8 Over the Bed Decor Ideas

Don't let the space above your bed go to waste! How should you be utilizing it?

After a long day of work and running errands, your bedroom should be your oasis. Everything from the pillows to the wall color should help you instantly relax and unwind. 

The decor over your bed should do the same. It’s a seemingly small detail that can have a huge impact on your master bedroom. 

It’ll be the first thing you see when you walk in the room, making this an important decision in the design process. It is particularly important that you utilize the space correctly in small bedrooms. 

Before committing to any ideas, there are a few things you should consider! 

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools 

Hanging anything over your bed can be a bit tricky because you’ll want to center it, but you might have to work around studs or hard spots in the wall. 

Since this is a space that will be over your head at night, you’ll want to make sure you use the proper tools to prevent anything from falling. 

Try to find nails or screws that can hold plenty of weight. Make sure whatever decor you use doesn’t exceed the weight limit to reduce the chance of something falling on your bed. 

Using the proper tools from start to finish can help you rest easy, knowing that everything is secure and in place. 

Also, try to avoid anything that hangs down freely. This is especially important if you have children or pets. If you use accents like macrame art and have anything hanging down too low, it could be pulled down or knocked down on accident. 

Now that you’ve considered these two tips, let’s start decorating above the bed!

8 Decorating Ideas For Over The Bed

1. Use a Large Photo 

Incorporating a large family photo or a photograph from your favorite artist is a great way to add a personal and meaningful touch to your room. For a teenager’s room, this might be a large poster of a favorite movie or sports team.

Hanging up a meaningful photograph over the bed will be the perfect way to add an accent that will help you feel at ease and happy. 

It can be a special memory with your family or a landscape shot that takes you to your happy place. Either way, the personal touch will help you relax and unwind after a long day. 

Bedroom interior with earth tones, colors, and textures

2. Incorporate Sconce Lighting 

One of the best ways to instantly upgrade any space is with lighting. Adding sconce lighting above your bed will give you functional light and add to your style. 

Choose a fixture representing you and the rest of your home to tie in your interior style. 

If you have an industrial-style home, choose a modern metal fixture that adds sophistication to this space. For a farmhouse-style home, try to find vintage wooden sconces to add a rustic touch. 

You can use the sconces as a chance to add a fun or unexpected element to this space while also gaining functional light. 

A simple but chic bedroom with white linens, olive colored french wall and a wooden foot bench

3. Add a Circle Mirror

Chances are, your room will have tons of straight lines, making it a crisp and inviting space. 

Straight lines are great and make your room feel welcoming, but adding a circular mirror over the bed will create a fun contrast to all the crisp lines that you have everywhere else. 

It’s a fun and unexpected element that can serve a functional purpose as well as a decorative one. 

You can choose a mirror that fits the rest of your home’s style by changing out the frame or design around the mirror itself. This is a great opportunity to have fun and let your personal touch shine through.

A simple bedroom with white sheets, round decorative mirror, and concrete finish walls

4. Print Your Vows on a Canvas 

There are few moments in your life that stay with you forever. Your wedding day is likely one of those moments. 

Your vows, whether you wrote your own or chose a standard script, represent one of the most beautiful memories in your life.

Printing your vows on a canvas or two separate canvases to hang over the bed is a beautiful way to cherish that moment and have a daily reminder of what you promised your spouse. 

It’s an intimate detail that represents the special bond you have with your spouse, and after a hard day at work, or even after an argument with each other, walking into your room and seeing them will remind you of the love you share.

A blackboard with custom art framed on a plain wall

5. Install a Fun Chandelier

If you have the chance to update the light fixture in your master, switching it from a centered light fixture to a fun chandelier over the bed is the perfect solution. 

Adding a unique chandelier is the perfect way to add a touch of class and interest to this space. It’s a unique take on a functional need and can instantly upgrade your room. 

You can choose one that fits your interior style and ties into the rest of your house to connect your accents and taste to your room. 

There’s also a chance this can be a cost-efficient option if you look at antique stores or find an estate sale. Vintage chandeliers will bring character and style into your room that you won’t be able to achieve with new fixtures. 

A luxury bed with a beautiful chandelier

6. Use Multiple Pictures 

There’s typically quite a bit of wall space available above the bed, making it difficult to fill with meaningful decor. 

A great way to cover this space in a meaningful and personal way is by using multiple pictures. You could use family photos, landscape photos, or even abstract pictures. 

You can also choose between keeping them evenly spaced out, like using two rows of three, or having them randomly assorted to make it feel free.  

Using five-six photos in this space will make your room feel full of love and adventure and can easily become your favorite part of the room. 

A bedroom wall styled with a gallery of pictures, frames and other textures

7. Find a Neon Sign With Your Favorite Saying 

A relatively new way to have fun with your decor is using neon signs. There are tons of individuals on Etsy or similar sites that make personalize neon signs. 

If you have a favorite quote or saying, commission a small business owner to hand make a neon sign for your room. 

You can choose your favorite color, font, and size to fit the aesthetic of your room perfectly. 

This is a fun and modern option that can even add functional light to your space when it’s turned on. 

Life is beautiful pinkish neon sign

8. Choose an Extra-Large Headboard 

Not everyone loves the idea of having decor over the bed. It may also become difficult for you and your spouse to agree on the perfect decor for this space.  

An alternative option that is equally as good is using an extra-large headboard. You’ll likely need to buy or make one anyway, so choosing an extra-large option can make a big statement in your room. 

You can choose one that perfectly matches your interior style and the vibe of your room. Choose a modern cloth option for a mid-century modern home, a rustic wooden headboard for a farmhouse-style home, and a mix of wood and metal for an industrial-style home. 

The headboard will take up plenty of space, which means you won’t have to find additional accents to go on the wall, saving you time and money. 

An extra large tufted bed headboard white sheets
Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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