14 Office Bedroom Ideas

Make sure your home office set up makes you happy. Are you optimizing your space and keeping it professional?

Having a dedicated workstation in our homes has progressed from a luxury to a necessity. Whether you’re working from home or working on your household budget, a peaceful home office environment can help you focus and be more productive.

The problem is that many of us don’t have a lot of extra space to spare. However, this does not rule out the possibility of setting up a modest office, and we don’t need to look any further than the solitude of our bedrooms to locate the ideal location.

You may be looking around your bedroom and thinking that there is no way you could fit an office in there with all of the other furnishings. Even if you don’t have a large master bedroom or a spare bedroom, there are plenty of fun and trendy ways to create a functional, organized, and professional office.

If you’ve been waiting for inspiration, the bedroom office ideas we’ve gathered will inspire you to design the home office space you’ve always desired. You’ll be prepared for every teleconference or job that is assigned to you.

Before we get into the specific ideas with examples, let’s first go over some fundamental concepts.

Optimization of Space is Crucial 

No matter the size of your bedroom, taking advantage of every square inch is vital. It will make your office feel more large while also making it more functional.

It simply takes a few little changes, from the size of the furniture you choose to how you arrange each item, to rapidly make your workstation feel larger. This subject will appear regularly in our suggestions below.

A functional bedroom office corner

Storage, Storage, Storage

It’s difficult to feel creative in a busy workplace, and clutter might keep you from putting your all to your task. Storage is one of the most important aspects to consider while designing your bedroom offices.

You can easily become overwhelmed if you don’t have enough storage.

Lighting Makes a Big Difference

Lighting is an aspect of a bedroom office that is frequently overlooked, but having the right lighting will make your place sing. Having a properly lighted room may make your area feel professional and inviting, whether you’re staring at a screen all day or attending teleconferences. Furthermore, it may save your eyes a lot of strain.

Make it Your Own Space

It makes no difference if your office is a little bedroom in an apartment or a large room in a large country estate; it should always reflect who you are.

While you may want to make the aspects of your bedroom office that still act as a bedroom inconspicuous to individuals who join your online meetings, you can integrate the room’s roles without sacrificing your taste.

Consider positioning your workplace table so that it is not directly opposite your bed. If you need to use your camera for Zoom meetings, your colleagues will not be looking at your bed.

Get Creative With It

It’s your bedroom office and you can take things are far as you want them to go. Many home office designs take things to the next level. If you’re the DIY type, you might want to give them a little thought. 

14 Design Ideas for Your Office Bedroom

1. Avoid Bulky Furniture

One of the easiest ways to increase the space in your room is to stay away from heavier furniture. When you use bulky desks, chairs, and beds, you’re taking up the vital floor space you need in a bedroom/office combo room. Instead, opt for lightweight pieces that open up the room. 

Small but comfortable table

2. Dual Function Furniture

For the simplest fixes, you can make your nightstand or side table double as a desk, install a floating desk, or turn an unused corner into your workspace with a floating shelf or a wall-hugging table. There are also a lot of great desk-and-shelf combos that might do the trick. 

3. Consider Downsizing Existing Pieces

If you want to go even further, many bedroom office users opt for a smaller daybed or a sofa bed that can be folded away to instantly create a different room. Others have gone as far as purchasing a laptop so that clunky desktops are not getting in the way. There are also plenty of portable, folding desks on the market that can be stored away when you’re finished using them. 

A small existing red bed

4. Shelving

You can spend an unlimited amount of money on custom shelving units, but there are plenty of alternatives. From cost-effective floating shelves to desk and shelf combos that utilize the height of your room, adding shelves doesn’t have to be a bulky affair. 

Sleek and streamlined versions are available from any home office store at prices that might surprise you. 

Desk with functional shelving

5. Baskets and Containers

You’ve heard the phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” And once you’ve chosen the right shelves, all of the office supplies you need to have in storage will have a home. Baskets and coordinating canvas containers are inexpensive storage solutions that make sure every pen and file has a place to live. 

Storage baskets and organizational containers

6. Find Storage in Unexpected Places

When you look around your bedroom to create an office, take a second to search from those nooks and crannies that are going unused. Do you have dresser drawers that can be consolidated? Is there space under your bed to slide a couple of containers? Is there room underneath your desk or in a closet for a file cabinet? 

The longer you look, the more storage space you’ll be able to find. You might have to think outside the box, grow vertically, or purge your clothes, but the extra storage will make you glad that you did. The more organized and clean your space feels, the more you’ll look forward to sitting behind your computer each day. 

A simple white table

7. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light goes a long way in fighting blue light glare, plus it’s a simple way to keep the pep in our steps. Even small windows can be exposed to bring a lot of light into our workspaces, but there’s a trick to it that goes beyond opening the curtains.

Rather than staring out the window or placing your desk directly across from the room from one, experts recommend placing our desks alongside a window. While sitting in front of a window might be distracting, placing a screen across from a window can cause an unneeded glare. It can also make it hard for others to see you when you’re teleconferencing. 

BA well lit desk corner

8. Choose the Right Artificial Light

That vintage desk lamp you’ve had your eye on might look perfect for your bedroom office, but it might not be the best choice for your lighting needs. Office lighting needs to be bright but diffused, and it’s important to choose a table lamp that can make you look your best without blinding you or obscuring the view of your screen. 

Thankfully, many designers have taken this dilemma into consideration. A quick internet search or walk around your favorite store will offer you many choices. In addition to stylish desk lamps, many decorative light features can provide just the right amount of light.

Rights sized desk lamp

9. Try a Neutral Paint Color

If you’re still not satisfied with the amount of light in your office after exploring both types of lighting, the solution could be as simple as painting your walls. 

Darker paint colors absorb light and create a dulling effect. On the other hand, lighter, neutral colors reflect light and make your home office space feel brighter. It’s inexpensive, you can do it in an afternoon, and you’ll immediately notice the difference. 

Plain and Neutral Pain color

10. Marry the Decor

Just because you’re using your bedroom as an office, it doesn’t mean that you have split the room into two different spaces. For maximum coziness, make your bedroom office combo flow seamlessly by carrying the existing decor over into the designated office space. 

With the addition of similar furniture, matching rugs, and repeated decorative themes, you’ll feel a cohesiveness in the room that will inspire you to get things done. 

Table with minimal decor

11. Add a Focus Wall

There’s no need to feel uncomfortable when your teleconferencing guests get a peek into your office. You can make sure they get a pleasant view by creating a gallery wall, or a focus wall, behind you. A technique praised by countless designers, having an attractive wall space behind you will give you the professional look you need in today’s telecommuting world. 

Creative but personal accent wall

12. Create a Closet Office

Let’s face it, there are probably dozens of items in your closet that you haven’t touched in years. One of the hottest trends in bedroom offices is cleaning out and converting those closets into fully functional workspaces. 

By removing the closet door and adding an office desk, you’ll have a quiet and cozy office that your coworkers will envy. 

Cozy closet office

13. Add a Loft

If you have a weekend and some power tools, you can add plenty of storage areas by creating a bedroom loft. Since you’ll double the space your bed takes up, you’ll be able to have a contained office area underneath your bed. Many dorms are already set up this way, and there’s no reason it can’t work for you. 

14. Opt For a Room Divider

It can be hard to separate your bedroom from your office life when they’re in the same room. If you’re having a hard time keeping the two apart in your mind, think about adding a room divider. Whether you pick one up from Ikea or you create one yourself, it will make the spaces feel independent of one other. You’ll also hide the rest of your room without much effort at all. 

Dedicated space using room divided

The Bottom Line 

In many ways, the bedroom is the perfect spot to add a home office. Generally tucked away from the rest of the house, bedrooms already offer the privacy and quiet you need to conduct business. You don’t have to have a large room to have a modern and cozy bedroom office, either. There are plenty of storage solutions and furniture options that can transform your space overnight. 

Even if you’re not DIY royalty, turning your bedroom into a dual-purpose room doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a few of our bedroom office ideas, you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns is a design specialist who has been in the business for over 20 years. She has seen design trends change from traditional designs to more simplistic modern designs. She not only has seen it all, she understands it all. She has a large collection of articles to help spread her love for design.
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