5 Dark Green Bedroom Ideas

Dark green bedrooms can be so moody and elegant at the same time. How will you be decorating your room?

My absolute favorite color for a moody bedroom is dark green. It’s sophisticated and timeless and doesn’t make the room feel too dark. 

The best part is, it’s easy to decorate with this color and create a breathtaking room with tons of depth and contrast.

The big question is: What homes can pull off this look? Honestly, any style of home can pull this off when it’s done correctly and tastefully! 

This is especially a great option if you live in a historic home or in a historic district. The dark green color gives off a vibe of sophistication and confidence, which perfectly matches the style and aesthetic of historical homes. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas for a dark green bedroom!

1. Add Neutral Colors 

Any time you take on a dark wall color, it’s important to add balance. Using a creamy white comforter on the bed and leather throw pillows will create a perfectly balanced contrast with the walls.

Using neutral colors can also help prevent the room from feeling cave-like by brightening things up. 

Using wood furniture will be great in this space because it feels natural and perfectly aligns with the wall color. 

Leather accents such as leather chairs or pillows will help the space feel moody but sophisticated.

dark green accent wall in a bedroom with some earth tone elements

2. Use the Color as an Accent Wall 

If you like the idea of dark green in your room, but you’re not ready to paint the whole thing, start with an accent wall. 

Paint the wall that your bed is on with your favorite shade of dark green. This frames your room, allows the other walls to keep it bright, and adds an unexpected warm touch. 

Add unique sconce lighting on each side of your bed to make this accent wall more dramatic.

Dark green bedroom wall and green duvet

3. Utilize Natural Light

Natural light has the amazing ability to transform a space completely. Any room with dark-colored walls can benefit from natural light. 

It brightens up the room effortlessly and transforms a moody space into a vibrant space. 

Try to use light-colored window treatments in a dark green room. This will allow you to have privacy when you need it, but it keeps the room fresh and inviting. 

A modern and bright bedroom interior with some green accent decors

4. Incorporate Fresh Flowers

Especially if you decide to decorate with light colors and light furniture, bringing fresh flowers into this room is a great idea! 

It brings in a pop of color and a natural element that perfectly plays off the green wall color. Fresh flowers also help a room feel open and welcome, which is great for rooms that could potentially feel dark and closed off. 

Using flowers in a neutral-colored vase is an inexpensive way to enhance this space. 

A ceramic vase with fresh plants and flowers

5. Dress It Up With Textured Walls 

A great way to instantly add class and style into a room is using textured walls. This can be done with spare lumber from other projects, and it makes a huge difference. 

You can create patterns with the lumbar by using uneven pieces and placing them on the wall diagonally, or you can make the wall feel taller by using long pieces vertically. 

Once the lumber is nailed on the wall, paint over it with your dark green wall color. 

This instantly transforms the room, making it sophisticated and intriguing. 

An industrial themed bedroom with green accent wall
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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