12 Coffee Station Ideas

Coffee stations help you start your day. What are some ideas to decorate your coffee station?

Waking up to the smell of freshly made coffee is a great way to start the day. Whether you sip one cup of coffee in the mornings or need the whole pot, having a designated coffee station can make your mornings a breeze. Before establishing a specific space, consider your needs. 

If you love coffee and tea equally, consider making a multipurpose area to serve all of your needs or offer a different hot drink to your guests when they visit. If you have an awkward wasted space in the kitchen or breakfast nook, try to build something to fit that space and serve a functional purpose. 

Once you know how and when you’ll use the area, you can start to get creative. Here are a few ideas to inspire your favorite morning routine. 

1. Use a Corner of the Counter 

The corner of the counter is usually a tricky area to use. The shape makes it hard to fit most appliances, and the location makes it hard to store large or bulky decor. Before counting this a wasted space, consider placing your coffee maker and a few mugs in this area. 

Whether you have a Keurig or a traditional machine, you can use the corner to store your appliance and get practical use out of an awkward space. Remember to keep this space clutter-free to prevent it from feeling like an intrusion into your cooking space. 

a coffee maker with a few white cups

2. Use a Rolling Cart

Rolling carts have many purposes and can be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether your home is an industrial loft, French-inspired cottage, or a farmhouse-style ranch, a rolling cart in the kitchen is a practical addition for extra space. 

With a rolling cart, you can keep the coffee maker and mugs on the top shelf and stock the bottom with K-cups, sugar, syrups, and anything else you might need for your perfect cup of joe. When you need extra floor space or have guests over, you can roll the cart to a different location or hide it in the pantry. 

a small silver coffee maker

3. Display Your Mugs 

Whether you have a unique mug collection or a cute matching set, displaying them above your coffee maker is a great way to add color, texture, and style to your space. You can keep it eclectic and display mix-matched mugs or keep it simple and sleek with a matching neutral set. 

You can hang them from a wall rack or build a small shelving unit to help you show off each one. Keep your display on theme with the rest of your home, making it cohesive with your specific design style. 

bunch of different mugs designs

4. Built-In Espresso Machine 

If you have the opportunity to make changes to an area of your kitchen, consider installing a built-in espresso machine. This is a great option for coffee lovers who use their devices daily and love making unique lattes. 

Choose an area of counter space you won’t mind losing, choose your favorite type of machine, and install a drip catch on the counter below. With your new installation, you can make any type of coffee and easily clean up any mess. 

This idea takes a bit more planning and money than the other options, but if you have multiple people in the house who love drinking coffee, it’s a great way to enhance your skills and get your daily dose of caffeine. 

simple built in espresso machine

5. Keep It Hidden in the Pantry 

Having a large walk-in pantry is great for many reasons. Consider hiding a coffee station in the pantry if your counter space is full. This is a great option if you store your K-cups, filters, and syrups in the pantry because it keeps everything in one convenient location. 

You’ll still have all the perks of waking up to the smell of coffee, but you won’t have to rearrange appliances to get more counter space every time you make a cup of joe!

6. Use the Buffet Table

Buffet tables are a beautiful addition to any dining room, but they often go unused unless you’re hosting a dinner party. Consider using your buffet table as a coffee station to maximize your kitchen and counter space. 

The shape of the buffet table is perfect for holding your machine, mugs, and sugar, and since they usually have cabinets underneath, you can hide everything when you are hosting a dinner party. It’s a great use of space and keeps your kitchen clutter-free!

displaying decorative plants in kitchen

7. Make It Modern 

Regardless of interior design style, keeping things modern and sleek can enhance the look of your space. Consider making your coffee station modern by choosing elegant appliances and hiding things like mugs, sugar packets, and syrup. 

You can incorporate gold accents to take this space to the next level. Making this a clutter-free and sleek space can add sophistication and become your favorite morning destination.

a silver modern coffee maker

8. Make It Rustic 

Consider using this style for your coffee station if you like vintage things or the rustic look. Finding vintage machines or tools from antique shops and pairing them with neutral-colored mugs is a great way to achieve this look. 

You can use a chalkboard to write your favorite recipes and latte ingredients or just keep it simple with a rustic sign. Top this space off with butcher-block countertops or a wooden cart, and you’ve got yourself a cute way to start your day. 

coffee maker placed in front of the window

9. Utilize Wasted Space 

Wasted space in the kitchen can quickly become an eyesore and when you’re fighting for every inch of your countertops. Whether it’s an awkward gap in the corner of the countertops or a half-wall in the breakfast nook, you can add a fun and functional coffee station to help you start your morning. 

Using a rolling cart or building a shelving unit specifically for the space you need to fill is a great way to use your wasted space while making the perfect cup of joe. You can get creative and have fun with this idea. Just make sure to measure twice before cutting any materials!

shelving unit full of kitchen appliances

10. Create a Multipurpose Area

Creating a multipurpose area is important if you have coffee and tea lovers in your home. While finding a space large enough to incorporate all of your machines and tools might be tricky, it’s well worth it to create a one-stop shop. 

Since there are many similarities between the two types of drinks, you can minimize the use of space by finding waterpots and mugs that work with either type of hot drink. You can create contrast by using dark-colored mugs for coffee and light-colored mugs for tea or keep them all the same color to create an elegant drink station. 

gray kitchen area with light colored mugs

11. Repurpose Your China Cabinet 

Repurposing old furniture helps you save money and often helps you preserve family history. If you have an old china cabinet, consider turning off the doors, refinishing the material, and turning it into a stunning coffee station. With shelves already built-in, you can store your machines, tools, mugs, and anything else you might need to make the perfect latte. 

Instead of throwing away what was once rarely used, you’ll bring new life to an important piece of family furniture. You can even go to a local antique shop to find an old china cabinet and fix it to your needs if you don’t have one lying around. 

You’ll save counter space and have a completely unique way to start your morning with a cup of joe!

12. Build a Free-Standing Bar With Leftover Materials

Home projects often end with leftover materials that are hard to work with. You may have some extra lumber and metal lying around from repairs or new additions that could create an elegant coffee station. 

You can save money on materials and build a bar to fit in your space. Whether you create an open-shelving bar or a cart with cabinets on the bottom, you’ll give your machines and mugs a new home and save some countertop space in the process!

black style of coffee maker
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