated on kitchen backsplash.

5. Mix Your Metals 

Don’t be afraid to mix the metals in your kitchen. If you have chrome or gold finishes on your appliances, you can mix rustic and antique-style metals by adding decorations to the walls.

Some people stay away from mixing metals, but it can be done in a very elegant way. 

Incorporate vintage metal signs or artifacts from your family or second-hand stores and use them as accessories. This will bring authenticity and texture to your space without clashing with your current styles. 

This can also create a more “lived-in” feeling instead of having everything brand-new, which can make you feel like you’re at a restaurant.

Mixed metals like pots and pans as a decorative pieces.
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