10 Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas

Meta Description: Blue and gray bedrooms are very popular. What are some ways to use these two colors in your house?

After a long day, your bedroom should be a warm and welcoming space where you love spending time. Adding a pop of color to the bedroom can take an ordinary space and turn it into your oasis. Calming colors like blue and gray are welcoming and easy to decorate with. 

Painting the walls isn’t the only way to incorporate these soothing colors. If you want to keep the walls white, consider decor, accents, and unique bedding to add interest. Blue and gray will create a beautiful contrast with the white walls and give your space the calming effect it deserves. 

If you’re testing out color combinations or trying to find the perfect balance, consider using smaller decor pieces first, and then commit to bedspreads and rugs once you find your ideal shade. Here are a few great ideas to get you started!

1. Add a Pop of Color With Accents 

Choosing fun accents with a specific color can dramatically elevate a room. Consider using accents in items like chairs, benches, tables, lamps, and other light fixtures if you have neutral color walls. Instead of finding an all-blue or all-gray lamp, choose one with a neutral color base and a colored shade, or vice versa. 

Using accents to highlight a specific color keeps the area calm and makes the inclusion feel natural instead of forced. You can play around with this idea and get creative with your furniture or decor items.  

beautiful combination of colors of bedroom

2. Paint the Walls 

If you’re not afraid of color, consider painting your walls. Choosing a soothing shade for your walls is a great way to introduce a calming and welcoming factor to your bedroom. It’s likely the first thing you’ll notice when you walk in, so make sure you test out the color before fully committing. 

Using color on the wall allows you to choose neutral decors like tan chairs, brown tables, and white bedspreads. With blue or gray walls, your space will feel like a spa and help you relax after a long day. 

soothing shade blue style of bedroom

3. Use Your Bedding To Make a Statement 

Your bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in the room, making it one of the first things you see when you open the door. Choosing fun bedding with soothing colors is a great way to enhance this space and make you feel like you’re stepping into an oasis. 

Try to incorporate different textures like silk, velvet, and cotton in this space to add contrast and interest. Remember, bedding goes beyond the sheets and the bedspread. Adding throw pillows and blankets to fit your color scheme can enhance this space and help it feel cozy from the moment you walk through the door.

dark blue bedroom with silk blankets and pillows

4. Incorporate Fun Decor

Whether you’re looking to keep things simple or make a statement, the right decor can complete your space. Choosing a large painting with your desired colors or finding a lamp in the perfect shade of blue can take your area from boring to sophisticated. 

Try to find practical decor like paintings, tables, lamps, and light fixtures to prevent cluttered spaces. Adding too many pieces in one area or overloading the bedroom with knick-knacks can have the opposite effect and make the space feel crowded and cold.

beautiful big painting inside the bedroom

5. Create an Accent Wall 

Using a bold color on one wall is a great way to make a statement while adding your desired color. Choosing a deep blue or a charcoal gray for an accent wall can prevent the space from feeling too dark while adding charm and a personal touch. 

Pair the accent wall with light-colored shelves or neutral color bedding to break up the space and help it really pop. The contrasting colors make the wall stand out and, at the same time, tone it down so the area doesn’t feel too cave-like. 

You can always incorporate colored decor items throughout the space to match the color on the wall and add functionality to your area. 

beautiful nightstand decorations beside bed

6. Pair Colors With Neutral Accents 

Neutral accents are a great way to make a room feel cozy and welcoming. Using tan lamps, white tables, and leather accents add sophistication to your space and perfectly pair with blue and gray bedrooms. This breaks up deeper colors and prevents small spaces from feeling too dark. 

If you like to keep things simple, consider using neutral colors in areas like the bedframe and light fixtures. This prevents the need for extra decor and adds functionality to your space. 

plain white and brown theme of bedroom

7. Don’t Forget About Rugs 

Area rugs are a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom. With so many options, including size, shape, and color, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your space! If most of your room is neutral and light, consider choosing a rug with a deep blue or dark gray color. 

Adding color to the floor will catch your eyes and help the space feel complete. It’s a great way to add contrast to white walls, and you can always switch them up if they get dirty or you’re ready for something new. 

big blue rug under the bed

8. Utilize Unique Light Fixtures 

Light fixtures can drastically change the look and feel of a room. Adding unique light fixtures from antique shops, estate sales, or custom ordering fixtures can help you create the relaxing bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. If the majority of the room is neutral, consider finding a deep blue light fixture or crystal blue chandelier. 

If most of the room already uses bold colors, use neutral shades or fun textures in the light fixtures to add contrast. Try to keep the fixtures as functional as possible to add light in areas that need it most. 

9. Keep a Coastal Theme 

Coastal interiors already incorporate blues and grays, making this a great option if you live on the coast or find yourself yearning for the water. Choosing a light bedspread and adding blue pillows and a gray blanket is one easy way to achieve this look. 

Adding to the coastal theme, try to find wicker finishes like lamps, bed frames, and even unique light fixtures. The neutral colors mixed with the moody shades will create a balance similar to one found on the beach. 

empty bed with two white and blue pillows

10. Make It Modern 

You can take an ordinary or out-of-date space and make it modern by adding silver or gold accents and incorporating fun textures. If you want a modern and sophisticated moody room, add a deep color to the wall and mix it with items like a large silver wall mirror, gold lamps, and a bronze chandelier. 

Choose your favorite metal finish or add interest to the space by mixing metals. Either way, adding elements that shine and incorporate sophistication will make the bedroom feel like a modern oasis. 

a beautiful modern bedroom design
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