15 Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas

Blue and gray are a classic combination that can meld into any type of interior design style. Check out our ideas below.

Blue is the world’s favorite color and gray is the new white – it looks fantastic anywhere. These two colors in combination can create a bedroom style that is sophisticated and tranquil. 

Whether you are matching the colors in that gorgeous duvet that you just picked up or wanting to refresh your space, either way, there is sure to be a perfect combination of blue and gray for you. You can find the correct hues and accents that will radiate the exact ambiance you envision for your bedroom. 

Things to Think About

The color schemes you choose will ultimately create the canvas for your ideas. Before looking through the bedroom inspiration ideas, you should consider a few things regarding wall colors.  

Keeping It Neutral

If you live in a rental or plan to sell your home within the next few years, you may want to consider painting gray on the walls and adding blue accents with furniture, bedding, and decor. This will allow you to keep the room in a condition that is considered move-in ready for anyone, no matter their style or the function.

A plain gray wall against a natural wood flooring.

Shades, Tones, and Lighting

It’s essential to know how the paint colors you choose may appear when applied in different lighting conditions. 

It’s no secret that it can be challenging to find the perfect gray. Gray paint has undertones that can cause it to look more blue, green, or purple. 

Shades of blue may appear more gray, green, or purple. The easiest way to find out the undertones in any particular shade is to look at the bottom color of the palette swatch that it’s on. That darkest shade will best emphasize the undertones of your color choice because they are in the same family. 

Express Yourself

Find a few pieces that are meaningful and that you love. Make sure they have a definite place in your room and further plan your colors, textures, and decor around them. You want your bedroom to foster who you are and what you inspire to be, all while adding modern appeal.  

A peach headboard and a blue bed.

15 Blue & Gray Bedroom Ideas

1. Throw in the Pillows

Solid colored throw pillows in a bold and contrasting color will add a nice hint of dimension to your room. Solid pillows will match any theme or pattern and are a quick and inexpensive way to add a bit of dramatic effect to your space. Consider black, navy blue, rich brown, or deep burgundy shades.   

A men's bedroom with gray walls and beddings.

2. Velvet

Step out of the box and experiment with different textures. You can have a lot of fun accenting a room with velvet-covered furniture, headboards, pillows, and more. Velvet adds a very rich and royal feel, and it’s super unique! 

Royalty themed bedroom using velvet blue and white beddings and headboard.

3. Just a Pop

For a nice clean look, consider a room styled mainly in one light colorway, like varying shades of pale gray, and then adorned with just a pop of bright blue. A few pillows and a throw blanket draped over the end of the bed add just enough fun while remaining basic and minimal. Adding one piece of simple blue decor somewhere near the bed will help to better incorporate the accent without overdoing it.  

A bedroom interior with light ambience and some pop of royal blue elemets.

4. Accent Wall

A royal or navy blue accent wall can make your bedroom appear bigger by adding depth and brighter by reflecting sunlight to the lighter sides of the room. If you can’t or don’t want to paint the entire wall, you can instead paint the accent color on a larger piece of wall furniture like a bookshelf or headboard. 

A blue themed bedroom interior.

5. Rugs

Another way to keep the walls neutral but add a large amount of color to your room is by using a rug. Position a medium to large scatter rug somewhat under your bed. It will become a focal point of the room and bridge any accenting decor throughout the space. 

A well lit simple white bedroom with a round blue rug.

6. Light Walls Dark Ensemble 

Dark bedding, furniture, and decor look so elegant on pale walls. Especially if you don’t plan to hang much on the walls, this keeps the focus on your bed and emphasizes the feeling of ultimate comfort and relaxation without distraction. 

A compact room with rich blue bed and headboard and gray blackout curtains.

7. Add Gold

Gold is an unsuspecting accent color that is gorgeous and timeless with blues and grays. The metal look adds variety to the finishes in the room. This may be an interesting look especially if you have wood flooring with an orange/goldish tint. 

Also like the picture below, make sure to utilize the space above your bed to tie colors together.

A room with pink french wall against a grey bed and gold decors.

8. White Too

White paired with medium blues and grays creates a tranquil and crisp vibe. Adding white as a third-wheel accent color can never go wrong. Use it for a focus wall, trim, or furniture, with matching pieces of decor scattered throughout the room to balance the calmness in a sea of cool tones.

A contemporary style bedroom with mainly white bed and chairs.

9. What’s Your Theme?

Maybe you love visiting the ocean or studying the sky. Take what you love and create a theme for your bedroom so that your space can encompass a feeling you cherish. Featuring trends and pieces of your favorite places in your bedroom will add reminders of what brings you the most joy to your day-to-day life.

A simple white room decorated with ship elements like a blue anchor and lifebouy.

 10. Natural Colored Accents

Use bamboo, unfinished wood, wicker, or baskets to add some natural colored elements to your room. Pieces like these add amazing dimensions and keep your textures varied for a comfortable and cozy look.

A bedroom with coastal interior using natural colored elements.

11. Wallpaper

Use decorative wallpaper to line your focus wall instead of dark-colored paint. You can create an upscale and professional-looking room design with a simple peel and stick application. Some options now come with glistening foil detail, adding a glamorous touch to your room. This can also reduce the need for wall hangings or decor if you prefer to keep it minimal.

A living space that used a gray patterned wallpaper as accent wall.

12. Flowing Curtains

Curtains can match the color of the wall behind them and still stand out while adding depth and beauty. Consider colors that blend to the backdrop of your room but fabric that will add design to your walls. Depending on the look you are going for and the function you need, you may choose to go sheer, silky, minky, lace, thermal, or cotton. 

A modern bedroom with airy and fresh interior..

13. Shapes and Patterns

Be daring when choosing patterns for your bedroom, and you may just be pleasantly surprised. Mix and match patterns on blankets, pillows, and decor. Instead of staying uniform- opt to display a few different prints together like scalloped, stripes, and dots. You may also experiment with using circular furniture, rugs, and pillows alongside the typical square designs. As long as the color schemes work well together, the result can be stylish and fun. 

A dreamy themed bedroom using bright colors such as blue and white.

14. Switch it Up

You may think it’s unheard of to put a darker color on your door or trim and a lighter color on the walls. Traditionally, this would be considered backward, but today you can consider it a style trend. Including an accent door or color-framed set of windows is another trick that is sure to add a dashing element to your bedroom. It works just like an accent wall, adding depth and sophistication to the room without taking up as much space and time. This is a bold feature you can add to your room in just about thirty minutes. Consider a navy blue or charcoal gray shade for this project. 

A compact white bedroom, low ceiling.

15. Split It Up

Two-tone walls are back in style! Painting contrasting colors on the top and bottom of your walls doesn’t have to be a thing of the past either. Ditch the dated border paper around the middle and leave the blue and gray colors to meet there as-is. This looks so modern and adds some great craftsman-look flare without going overboard. Also, the wall colors don’t need to be perfectly split along the center. You can switch colors at the upper or lower third of the wall to create a slightly less bold version of the two-tone style.  

A nursery room interior with touches of white and pastel purple paints.

As you can see, you don’t need to hire an interior designer to succeed in decorating your dream bedroom. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with blues and grays. They are versatile and timeless colors that everyone will enjoy! Just consider these tips, add accents that you love, and put it all together! In your redesigned space you’ll be so relaxed that you will be sleeping on cloud nine for many years to come.

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