15 Comfortable Bed Arrangements In Small Rooms

Have a small room? Our fresh ideas will help your room be comfortable and feel spacious.

After a long day of work and child care, your bed is the most welcoming thing to behold. However, if you have a small bedroom, it may appear that you are withdrawing to an unappealing cave. So, how can you make this your retreat while yet maintaining a comfortable sight despite its size?

There are numerous ways to make your space feel larger without ever knocking down a wall or altering the design of your home. All you have to do is be creative and open to new ideas.

Proper Bed Placement

The placement of your bed has a significant impact on the size of your room. With a small bedroom and a king-size mattress, it can quickly become a tight situation.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to forgo mattress size due to the size of your room. Strategic placements will help you maximize space and make your room feel welcoming and warm rather than confined.

Furniture can be used effectively in other places, such as a spare bedroom or office, to maximize space and usability.

There are numerous solutions available to meet your individual requirements for small spaces. You must first establish the size of your area, the size of your mattress, and the purpose of the space. Once you’ve discovered those factors, you’re ready to get creative.

15 Creative Ideas

1. Furniture Size

The size of your furniture can make a big difference in how cozy your room feels. The size of your bed doesn’t have to be compromised just because of the size of your room.

Opting for smaller furniture like dressers or nightstands can help you keep the bed you want in your room. Try using smaller furniture that can serve multiple functions. For example, try a dresser that can store clothes but has a big enough top to hold items that you might find on a nightstand. This can allow you to eliminate one, or both, nightstands which can free up space.

2. Get Rid Of Unused Furniture

Clearing your small space of unused furniture will make your room feel cozy and help you increase your bed size if you want. Getting rid of the chair in the corner that is only used as a clothes rack is an excellent example of unused furniture that can get the boot.

When you clear out unused furniture, you can allow the remaining furniture to take up the space and help your room feel inviting.

Push your bed against the wall to save space and make it look bigger

3. Bed Placement: Center

Once you have cleared out unnecessary furniture and have appropriate sizes for your space, you can focus on bed placement. This is a huge factor in limited space. When you’re placing a bed in your small room, you want to draw everyone’s attention away from the size and toward your cozy and comforting features.

Placing your bed in the center of the main wall (which is typically going to be the wall that you look at when you open the door) allows your eyes to go straight to it. It leaves room on both sides of it to walk around, and if you have enough free area, you could even put a nightstand on the sides.

Center it to give a sense of room on both sides

4. Bed Placement: Corner

If placing your bed in the center of a wall isn’t feasible, you could put it in the corner of the room, which opens up floor space. This option can make the area feel cramped if done incorrectly, so you should try to make sure you use a corner without doors that may open next to it to avoid tight squeezes.

Don’t let windows scare you away from the perfect placement. If your room has windows on the main wall, you can still put your bed centered on that wall. Use a headboard that works with the height of the windows to allow the windows to invite you in and help you get cozy.

An example of a corner placement of a bed

5. Utilize Natural Light

Speaking of windows, one of the best things you can do in your small bedroom is let natural light come in and do its job. Having windows in a cramped space is significant because the natural light will help the room feel cozy instead of cave-like.

Windows can be a great feature, especially when they’re used strategically with furniture placement, which can draw your eyes away from the size and straight to the cozy and comforting features.

Depending on our style, you can dress them up or dress them down with curtains or other window treatments. You could make a dramatic statement with tall, floor-length curtains, or you could keep things very simple and leave your windows natural to allow for tons of light to come in.

Utilize natural light to make the room seem more expansive

6. Draw Attention To The Bed

A great way to make your small space feel bigger is by drawing attention to your bed. An easy and inexpensive way to do this is by choosing bedding that is inviting and flows with the space.

Adding elegant throw pillows or a blanket can help decorate and are practical ways to draw your eyes and attention. For added decorating, you can even put a serving tray with small accessories like a book, a coffee mug, or a candle on it.

If decorating and accessorizing isn’t your thing, you can choose a unique bed frame. Plenty of reputable websites carry unique frames for all mattress sizes. Finding one that fits your style and your mattress is a great way to draw your eyes to the bed instead of the size of your area. It’s also practical because you’re going to need a frame anyway and finding a unique one gets a little more bang for your buck.

7.  Create An Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall that highlights the unique features of a room can be a great way to add warmth and an inviting atmosphere. Creating an accent wall can be done by choosing a bold color or fun wallpaper for one wall. Don’t be afraid to go with warm colors like a moody gray or deep green in a small space. Accent walls can add warmth and depth, making it feel more inviting and calming.

If you don’t want a bold color for an accent wall, you can try a different approach. One way to create an accent wall is by incorporating your furniture with the wall. Try nailing different size wood planks on the wall where your bed will go. Use a space that is the width of your mattress or frame to incorporate your wall as your headboard. This is an inexpensive way to give your room tons of character and allow your eyes to go straight to the accent wall.

Use accent walls to create a unique feel

8. Use Dramatic Pictures Over Your Bed

Try dramatic art or pictures over your bed if those ideas don’t appeal to you. Do you have a precious black and white photo of your kids laughing? Get a huge picture printout, choose a dramatic but classy frame, and hang it on your main wall or an adjacent wall. This will immediately draw your eyes to the picture and then allow them to drop down to your perfectly made bed, taking all the attention away from your small space.

9. Change Placement of Your Furniture

When you think of a bedroom, there are a few cliché arrangements that automatically come to mind. In a small bedroom, you have to be creative and not afraid to try different placements for your furniture. For example, taking a dresser and putting it on a side wall instead of the wall in front of your mattress can open up your room even though ’it’s not a traditional placement. Using unique or antique furniture can make your room feel more elegant, taking your mind away from the small space.

Using side tables that function as a nightstand and have drawers for storage is another way to get creative with furniture and also add functionality for you.

10. Use a Unique Chandelier Over Your Bed

Finding a fun chandelier or light fixture that can go over your bed is a great way to highlight a specific area in your room. Chandeliers make your room feel elegant while also serving a purpose.

You can have fun with this detail and look for light fixtures at antique shops or estate sales to find an interesting piece that has some history. This small detail will immediately draw your eyes to it, taking your mind off the size. Using a unique chandelier is also a great way to bring your style and taste to your room without compromising size.

unique chandeliers can make your room seem more spacious

11. Use Rugs

Choosing the right rug is very important. Rugs are a great way to break up individual spaces within a room and bring purpose to certain areas. If you have the ability to create a small sitting nook, using a rug is a great way to make this its own space within the room. It can also make your bed look more prominent by placing it slightly under the end of your bed and extending to the open area in the room. This tricks your mind and makes the room feel more inviting.

Rugs are also a great way to have some fun in a room without a long-term commitment. They allow you to bring funky or unusual textures and colors in a room, but they’re not permanent as painting a wall. They can be changed or repurposed as your style and needs change, making them efficient additions to your space.

Use rugs and carpets to make the room seem bigger

12. Use a Murphy Bed

Sometimes you need creative ideas for small spaces that are not primary bedrooms. There are plenty of ways to be creative in these small spaces. Using a Murphy bed is one way to turn an office into a spare bedroom when guests are over. They fold up into the wall when they’re not in use, making them a great way to save space. Not to mention your kids will love this idea.

This option can be a little more extensive to install than other arrangements or options. Since a Murphy bed folds up, they’re often built into the wall and need some space to be carved out when they are in the stored position. They make types that have the whole unit outside of the wall, but it will take up more space than the traditional built-in option.

Murphy beds can help utilize every inch of space

13. Use Loft Beds

A great way to maximize space in a small office or even a kid’s room is by using a loft bed. Utilizing this type of furniture in an office will give you the space you need for a desk and maybe even some built-in storage or bookshelves, but it can easily be a guest room when you have company staying the night. With the mattress on top of the desk, it’s always out of the way, and you will always have open access to your desk and workspace.

This same set-up can be used in your kid’s room as well. If you have a teenager that needs a place to do homework and projects in their small room, they can use this option to save room in their small space. 

lofted furniture can help you use vertical space

14. Utilize a Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is an excellent option if you’re working with a small kid’s room or a guest bedroom. This allows you to have two beds in the space of one. You can roll out the second one as needed when friends stay over or even if siblings share a room. These are great because they look like a standard bed, allowing you to place your furniture as you normally would but creating two sleeping places as needed.

They’re easy to maintain, cost-efficient, and kids will love rolling the rolling feature. One thing to remember about using this option is that you will want to keep heavy furniture clear of the second (lower) mattress. Even though it may not get used every time, it still needs a clear path when it does get rolled out, so avoid putting hard-to-move furniture in the path of the rolling bed.

Trundles will let you be efficient with your room

15. Bunk Beds in Kids’ Rooms

Parents, I’m sure if you have multiple kids, you understand the need to consolidate space. A classic way to make the most of a small kid’s bedroom is by using bunk beds. Your kids will love them because they’re fun and exciting, and you’ll love them because they’re cost-efficient, and it’s an easy way to get your kids to agree to share a room. There are tons of options to make these personalized and unique for your space.

The great thing about this option is the long-term potential. Some types can eventually be separated and used as two separate beds, some can be converted to a loft on top and office space on the bottom, and you could convert some to have a mattress on the bottom and “hang out” space on top. The options are endless, and it’s an excellent way for you and your kids to make this work for your specific situation down the road.

Bunk beds allow multiple people to sleep in one small room
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