10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas

These ideas are bound to make your house feel cozier. Are you utilizing them?

The difference between a house and a home is the feeling you get when you walk in the front door and instantly feel at peace. You know that you’re safe and you relax in a clean and comfortable environment when you come home.

Creating a space with farmhouse decor is an inexpensive and unique way to make your house feel like a home. So, what is farmhouse decor? 

This style incorporates vintage and rustic furniture, natural textures, and earthy colors. It’s taking something old and making it useful again. 

It’s possible to achieve this look without spending money on brand new furniture or expensive decorations. 

There are a few tricks to achieve this style with ease while still letting your style and flair shine through. 

Use Natural Daylight to Open Up Your Space

If you have a living space that seems closed off or dark, let natural daylight do the work. Opening your bling or curtains and allowing natural light in your living space makes it feel open, airy, and inviting. 

You can still use dreamy curtains or drapes and keep your windows covered at night, but when you open them during the day, you might be surprised at what a difference the natural light will make. 

It’s a good idea to be mindful of your window treatments. Heavy and bulky curtains or drapes can make a space feel closed off and uninviting. If you use light-colored window treatments, it helps your space feel light and relaxing. 

Living room with black cabinetries, wooden furniture and white sofa.

Consider Shopping at Second-hand Stores

Shopping at second-hand stores is a great way to get decor and furniture that will help make your house feel like a home without breaking your bank.

If you don’t have a specific model of furniture in mind but still have a certain vibe you want to create, going to a second-hand store may be the best place to find what you’re looking for. 

The best part of shopping at second-hand stores is getting authentic and vintage items. The pieces you bring home will have real history and stories to them, and you’ll help them live on and create new stories. 

Consider Custom Woodwork With Local Contractors 

Shopping at second-hand stores is a great option for saving money and adding history to your home, but you won’t always find exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes, you’ll have to buy something new and make it look old. 

Another option is to hire a local contractor and have the piece of furniture or decoration that you’re looking for handmade for you. This might save you money while giving you a completely custom piece.

Giving your local contractor is great for your local economy, and you’ll get the exact style and look you want.

Most contractors will be able to build something new but use old wood or antique finishes to make it feel like it came from a different era. 

This is a great way to get a farmhouse environment that looks authentic without using pieces that may be structurally compromised from old age. 

If you’re looking for specific ways to achieve the farmhouse look and make your home feel warm and inviting, we’ve got you covered! 

Two-toned wooden built-in cabinet.

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas For You Home 

1. Incorporate Vintage Accents 

Using vintage accents and decorations will allow you to achieve the farmhouse look without spending much money. 

When you buy vintage pieces, it gives your home a sense of authenticity and brings history to your space. 

Finding a vintage lamp and light fixture from a second-hand store is the perfect way to give your home the style you’re looking for. 

If you have a local antique store or second-hand store that carries old farm equipment such as an old farm sign, old barn doors, or an old pitchfork, you can use these pieces in fun and unexpected ways to add flair to your home. 

Using an old barn door on a sliding track over your pantry is an unexpected way to incorporate the vintage piece while providing functionality to your space.

A wooden sliding barn door with hanging edison lightbulbs.

2. Create a Farmhouse Living Room 

You’ll likely be spending a large amount of time in your living room when you’re at home. This means you need the space to feel warm, inviting, and safe. 

Whether you have an open floor plan or a closed-off living room, you can make this an inviting and relaxing living space.  

If you have a closed-off living room or a tight/small living room, you’ll want to first focus on the layout.  

Try to use multi-functional furniture to cut back on the number of pieces in your space. Using an antique side table that has a farmhouse feel with shelving or drawers will give you storage and add to the style of your living room. 

Another great way to increase functionality in a small living room is using an ottoman instead of a coffee table. It will give you extra seating and will likely have storage underneath the seat, providing functionality. 

To fully achieve the style you’re going for, incorporate pieces of furniture that have wood or leather finishes. This provides your space with the farmhouse look while still feeling comfortable. 

You can also add to this style by choosing light-colored couches and chairs. A creamy white couch and light gray chairs will make your living space feel relaxing and will blend perfectly with your vintage accents. 

Your living room doesn’t have to be over-the-top decorated. You can create a warm and relaxing environment by choosing fewer but more meaningful pieces.

A cozy and comfortable living room with soft and light toned decors and furniture.

3. Carry The Farmhouse Style Into Your Kitchen 

Now that you have a good idea of how to arrange and decorate your living room, it’s time to move on to the kitchen. 

This is often a difficult room to decorate and carry styles into, but it can be done inexpensively and functionally.

Let’s start with the cabinets. An inexpensive way to give your existing cabinets a major facelift is by painting them white. Choosing a creamy white color will allow you to have fun in other ways in your kitchen. 

Once you have them painted, add rustic handles to tie in with the style you started in the living room. Use a dark metal to add depth and contrast to this space. 

Now that you have creamy white cabinets, you can add pops of natural colors in other kitchen areas. Try to use greens, yellows, and oranges in the kitchen to make it fun while still feeling clean and relaxing. 

Carry the natural wood and leather tones into the kitchen by displaying old rolling pins, a wooden bread box, and leather bar-stools. 

Add some contrast in this space by using dark metal light fixtures and wood accents on areas such as the range hood or around your refrigerator. 

Don’t forget about your farmhouse sink! These sinks are fantastic for washing large dishes, but they’re expensive when bought new. Try to find a used one at an antique store or second-hand store to save some money on this appliance. 

You can create your dream kitchen on a budget by incorporating natural elements and vintage accessories in your kitchen that will match your style and still serve a functional purpose. 

A beautiful white kitchen with black and wooden accents.

4. Add Farmhouse Decor to Your Bathroom

An area of your home that is often overlooked when decorating is the bathroom. While this is certainly not the room to go overboard in, you can still add small decorations and accents to carry your style and create warmth. 

When you’re updating your style in a bathroom, it’s the little things that will make a big difference. 

Use an antique mirror with some scuffs and stains to add to your vintage style. This is one of the areas of your house where imperfection is best. 

Try to find a vintage sink at an antique store, or use an old dresser as the vanity for the bathroom. Doing either of these will save you thousands of dollars in the bathroom. 

If you’re looking for more minor ways to update your bathroom, focus on the decorations and accessories. You could use a wooden soap holder to place your soap dispenser in or update your shower curtain to a white cloth curtain to carry your color scheme into this space. 

Tieing in your colors in each house room will make your home feel fluid and inviting. This can be achieved even in your bathrooms by using the right accents and decorations. 

Try to use neutral colors on your big items, and carry the greens, yellows, and leather accents that you used in your kitchen into this space. Replace your old light fixtures with dark metals to tie into your kitchen and give the bathroom some contrast. 

If you’re going for the showstopper, find an antique clawfoot tub. Nothing says farmhouse bathroom like an old tub with a wooden drink tray. 

A regular sized beige bathtub.

5. Find Inspiration From Antique Stores 

When you feel stuck and need some inspiration, go to your local antique store with nothing specific in mind. 

It seems like it would be an unproductive trip, but going in with a clear mind will give you an idea of countless possibilities. 

Looking around at the different sections of an antique store and seeing how the pieces tie into one another will inspire you and help you find missing pieces in your space. 

You may have a beautiful, vintage coffee table that looks elegant in your living room, but you can’t find end tables to match it. 

Going to an antique store can give you a sense of how different wood tones go together and which ones clash. 

It can also show you how to be creative with your light fixtures. You may need pendant lights above your kitchen island and find old string light fixtures in an antique store that will fit perfectly above your island. 

Keeping your mind clear and open to suggestions will give you tons of ideas on incorporating farmhouse decor without spending large amounts of time or money. 

A modern and luxurious fully furnished kitchen.

6. Use Different Textures 

Incorporating specific textures in a space is one of the best ways to create a certain style. 

The farmhouse style is unique because it’s usually a combination of old and new, vintage and elegant, dark and light. 

Textures such as raw metal, natural wood, and leather will be perfect for your space. Try to incorporate old metal signs from an antique shop to give your space an antique look. 

Use live-edge furniture to bring movement and texture to your space and bring in natural wood elements. 

Using leather in small portions such as on a reading chair or a lamp will give your space a slightly masculine element without overdoing it. 

In the kitchen, incorporate wood textures and woven materials such as baskets. These textures will make your kitchen feel authentic and vintage without costing you much money. 

Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals. Using raw metal finishes in the same room with sleek, black metal light fixtures is okay! It will create layers and contrast, making your space feel authentic and interesting. 

A wicker basket as vegetable storage.

7. Incorporate Natural Tones

Using a neutral color pallet on your walls and large furniture such as your couch and cabinets will let you successfully incorporate natural tones throughout your home. 

Using dark wooden furniture and black metal finishes won’t make your space feel dark and cold if you pair them with a bright and creamy wall color and light-colored fabrics. 

Using natural tones means incorporating leather, metal, and wooden finishes. You don’t want to go overboard here, and you won’t need to if you find furniture and pieces that perfectly fit your space. 

The key here is to have a healthy balance. Use different metals and textures for your light fixtures and different materials for your tables instead of just wood. 

Keeping things fresh and unexpected while still staying true to your style is the best way to make your house feel like a home. 

A mix of modern and traditional farmhouse kitchen.

8. Create a Modern Farmhouse by Using Metal Finishes

If you’re looking for a mixture of farmhouse and modern, that can be achieved by including metal finishes. As mentioned before, metal finishes are a great way to achieve this style and can often save you money in your decoration budget. 

Use dark metal finishes to make your space modern while still giving you a farmhouse feel. 

Dark metals will contrast with your light and airy wall colors, cabinet colors, and furniture. It will give your space an elegant look while staying true to your style. 

Incorporating your metal finishes in unexpected ways is one of the best ways to make your space feel modern. 

Use metal legs for your dining room table and chairs to add an unexpected touch. Or use metal pendant lights in your kitchen instead of traditional light fixtures.

Even updating the handles on your pantry door or bedroom doors can carry this modern twist on your classic style throughout your home. 

A wooden double door with a diamond shaped carving.

9. Add a Pop of Color 

When you think of an old farmhouse, the color red probably comes to mind. Using a pop of color, like red, can give your house an authentic and unique style. 

If you choose vibrant and warm colors such as red, use it sparingly to avoid overshadowing your natural tones. You could use a rusted red clock in your living room or a vintage red container in your kitchen.  

Using color in purposeful but subtle ways is the best way to give your space a personal touch and have fun with decorating. 

Try to incorporate natural colors when possible. Vibrant colors are fun in certain spaces but may not be able to carry on throughout the rest of your home.  

When you use natural colors such as green or yellow, you can carry that to every room in the house. 

This color can be used in decorations, floor tiles, accessories such as blankets, and light fixtures. 

When you use color subtly, it creates movement and connection in your home without anyone realizing it and makes your space feel whole. 

A black kitchen countertop coupled with black bricked walls and a red electric mixer.

10. Create Areas For Storage 

Creating functional space is very important for your home. Once you have your style figured out, you’ll want to make smart furniture selections. 

In your living room, choosing furniture that can be used as a table and has storage is a great way to get extra space in your home. 

Hiring a local contractor to build built-ins on a wall in your living room is another great way to add to your space in both a functional and stylistic sense. 

In your kitchen, try to find functional antique pieces that you can display and use for cooking. This will cut back on clutter from unused decorations in this space.

Choose a vanity that will fit your sink and provide appropriate storage for you in your bathroom. Using an old bedroom dresser will give you bathroom counter space and storage space underneath, making this a functional choice. 

The biggest thing in creating space is to keep it easy for yourself. Choose less furniture that is more meaningful and purposeful. This will open up your space and truly make your house feel like a home. 

A light green and white comfort room with bath tub.
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Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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