8 Succulent Decor Ideas

Succulents can add beauty to a lifeless space. How are you decorating your home with them?

Adding plants to any room of the house can create a warm and inviting feeling. Whether you’re looking to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, adding a plant will help your air quality and bring a fresh color to the space. 

You have more freedom with succulents because they are easier to take care of than typical house plants. 

They don’t need water as often as typical house plants, which means you won’t have to stress if you’re going on a week-long vacation. 

You’ll still want to be mindful of where you place them and how you water them, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and maintain way to add plants into your space, you should check these out. 

Room Placement

Since they are still a type of plant, you want to make sure you place this new addition close to a window. These plants are made to grow in extreme climates, so they’re used to a lot of sunlight. 

You’ll want to keep them close to a window or move them in front of a window when you’re out of the house running errands or at work. 

If you don’t have good access to a window in the room you want them in, you can always invest in a grow light and position the plant under the light. 

Grow lights will simulate natural sunlight, allowing the plant to grow indoors or in a room without a window. 


Since these plants are used to extreme climates, you won’t have to water them every single day. A good rule of thumb is to check the soil and provide it with a good amount of water if it is completely dry for the first inch. 

You want to avoid over-watering them because this can be just as dangerous to the plant as not watering them at all. 

Now that you have the basic care tips, it’s time to incorporate these plants in your favorites rooms! 

8 Ways To Use Succulents As Decor 

1. Use Mini-Pots

The great thing about succulents is that you can get them when they’re extremely small and still see how beautiful they are. 

Most plants don’t look too exotic or exciting when they’re small, but succulents look interesting and unique even as a bud. 

If you don’t have much room to work with or just starting out with taking care of plants, consider using mini-pots that hold tiny plants. 

You can get young varietals that look interesting to you, and they will fit perfectly on your windowsill and soak up the natural light. 

Small succulent plants in a small glass container

2. Use Glass Jars 

A unique feature of these plants is their ability to thrive in various environments. They don’t need to have a specific type of planter to keep growing. 

You can place your healthy succulent in a glass mason jar, and as long as it gets the sunlight and water it needs, it will continue to grow!

If you have an eclectic or rustic style, using something unexpected like a glass jar to hold your plants is a great addition to your space. 

A simple glass jar decorated with twine as succulent container

3. Table Arrangement 

These plants will make the perfect centerpiece if you have a well-lit dining room with a spacious dining room table. 

As long as your table receives direct sunlight throughout the day, you’re good to go! Using plants as a table arrangement is typically stressful because they start to wilt and end up leaving a mess on the table. 

These plants are durable and won’t leave your table covered in dead leaves or dirt. Remember to water them when the top inch of soil is dry, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful table arrangement that will last as long as you want it there. 

Wine glasses and an elegant table arrangement

4. Bathroom Decor  

Another great way to incorporate these plants into your space is in the bathroom. Plants are often hard to manage in this room because it’s either too humid or too dark (or both) in a bathroom. 

Succulents do well in this environment and can handle living here and clean your air all the while. 

You can use wall planters and use this as a way to add decor to your bathroom walls, or you can go the traditional route and use a jar or pot on the counter. 

Either way, the plants will make the bathroom feel cozy and inviting and help clean your air while getting ready for work or bed. 

Two overhead plant decors in a bathroom above towel holder

5. Decorate the Planters

If you already have multiple succulents and have mix-matched pots or planters, paint them to match one another and carry a theme throughout multiple rooms. 

Keeping a common theme with each planter, such as all white or all a brass color, will tie in the elements in every room. 

You can make this as simple or ornate as you choose by hand-painting each flower pot or buying multiple sizes or shapes of the same finish and using one in each room. 

Using an interesting pot will give the natural-looking plants a fun and unexpected twist. 

houseplants planted in a fancy rose gold planters

6. Use Hanging Planters

Not every room has tons of counter or furniture space for plants. Using plant hangers is a great way to introduce beautiful plants to your rooms without using any counter or table space. 

You can make them yourself, buy a kit to help put them together, or purchase a ready-made hanger that just needs your favorite plant. 

Since these plants do great in most environments, you can hang them in any room with a window, and you’re good to go. 

Most hanging planters are macrame, but you can also make your own out of any materials you have laying around or use a metal material for a more contemporary or industrial look. 

Different kinds of houseplants hanging using a macramé

7. Fill Your Kitchen Windowsill 

Kitchens are often a challenge to decorate because it’s a space that you want to keep clean and clutter-free. 

If you want to add color and life to your kitchen without using any counter-space, add small succulents to the kitchen window! 

You can often find small succulents at your local nursery, and you can even save money on planters by using small bowls from your kitchen or shot glasses. 

Using items you already have around the house will save you money and make the plant feel authentic to your space. If you have small dressing bowls or shot glasses, fill them three-quarters of the way up with soil, and add your small plant! 

Place them in the kitchen windowsill for a cute and fun decoration that won’t get in the way of your preparation or cooking space. 

A cup of coffee and other white ceramic mugs as planters sitting in the windowsill

8. Use an Old Ladder or Wooden Pallet

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your succulents, consider using the extra materials you have lying around the house!

You may have an old wooden ladder in your garage that you haven’t used in years that could be a great way to display your plants. 

Using a small step ladder gives your space a rustic and authentic look that sparks creativity. You can paint it a color to fit your space and add wooden shelves between the front and back if needed. 

You may even have an old wooden pallet in your yard that you would throw out. Standing it up and using the inner slots to hold your planters is a great way to put it to use! 

If it’s too big for any inside room, you can lean it against your house by the front or back door to add plant decor to your outer living areas. 

A study table setup beside the window with a MacBook and some succulent plants on the table
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