The Book: How the French Live

This book about home design shows the meanings behind different design selections. Will it inspire you?

Bustling Nest has no affiliation with the book or its author. This website is dedicated to the book “How the French Live,” which was featured on the original French by Design Blog.

How the French Live delves into modern French style through the eyes of 14 different French families living in the US and abroad, capturing their effortlessly chic “less house, more home” modern French lifestyle through a plethora of beautiful interior photographs, narratives, and simple family recipes.

The book’s author is Siham Mazouz.

Page after page of genuine rooms are crammed with one-of-a-kind antiques, restored family heirlooms, minimalist modern furnishings, and worldwide treasures brought back from travels, all photographed in stunning color photography by Mazouz. These images are complemented by intriguing essays that give a view into the family’s life while also detailing the influences and meanings behind their design selections, and are separated into fourteen chapters, each focusing on a distinct residence.

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