6 Color Schemes for Girls’ Bedrooms

Choosing the right color scheme can make or break a room. Why schemes can you consider for a girls' bedroom?

Creating a warm, inviting, and safe bedroom is important, especially for a child. When you come home from a long day, your room is your safe place and likely the first place you’ll go. The same is true for young kids. 

Upgrading your girls’ room by simply changing the color scheme can make a huge difference and help your daughter feel safe and comfortable after a long day. Choosing light and soothing colors can help with relaxation and provide a calm space for completing homework, playing dress up, or watching a movie. 

White and gray are two great options to include in most color schemes for a girls’ room. They go great with many other colors and add a balance to any bright tones or pallets that you might choose. They’re also easy to find when shopping and easy to coordinate accents with. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Pink and White 

A classic option is pink and white. This is a great scheme for a girls’ room because it’s simple and elegant. You can dress it up or down and add accents to compliment the walls or bedding. 

If you want to make a statement, consider choosing pink for large areas like the bedding, walls, or rugs. If you’d rather keep things simple and toned down, use white in the larger areas of the room and choose pink as the accent. 

Either way, this is a soothing option that will leave any young lady happy with their space. 

wide and simple nursery pink room

2. Gray, White, and Pink 

Creating a cozy room is easy with gray, white, and pink. This soothing combination is easy to incorporate in any girls’ room, and the clam pallet makes it easy to relax after a long day. Paint the wall with the color you’d like to stand out, and use the other two as accents and decor pieces. 

Consider the bedding and furniture finish, as these are two additional spaces that will stand out when you enter the room. To keep things elegant and prevent the space from feeling overwhelming, it’s a good idea to use gray or white on large areas and pink as an accent. 

This prevents the room from feeling too bright and overdone but still adds a cute and unexpected pop that any young lady will love. 

small table lamp beside pink bed

3. Teal and Pink 

Another classic combination is teal and pink. It’s a cute and simple collaboration that can grow with your daughter. This is a great choice if you don’t want the space to feel too feminine or want to incorporate a nice balance in the room. 

You can choose to let one color stand out or try to make a nice balance by selecting white or gray for the walls and furniture and using equal parts teal and pink for decor pieces and accents. Choosing a bedding set with accompanying pillows and blankets is a great way to achieve this look and help the room feel feminine. 

cute and simple decoration of the wall

4. Tan and White

If you’re looking for a color scheme that can grow with your daughter over time, consider using tan and white. The simple and elegant pallet allows you to add in decor and accents as needed, making this a great option if you like to change items like pillows, blankets, and wall art over time. 

You can add any additional color to accompany this combination, like pink, blue, green, orange, or yellow. Any option you choose will pop against this pallet and help the room feel cozy, neutral, and relaxing. Choose a soothing wall color and keep the main furniture pieces white or rustic white to give yourself an easy canvas to work with. 

As your young lady ages, she can help pick out the accents and decide on decor that pop against the neutral pallet, giving her a hand in the room design. 

plush of toys and pillows on bed

5. Light Blue and White or Gray  

If you’re looking for a soothing and low-key option, consider choosing light blue with white or gray. Use light blue in primary spaces like walls, bedding, or rugs. This is a sweet color that’s not too feminine, and it’s a soothing option that any young girl will love coming home to. 

Choosing white or gray as accents will provide the perfect contrast to the light blue room. It keeps the space simple and elegant and allows you to choose functional furniture without having to paint over it or stain it. 

table white lamp beside sofa bed

6. Gold, Black, and White 

A great way to make a statement with your girls’ bedroom is with a gold, black, and white color scheme. It adds elegance and charm to the room without feeling overwhelming or too sophisticated. Use gold for accents like the light fixtures, bedframe, wall decor, and lamps to make a statement while keeping the space simple and toned down. 

Keeping the walls bright and using black in areas like the rug, bedding, and furniture hardware will help create a beautiful balance. It’s a simple option that can grow and adjust over the years, making this easy to keep up with as your young lady grows. 

simple art frames decorations behind bed
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