5 Interior Design Ideas Using Velvet

Velvet can look so cozy and elegant when used appropriately. How are you incorporating it into your home?

Velvet is making a huge comeback. It’s taking the fashion and interior design industries by storm and creating fun and unexpected moments. 

Using velvet in your home is a fantastic option for French-inspired styles. It often scares people away because people often think of a big, ugly couch. 

There are tons of other ways to incorporate beautiful colors and texture into your space without committing to a huge, awkward-colored couch. 

Check out these velvet design ideas!

Why Velvet?

Whether your home incorporates an industrial style, mid-century modern style, or French Country style, velvet can perfectly tie your space together. It adds a new texture to create depth and interest in your room and matches any color pallet. 

Adding velvet can upgrade your space. Even reupholstering a couch, accent chair, or throw pillow with velvet can add sophistication to your room and make it feel vintage but modern.

It’s also a comfortable fabric that seems to welcome you and help you feel like you belong. It’s authentic and timeless, and when used correctly, modern and sophisticated. It’s the perfect touch to rooms that feel like they’re missing something, whether it’s color or texture. 

5 Ways to Use Velvet

1. Throw pillows

A great way to add texture and movement to your home is using velvet throw pillows. It gives you a good dose of French-inspired design without the commitment of a large piece of furniture. 

Try using neutral colors like blue, beige, or brown. These colors will go with most couches, and they’ll become the perfect accessory to your living room. 

If you want a pop of color in your space, try to find a light pink or forest green that will still give you the design aesthetic you’re going for but allows you to be playful with it. 

They will also look fantastic on your bed. It’s a great way to add interest to your bedroom and carry in the same textures from other rooms in the house. Your home will feel cohesive and your room will look great. 

Living room soda elegant green color
A velvet texture pop blue green sofa against a dark blue wall

2. Find a Funky Reading Chair 

Do you have a quiet nook in your living room or bedroom? Chances are, you have a spot in your home that isn’t large enough to create a whole space out of but large enough for a small chair. 

Using a velvet reading chair is a larger commitment than throw pillows, but it still won’t overpower the room or steal the show (unless you design the room around the chair and want it to steal the show).

Try to find fun and vibrant colors like deep blue, orange, or pink. This will give your space the pop of color it needs and give you a super comfortable place to read and drink your morning coffee. 

To complete this cozy space, you can throw a creamy white blanket over the top or add a neutral color throw pillow. The additional accents will let the texture really pop and make your space feel welcoming. 

a Salmon pink armchair and a wooden cabinet and mirror
velvet chair and colorful throw pillows

3. Use Bold Curtains

I know what you’re thinking. Curtains are usually a huge part of a room and shouldn’t be too crazy or busy. 

While I would typically agree with that, in this instance, using velvet curtains is a great way to give your living room or dining room the finishing touch to your French-inspired space. 

If the rest of your furniture and decorations are light wood, neutral colors, and light metal finishes, use the curtains to spice up the area and bring it all together. Go with a neutral color to blend in with your space or a deep color to make a statement. 

If you’re looking to add a bold or dark color to your room, use your curtains. It’s a great way to add an unexpected pop of color, and it can completely transform your space. The dark color will anchor the area and give the room a bit of mystery and comfort without overwhelming or feeling too imposing. 

Velvet curtains and plain walls
Dark and moody room velvet curtains
Minimalist bright and airy room
long and tall velvet curtains living room

4. Create a Bold Window Seat 

If you have a beautiful window seat in your house that’s great for reading or enjoying an evening tea, update the upholstery. Using a velvet material on the window seat is an easy way to add a subtle touch to your French-Inspired home. 

It’s an inexpensive project that can make a huge difference. Since this will typically be a small area showered in natural light, don’t be afraid to go with a bold or deep color in this area. 

If you have a bright room with neutral colors, use a bold blue or dark green for the window seat. It’s a great contrast to your space and can add warmth to your lighter tones. 

Creating a window seat is a great addition to your home and can easily become your favorite spot in the house with some updated upholstery and the right throw pillows. Add contrasting colors with the throw pillows or blankets in this space to highlight the area and add sophistication to your home. 

floor to ceiling windows with open curtains
Dark pink velvet sofa modern home

5. Find a Bold-Colored Sofa

Okay, I know earlier I mentioned that getting a velvet couch is unnecessary to achieve the perfect look. But, if you have a sitting room, or even a large master bedroom with space, finding a bold-colored sofa with this texture is a perfect addition. 

A bold-colored velvet sofa like royal blue, forest green, or burgundy will bring an unexpected texture to the room. They’re a great addition in bright rooms with neutral pallets or in dark rooms with bold colors on the walls. 

These sofas will feel like a nod to traditional interior design while adding a modern and elegant touch to your room. Whether you want to brighten the room up or add a moody color, these sofas can be the perfect addition. 

For rooms with dark walls, or if you’re looking to keep your space bright and airy, try finding a pastel-colored sofa. It will keep your space easy and bright and add traditional textures and accents to your room.

You can probably even find the perfect sofa for your home at an antique store or estate sale. It’s a show-stopper, and it provides you with a cozy place to nap on a lazy Sunday. 

A very bold and blue sofa against a wall full of artworks
Modern classy and traditional muted green velvet couch
Modern living room with clean lines
Dark green couch against a white painted brick wall
Modern living room with red and velvet accents
Vintage looking tan velvet sofa
Light pink sofa with a fur throw pillow
midnight blue velvet sofa living room
Simple and futuristic themed living room blue velvet sofa

Jessica Childres
Jessica Childres is a Georgia native and former teacher. She loves to share her skills, knowledge and passion with others. She has an ongoing interest in real estate, home decorating, and design.
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