Pantone Greenery: Information and 10 Design Ideas

Pantone Greenery won the color of the year in 2017. How can you use this lively color in your house?

Every year, Pantone names a certain color of the year that represents current trends, happenings, and the overall feel of the year. In 2017, Greenery was named the color of the year.

Per Pantone, “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.”

Greenery’s allure stems from its connection to nature and its sense of rebirth and renewal. Pantone describes it as “nature’s neutral, a versatile trans-seasonal shade that lends itself to many color combinations.”

While this was the color of the year in 2017, it’s still widely used today and could be the perfect addition to any interior design style. 

Color Description

Greenery is represented by the hexadecimal color code #88b04b. It is made up of 53.33 percent red, 69.02 percent green, and 29.41 percent blue in the RGB color model. It’s  #8b04b in the HSL color space and has a hue of 84° (degrees), 40% saturation, and 49% lightness. The wavelength of this color is approximately 562.1nm. 

It’s closely related to sage green, being a perfectly neutral shade of green. It’s not too light and not too dark, and it’s got almost a pastel look to it. If you’re looking for a soothing and calm color to incorporate into your home to match your current decor, Greenery is your color.

Using any color in your home can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you plan to use it for large pieces of furniture or wall color. Here are 10 ideas to incorporate this beautiful and soothing color into your home. 

10 Design Ideas

1. Accent Chairs 

Consider using accent chairs if you’re ready to incorporate a brilliant color into your space, but you’re not quite ready to use a full sofa or wall of color. They’re extremely functional because they provide your room with additional seating, and they give you the chance to bring in a pop of color. 

You can incorporate a fun accent chair in the living room, bedroom, or in a small reading nook. Using the color Greenery will look great with homes that have a farmhouse style, industrial style, or mid-century modern style. 

Finding a velvet accent chair in this color will create a more dramatic effect and make the accent chair stand out in your space. You can throw a white blanket over it to tone it down or add a fun throw pillow to help it come to life.  

Green sofa accent chair living room

2. Throw Pillows

Whether you need a pop of color in the bedroom or you want to tone down a colored sofa in the living room, throw pillows can help you out. They’re a great addition to a bed, sofa, or accent chair. 

If you’re looking to carry a specific color throughout the home but don’t want it to feel overwhelming or too obvious, incorporate the color in throw pillows. Using pillows with the color Greenery can be a great addition to your neutral color bedding, a leather accent chair, or a creamy white couch. 

It adds a pop of color that you’re carrying throughout the house in a subtle and authentic way. If you’re using the color for large pieces of furniture like the sofa or accent chair, try to pair contrasting colored throw pillows. 

Adding a pink throw pillow to a Greenery-colored sofa will create a lovely contrast without seeming too dramatic, but it will help break up the sofa’s vibrant color. 

Different patterns and colors living room throw pillows

3. Modern Elements 

The perfect way to decorate and accessorize with this color is with modern accents and decor. Sleek furniture, gold finishes, stone accents, and leather would pair perfectly with Greenery. The natural color matches with various other colors and could easily be played down or dressed up. 

Using modern elements with this color allows for a more sophisticated look, and it can instantly update your space. Adding a few abstract pieces to the coffee table and using floating shelves can give your space subtle but significant modern touches. 

Of course, you can always add fresh plants or flowers to any room while using this color. The plants and flowers will pair perfectly with the sophisticated color and help the space feel renewed.

Classic and timeless decor pieces living  room

4. Green Sofa

Using a colored sofa can be scary, especially if you have a small living area. If you’re ready to take the next step and create a beautiful statement living room, add a sofa in the color of Greenery. 

You can use white, tan, or brown throw pillows to go with it to soften the color and bright light accents into the room. Throw pillows can make a huge difference and could either make this look more dramatic or distract from the unusual sofa color. 

Regardless of the room size, if you’re using a deep and sophisticated color like this one, you don’t want to clutter up the rest of the room. Try to find a small coffee table or end tables, minimal decor, and of course, liven the room up with fresh plants! 

Green sofa with large houseplants

5. Dining Chairs 

The dining room is a great place to add unexpected pops of color. It’s typically a room where the family gathers, talks about their day and learns more about each other. Although uncommon, it’s a great space to add color and contribute to the room’s mood.  

Adding Greenery chairs in the dining room keeps the space neutral and calming but brings in an unexpected element. The color reminds of natural elements and restoration and lends well to narrow rooms like the shape of a typical dining room.  

Whether it’s closed off or in an open floor concept, adding color to the dining room can add class and sophistication. Pair them with a light-wood table and add simple modern decor to complete the room. 

wooden dining table and velvet green dining chairs

6. In the Kitchen

A room that also gets overlooked when it comes to adding specific colors or decor is the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house, so it should carry the same style and color schemes as the rest of your home. 

To make this color fluid throughout the entire home, you can incorporate it in the kitchen. Using kitchen chairs, bar stools, or colored plates and coffee mugs can help you achieve this.  

Whether you have a bright white kitchen or a mid-century wooden kitchen, you can use small accents and decor to bring Greenery into your space elegantly and naturally. Adding small plants to the kitchen will complement the color and help your space feel fresh and inviting. 

Modern farmhouse kitchen and dining space

7. Colored Flooring 

If you’re looking for a fun and unexpected way to add color to your space, paint your floors! You have almost unlimited opportunities if you have hardwood floors because you can paint them any color you wish. 

If you’re looking for cost-efficient ways to incorporate Greenery into your space, painting your floors could be a great option. Hardwood floors can be easily painted, meaning you can find a bucket or two of paint and completely transform your space. 

You don’t have to paint the entire floor of the house. Even just painting a hallway or the floor of the mudroom can transform this space. If possible, pair it with light-colored walls and some floating wooden shelves to make this a truly dramatic effect.

House hallway with lime green flooring

8. Make it Moody 

Using dramatic colors on the walls can completely change the tone of the room. If you have a bold color sofa, you can pair it with a dark wall like a deep navy blue. It gives the room a different tone and vibe but makes it feel sophisticated and elegant. 

For small rooms, it’s important to use light accents and natural elements along with darker colors. This prevents the space from feeling too small or cave-like.  

You can use a dramatic coffee table and large plants to fill the space with meaningful accents for larger rooms. It’s important to keep the space clutter-free and use modern touches to achieve a moody room. 

Green checkerboard pattern flooring tiles living room
Haymes Colour Forecast 2014. Styled by Ruth Welsby, Photography by Martina Gemmola.

9. Subtle Hints

Homes with a cohesive and specific style don’t need a complete overhaul. If your house has natural light colors, you can add subtle hints of Greenery to your space. This allows your current style and theme to stay but gives you the chance to add a fun pop of color. 

You can use a floor rug or bath towels to incorporate a specific color in the bathroom. It saves you from having to paint the entire room, and especially if paired with white walls, it can still have a dramatic effect. 

For bedrooms or living rooms, you can use throw pillows or soft blankets to contrast with light-colored furniture. A throw blanket on a soft white sofa or even on a leather sofa will add a lovely touch, and it’s functional! 

Of course, fresh plants and flowers can be added to any room of the house and can make a huge difference. They can bring out the color of your accents and make your space feel inviting and connected to nature. 

small white bathroom with green accents and elements

10. Fresh Foliage 

You can incorporate this brilliant color into your home without buying any paint or decor. Using fresh foliage will give you the color you want, which means you don’t have to worry about painting the wall or finding a sofa with the right shade of green. 

Whether you like small succulents or large plants that almost touch the ceiling, they’ll be a great addition to your space. Fresh foliage always helps a room feel open and natural. It’s a calming presence and a great investment if you have the patience for them. 

You can use smaller plants on the coffee table or shelves and use floor pots for larger plants. Painting the pots allows you to add contrasting colors to the plants, bringing different layers to your space.  

assorted houseplant in the corner beside the window

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