10 Teen Room Décor Ideas

Teenagers deserve to have a unique design and style for their room to develop their individuality and confidence. How should you do it?

Creating a space that your teen loves to home to can be a real challenge. As they age, it seems like their interests and hobbies change by the hour, so how can you create a space that ages with them without having to redo it every year? 

Before you begin the decoration process, there are a few things to keep in mind that will allow your teen’s room to function properly for many years to come. 

Incorporate Furniture and Decor that’s Multi-Functional 

Since your teens will have different interests and hobbies over the years, it’s important to be practical when creating the perfect space for them. 

Try to keep everything functional, and when possible, use decor and furniture that can be used in other areas of the house if needed. 

Doing this will give you the most bang for your buck and won’t make your teen feel guilty if they change their style/interest over time. 

Keep price in mind as well. Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean cheap. Look at second-hand stores for specific furniture or light fixtures, or tackle a few DIY projects to help stretch the budget. 

Giving your teen the room of their dreams doesn’t have to break the bank!

A cluttered teenage boy bedroom.

Use Color and Pictures 

Never underestimate the power of color! Simply painting the walls a new color can completely change the mood of a room. 

If you don’t want to go as bold as re-painting the entire room, allow your child to choose one or two colors that they want to stand out in different spaces. 

For example, they could have creamy white walls but use accents of pink and lavender in different places like the bed, dresser, and around the window. Use color in throw pillows, lampshades, or curtains.

Adding a pop of color can transform a space and tie everything together. 

Pictures are also a great way to add a personal and meaningful touch. Create a picture collage with some framed and some not framed. 

String a line with clips to hold polaroid’s or other meaningful pictures along the wall to highlight fun or happy memories. 

Okay, now that you have some inspiration and ideas, it’s time to start the project!

10 Teen Room Decor Ideas 

1. Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme to stay on track with decorations and colors can be very useful. It doesn’t have to be a specific theme like Spiderman or Princess Jade. Using broad themes such as a beach or mountain theme can allow for transformations over time. 

Choosing a beach theme will help you stay on track with your colors (blue, green, beige) and furniture ideas (wicker or woven furniture). It’s a great way to have some freedom to choose pieces that will work over time while still staying on track. 

Remember to choose functional pieces that could be re-used over time or used in other areas of the house. 

A white bedroom with a touch of fresh blue and earth elements.

2. Use Light Fixtures to Your Advantage 

Choosing an unexpected light fixture can change the tone of a room. In your teen’s room, try to find a unique light fixture that matches the theme or mood of the space. 

If you’re going with a mountain theme, use a wooden or rustic light fixture that matches the style. Use a woven light fixture to give you the coastal vibe for a beach-inspired theme. 

More specific themes such as a music room can use light fixtures that accent their decor, like a light shining down on their favorite guitar. 

An industrial hanging light fixture using an edison bulb.

3. Add Style With String Lights 

String lights are fun in any area of the house. The simplicity and functionality have a warm and inviting feeling that draws you in. 

Using string lights to line the ceiling or create directional lines on an accent wall is an inexpensive idea that creates a big statement. 

They can also be used in other areas of the home, like the patio for a party, if your teen decides they don’t want the lights anymore. 

A white room with plant print beddings and wooden bed frame with string lights.

4. Find a Unique Neon Sign 

Does your family have a favorite NFL team or cute saying? Finding companies or local contractors on Etsy that create custom neon signs is a great way to add personality and fun to your teen’s space. 

Choose a neon sign with their initials, favorite football player’s number, or favorite quote. 

It will add light and a pop of color, and the best part is that it’s completely customizable and can fit the style of almost any space.  

Minimalist modern bedroom with neon sign on a white brick wall.

5. Create a Loft Bed

A great idea for just about any age is creating a loft bed with a desk underneath. This can be a sophisticated space that allows for more seating and workspace when done correctly. 

It also creates the feeling of a loft apartment with the bed above the rest of the area, giving your teen a fun place to come home to. 

Add some bean bag chairs, string lights, and a neon sign, and you’ve instantly created their favorite hang-out spot. 

A spacious teenage room with a loft bed.

6. Add a Masculine / Feminine Touch

Small accents and finishes can make a huge difference! Use natural wood and leather accents to add a masculine finish to your teen’s room. This gives it a rustic feel and creates a relaxing but sophisticated space. 

Use soft, light wood finishes and light metal finishes such as silver or gold to add a feminine touch. These accents will create an inviting space that can pair with any theme or vibe. 

You won’t have to buy anything specific or expensive to create these finishing touches. This can be achieved by adding small details or by refinishing existing furniture. 

A teenage girl bedroom with highlights of pink, white, and gold.

7. Highlight Their Hobbies 

A great way to make your teen’s room feel like their own place is by highlighting their hobbies in the details. 

If they love skateboarding, use the wheels of a skateboard to create personalized closet door handles. If music is their passion, create places to hang their guitar or make a unique chandelier with drum sticks. 

Whatever their hobby may be, let it shine in details throughout the space to make it a comforting, inviting, and inspiring space for them. 

You’ll see a wall painted with chalkboard pain in the picture below – another wonderful idea!

A music themed bedroom with mixes of black and white patterns and chalk board accent wall.

8. Use Texture

Specific textures can completely transform any space. It can create depth and movement in a room without feeling overwhelming or out of place. 

Use woven or straw textures for a beach theme, leather and suede textures to add masculinity, and sleek metal/ rustic furniture for an industrial look. 

You can even mix different textures to give the space more depth and separate specific areas. 

A foot bed side decorated with different textures of fabrics and woven materials.

9. Build a Window Seat With Storage 

One of the main needs in a teen’s space is storage tucked away. There’s a big need for storage between hobbies, school supplies, and electronics. 

Make a fun space for storage by building a window seat and creating space with storage underneath it. This gives them the perfect place to curl up with a good book and tuck away cords or school supplies. 

It also gives them extra seating when they have friends over, which is always a win!

Bedroom interior with a window banquette.

10. Customize the Layout 

If you’re not looking to spend much money on a teen room renovation, try switching up the layout! 

Re-arranging the furniture can drastically change the vibe and make the space feel larger. 

Try placing the bed in the center of the room or underneath the windows to make it feel warm and inviting. Place bulky furniture across from the bed to give plenty of space on the sides of the bed.  

Switch things up and incorporate small details to feel like you have a brand new space. 

A beautifully arranged and styled girl's bedroom.
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