20 Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Learn some ways to design your bedroom to be moody and masculine, yet professional and organized.

You had a long day at the office. You’re ready to take your shoes off, crack open a beer, and relax. As you walk in the door, you take in the sights, smells, and comforts around you, and in that first step, you either feel comfort or a burden.

When you walk into your room, are you comforted by masculine furniture, metallic finishes, and the smell of leather? Or is it a cold and cluttered room that you’re embarrassed to invite women over?

It can be challenging to achieve on your own and especially difficult to achieve on a tight budget. That’s where we come in.

What Distinguishes Men’s Bedrooms from Other Bedrooms?

Men’s bedrooms are fundamentally the same as other bedrooms. They still need a comfortable place to sleep, a place to keep their clothes, bedside tables, and furniture to tie everything together.

What sets them apart is the masculine energy that you feel as soon as you walk in the door. It’s the dark and cozy colors, the wood accents mixed with metallic finishes, and the raw but sophisticated textures.

Creating a space that feels like the workday is done and allows you to kick off your shoes and get comfortable sets this task apart from creating other bedrooms. Once you determine your style and what look you’re going for, you’re ready to get creative.

Are you still wondering how to create a masculine but inviting men’s bedroom? Use the following 20 ideas to create the perfect space.

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20 Ways to Create Masculine and Luxurious Men’s Bedrooms

1. Keep things simple

When you’re looking at furniture, you’ll want to go for simple and natural-looking pieces that can go through any phase of redecoration. You can be simple with the furniture and let your style shine through the accents.

Keeping things simple also means no clutter. You’ll want to keep a clutter-free space to get that warmth and inviting feeling that you’ll love after a long day.

This is particularly important if you will be decorating a small bedroom

Clean purple duvet in a moody room.

2. Use Natural Tones

Once you’ve picked out the simple furniture that you believe will stand the test of time, you want to make sure you keep them natural. Try to stay away from painted furniture because that will take away from your natural and masculine look.

If you find a piece of furniture such as a dresser that you believe will fit your space perfectly, but it’s painted, try sanding it down to its natural base and then finishing it with a stain to stay in touch with your space.

Woody natural tones add character and accents to a man's room

3. Use Dark and Warm Colors

Don’t be afraid to use dark and warm colors in your bedroom. This can give it a very inviting and comforting feel.

Using a dark color on one or two walls will draw you in, but it won’t feel like you’re in a cave or a basement if you pair that dark color with wood and natural accents.

If color isn’t your thing, you can try just doing color on the wall where you’ll put your bed. This will break up some of the dark colors but will still draw you to the comfort of your bed.

Dark colors, particularly blue and green, give a very masculine energy.

4. Pop of Color

Don’t want to put dark colors on your wall? Use an off-white or soft gray paint for your walls, and then add pops of color.

You can have fun with this and incorporate unexpected colors like yellow or orange, which will contrast with your walls.

Using accessories like lamps, rugs, or chairs to introduce color is a fun way to bring your personal style out without having the long-term commitment of dark color walls or furniture.

If your room has wood furniture and raw elements, use complementary colors such as gold, navy blue, and dark green.

Accent colors can add a unique element to the room to make it all of sudden appear more upscale

5. Use Raw Textures

Accents with natural texture will add to the room by making it feel masculine and inviting. Live edge furniture with an “unfinished” look makes for great tables or nightstands.

Floor texture can also be a great feature for your comfortable men’s bedroom. Don’t be afraid of a cozy carpet or textured tile to tie your room together and add a surprising element to your space.

The raw texture from the wood grain adds character to this room.

6. Let Wood Accents Shine

A great way to add warmth and a masculine touch to your space is using wood accents. This could mean wood furniture, a wood bed frame, and even wood on the walls.

If you have the time and money, using shiplap, which is horizontal wood planks on your wall, adds a raw and natural element that will last through any design phase you may be going through and keep your room warm and inviting.

If the raw wood shiplap is too much in your space, you could paint it an off-white or light gray color to gain texture and warmth but still have a natural wood element.

Wood furniture makes things look cozy and yet professional

7. Create Spaces With Metallic Finishes

Using metal as accents will bring a masculine vibe without making the room feel un-inviting. It creates a new texture and tone for the room and pairs perfectly with natural tones and wood elements.

Metallic finishes can be achieved by installing a metal light fixture, finding a piece of wood furniture with a metal base, or changing out existing doorknobs to unique metal doorknobs.

This is an inexpensive way to create texture, masculine elements, and style in your bedroom without overhauling your existing space.

Metallic dark lights are particularly manly for an industrial look.

8. Keep Things Chic 

What in the world do we mean by that?

Keeping your big furniture (bed, dresser, nightstand, etc.) elegant and timeless keeps things chic. You want to use the same furniture for years to come, so buying chic furniture means buying pieces that are elegant and can be used over time.

These would be neutral colors as a bed frame, a simple leather chair, a sturdy wooden dresser, and simple nightstands.

In a men’s bedroom, chic furniture allows you to bring in other elements such as wall color, metal finishes, and raw elements to dress up the room. Keeping your furniture chic will allow you to change up your style over time without having to start over.

Chic furniture in a bedroom or family room help give a professional vibe that attracts others.

9. Create Functional Space

One of the most important elements of a men’s bedroom is functionality. It’s important to find furniture that looks the part and acts as a functional space.

This means using dressers or wardrobes to keep clothing and shoes out of sight. It’s creating storage under the bed by using drawers to keep clutter out of the way. It also means using organization in places such as the closet to maximize your space.

It’s also not a bad idea to look at purchasing a bed frame that has storage built-in. Some frames have drawers underneath and built-in storage space by the foot of the bed, which adds to functionality.

After a long day of work, you want to come home to a clutter-free, well-organized space. Using your furniture for functionality is the best way to achieve this.

Functional space is a bedroom is important for storage.

10. Keep Things out of Sight

This ties in with functionality. When your room is functional, it allows you to keep things out of sight. Create a designated space for your shoes, your watches, your phone accessories, or your work documents.

Using furniture such as nightstands and dressers with plenty of storage will help you achieve this. It’s ideal for keeping shoes away from the bed if possible so try to create a space in the closet that can accommodate them.

To gain additional storage and organization space, try using hanging storage organizers on the back of your closet door or bathroom door.

This keeps items such as shoes, jewelry, chargers, and other small but distracting items out of sight and mind.

11. Add Layers to Your Room by Using Shapes

Using a variety of shapes in your space adds layers and allows you to bring your style into your space. This is a great way to make unexpected moments happen in your room without feeling overwhelmed.

Try to find an odd shape mirror like a circle or octagon. This adds a few layers because the mirror adds some depth to the room, and making it a unique shape will add a new layer.

You can also use picture frames or art that are different shapes and sizes to add layers and depth in an inexpensive way.

If decorating isn’t your thing, try updating your floors with a herringbone pattern or choosing a tile that creates a new pattern or shape to add movement to your space.

Use different shapes to draw the eyes to different parts of the room.

12. Leather Furniture

A timeless way to create a masculine feel in your bedroom is by incorporating leather furniture. A leather chair can add a new texture and bring warmth to your room while remaining a timeliness piece that can fit all style phases you may go through.

Finding furniture with leather finishes is another excellent way to bring that masculine feel without being overbearing. A dresser with leather handles or accents would be perfect in a men’s bedroom.

Another leather tip is to go for genuine leather when possible. It adds an irresistible smell to your room, inviting people in and bringing a rugged aspect to your space.

An inexpensive way to incorporate leather accents is by using leather pillows on your bed. This is not as much of a commitment as buying a leather chair but still gives you a rugged look.

Leather is a masculine yet upscale material that is timeless

13. Use Natural Light

If you have beautiful windows and a great view, you’ll want to let natural light do its job. Highlighting your windows by using handsome drapes or curtains will allow natural light to come in when you want.

It’s important to have curtains or drapes to give you the option of privacy as needed. It will allow your room to feel complete and cozy without having to spend much money.

Using windows to draw your eyes to your bed is another excellent way to make the space feel inviting and welcoming, which your guests will love.

14. Don’t Be Afraid of Rugs

Using rugs will add depth to your space in several ways. They’re a fun way to let your style shine without having to be a long-term commitment.

Rugs can be used to create specific places in your room, like a sitting area or an office area by your desk. It breaks your room up without having to put up walls.

It’s also a clever way to add texture and color to your room. If a dark color wall isn’t for you, going for a dark rug that accents your furniture but brings a pop color is a great alternative.

Rugs are also a perfect way to introduce different shapes, adding layers and depth to your space.

Rugs can give a room a particularly open feel.

15. Make a Statement with Light Fixtures

Incorporating fun and unexpected light fixtures is a great way to add personality and masculinity to a man’s space.

Even the placement of light fixtures can change the tone of a room.

Having a metal open-concept light fixture centered over the bed, for example, can create an inviting element that draws you in towards the bed.

Another great way to achieve this is by installing sconces above your bedside tables instead of lamps. It’s unexpected, rugged, and most importantly, functional.

Light fixtures can help a man's bedroom standout

16. Incorporate an Industrial or Rustic Style

Let your style and preferences shine by creating an industrial or rustic space. When you come home after a long day, you want to feel comfortable and know that you have a place that feels like home.

You have an industrial style if you lean towards metals, raw elements, brick walls, heavy textures. Try to incorporate metal finishes on light fixtures, use metal door handles, install a brick accent wall, and use textured rugs.

If you lean towards leather furniture, natural wood finishes, and dark wall colors, you have a rustic style. Try to incorporate leather chairs, live edge furniture, reclaimed wooden furniture, and a deep blue or green as a wall color.

Industrial designs are great for the messy, yet cozy and clean vibe.

17. Create an Accent Wall

Using unique accents on one wall is a great way to add personality and masculine touches to your space. Don’t be afraid to use textures here.

Hanging various pictures of different sizes is an easy way to achieve a personally meaningful accent wall. But there are other ways to accomplish this as well.

You could use textured baskets or placemats as a way to depth and meaning in your space and keep it masculine and inviting. This is incredibly impactful when you use dark or warm colors on the accent wall to add depth.

Accent walls create a layer of depth to rooms

18. Incorporate Reclaimed Furniture

Putting together a masculine and inviting men’s bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Pieces from antique shops and garage sales can be the perfect fit for your space.

Look for furniture that’s made from wood and either has a current wood finish or could be sanded down to bring it back to its original form.

Using this type of furniture in your space will give you a rusted feel and look while maintaining a cost-efficient budget.

Another great feature of reclaimed furniture is longevity. Most furniture that you’ll find at an antique shop or garage sale has proved its sturdiness and is likely made out of real wood. It’s reliably built and will probably last longer than anything that you find from IKEA.

19. Incorporate Conversation Starters

If you’re eventually looking to have company over, it’s a great idea to incorporate unique or unexpected pieces that would serve as a good conversation starter with a significant other.

This can bring depth and meaning into your space and intrigue your company. Try to include meaningful pieces to you and, if possible, pieces that are family heirlooms.

If you have an old desk lamp from your grandfather or a unique desk that your grandmother used to sew on, add it to your space. This is also a great way to feel connected to your heritage and add history to your space.

Retro furniture can create a cozy atmosphere and can also be a conversation starter.

20. Keep It Masculine and Inviting

While you want to achieve a masculine look and feel to your space, you’ll also want it to be inviting for your company.

Eventually, you’ll have someone in your life that you may want to share this space with, so setting it up for the future will help you save time and money in the long run.

Using cozy and inviting features like elegant light fixtures and warm colors on the wall can make the space inviting.

Keeping things clutter-free and utilizing functional furniture is another way to keep your space masculine but inviting. Remember that you can always change accents and smaller furniture, so keep your big furniture elegant and neutral and add masculine accents to compliment them.

Bright and open spaces are inviting and seem bigger
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