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Sezane has a home collection that is modern, yet cozy. What can you learn from their ideas?

Morgane Sézalory is the founder and designer of Sézane, which you may have heard of due to their lovely collaboration with Madewell in America; she was also the designer of Les Composantes, her first e-shop. A couple of years ago, she opened a home decor showroom-apartment in Paris.

Morgane’s Parisian apartment, with its casual style and impeccable organization, is laid-back but French-chic all at the same time. Just like her Sézane clothing collections.

Their collection mainly consists of wallpaper, throw pillows, and cushions right now. They seem to be rolling out new designs soon, so I’m hoping there will be more home design pieces coming soon.

6 Inspirations from Their Collection

Throw Pillow/ Cushions

In addition to their beautiful wallpaper, Sezane put out a line of throw pillows that are stunning. They’re understated and modest, not creating too much of a distraction from the rest of your space but offering a beautiful addition to your style.

The throw pillows come in block coloring, offering a mustard yellow, red, or green option with white in the middle.

I love the block style paired with the colors they have available because the three color options are subtle, but they still add a vibrant flair to your space.

These throw pillows are perfect for a creamy white couch or a sunroom daybed. They’re made with high-quality materials and they’re super soft, which I love!

three patterened pillows sitting in a bookshelf.

Bold Colors

Using bold colors that contrast with the rest of the room’s elements can create a huge dramatic factor, and Sezane’s collection does it perfectly.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to add an accent wall that contrasts with your fixtures, furniture, or photo frames.

I recommend using this design element sparingly because you don’t want to go from bold to wacky.

A black wall creates high contrast that helps draw focus on the photo frames.
Accent light blue wall with a floating shelf.
Baby room with an accent color and pastel colors.


Houseplants are an excellent way to bring life and color into a room. Sezane makes extensive use of plants in their showrooms.

Instead of allowing houseplants to stand alone on a countertop and attracting all of the attention, they incorporate a variety of other elements to create an eclectic feel in the room. It has a modern and cozy feel to it.

The room could feel cluttered without the plants, but the plants completely transform the atmosphere.

Consider putting succulents in your rooms, or even houseplants in your bathroom.

Bookshelf with a large leaf sitting on the shelf.
Houseplants create a vibrant feel to a reading room.


They currently have several different colors and styles of wallpaper that I absolutely love. This style and design are making a huge comeback and installing wallpaper could be the missing touch to your home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or you can’t seem to find the missing piece in your kitchen or dining room, you need to check out this wallpaper.

It comes in teal blue, pink, and mustard yellow options, making them a great addition to your French-inspired home.

If you have mainly light-colored furniture and white accents in your kitchen or dining room, this wallpaper will offer the perfect contrast and offer the finishing touch that you’ve been looking for.

Wallpapers make particularly great additions to music rooms or if you are jazzing up your AirBnB.


They have a gorgeous clothing collection and bag collection outside of their home collection. If you’re looking for a new overnight bag or makeup bag, they have beautiful options that will match your style.

Even the way they stage their bags and accessories can give you inspiration for your French-style home because they use beautiful furniture and staged rooms. Just scrolling through their products will give you ideas for decorating your home while you shop.

Whether you’re looking for home decor or some inspiration to make your home the style of your dreams, Sezane has got you covered.

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Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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