Amsterdam Interior Design Ideas

Amsterdam interior design has a unique, casual, and savvy feel to it. What can you learn from it?

The Amsterdam apartment below is space-savvy, casual, and combines the new and the old masterfully. You instantly feel like taking your shoes off, relaxing, and enjoying some good company. It’s unique and interesting, but still feels familiar and inviting. 

Let’s look at how it uses the Amsterdam interior design style and how you may want to incorporate it into your own home!

Dutch Interior Design 

Many interior design styles have a specific flair that allows you to instantly recognize them when you see them. The Dutch interior design style is no different, boasting unique features such as bold colors paired with neutral backgrounds and utilizing minimalist concepts. 

This gorgeous Amsterdam apartment is an excellent representation of this style and creates a beautiful story of the life and culture present in the space. 

One of the first things you’ll notice is the bold colors. They’re subtly and strategically placed to create a unique atmosphere and bring interest to specific places in the house. 

The most interesting thing about how this style uses bold colors is that they’re almost always paired with a neutral background. This style is all about class and sophistication, so the bold accents are strong enough to act on their own without needing colorful walls furniture. 

This apartment has white walls and floors and utilizes bold accents like the drapes, chairs, and decor. Using the white background helps the bold colors stand out without feeling too overwhelming, and you end up with a gorgeous and fun space. 

White painted walls with bold color decor and furniture

Functional Design 

A staple of this design is utilizing every space in the house and keeping a minimalistic approach. Adding built-ins, for example, is a great way to maximize space and add to the Dutch design style. 

Using built-ins can take an ordinary wall or unused space and give you room to display family photos, a book collection, heirloom decor, or anything else that you may not have had room for otherwise. 

Instead of buying or building a bulky bookshelf or dresser for odds and ends, you can use built-ins and free up space in other areas of the home. The built-ins in this apartment are conveniently located in the hallway, and it holds decor, books, and even plants. 

A built in bookshelf full of books and magazines

Cozy Furniture 

Adding cozy furniture to your space is always a great idea, and it’s even better when it matches the interior style you’re going for. Using comfy furniture like a plush couch, a cozy love seat, or a comfortable chair is a perfect addition to the Dutch interior design. 

Sometimes, the difference between a house and a home can be in the subtle touches and cozy additions. This apartment turns a unique chair into a relaxing and comfortable retreat. The faux-fur blanket and eclectic pillow add a charm and welcoming factor to the chair. 

It’s decorated simply, which allows it to find a spot in any room of the house and still feel like it’s meant to be there. It also carries the theme of using a bold color with a neutral (in this case, white) background, allowing the pillow to shine.

A comfortable rattan chair with a faux fur and yellow throw pillow

Unique Storage Space

It’s not uncommon to find older homes without any storage spaces. Older homes in Amsterdam rarely have conveniences such as hallway closets, bathroom closets, or other built-in storage space, which means you have to get creative sometimes. 

This apartment turns their storage issues into a unique feature of the home. They created a wall of storage using different shapes, sizes, and styles. Staying true to this interior design style, they pair bold color accents with neutral white storage shelving to add a pop of color and interest. 

Creating additional storage space in a unique way distracts from the fact that there was no original storage in the home, and it allows you to create an accent wall that doubles as storage. 

A minimalist white cabinetries with an eclectic theme

Dutch-Inspired Kitchen 

Kitchens are often considered to be the heart of the home. It’s where families gather, laugh, create, and enjoy each other’s company. The kitchen should reflect your interior style and interests since it’s an integral part of the home. 

Your kitchen interior design doesn’t have to feel separated from the rest of the home. Using simple things like colored coffee mugs and plates can add a pop of color against a neutral background. Storing food in glass jars and using an open-shelf technique can add character and charm to your space and even save you money. 

This Amsterdam apartment does a great job of bringing in the essential elements of the style into this space. There’s a neutral background with bold colors, unique storage, and natural elements like plants and flowers. 

Hanging kitchenware and some glass food container

Purposeful Mix-and-Match 

It’s common to collect items and decor in various styles over the years. Your decor will likely change with you as your style and interests change. 

The great thing about the Dutch interior design style is that you can create moments of purposeful mix-and-match that look like they belong. Using multiple sizes and patterns of throw pillows can create a fun addition to your couch or a window seat. 

The apartment utilizes multiple patterns in its pillows and keeps a neutral background. Adding in some plants and a natural wood table allows the mix-and-match patterns to bring light to the space but in a subtle way. 

A living room with a small coffee table and built in sora

Natural Colors 

You can utilize natural colors throughout a home without making it feel dull or washed out if you pair them with the right accents and decor. Using a creamy white paint color on the walls or floors can give you a calm pallet to work with.  

Pairing the natural colors with items like plants, flowers, or bold colors keeps the space interesting and inviting instead of feeling cold or disconnected. You can use this with any style and in any home to create a calm and warming pallet. 

The Amsterdam apartment uses a natural pallet on the walls and floor and uses mix-and-match patterns, bold colors, and fresh plants to bring interest and color into the space. Using wooden furniture with rustic charm or character ties everything together and can make your space feel like home. 

Natural colored cabinetries and furniture

Patterned Walls 

Homes with mainly neutral pallets and natural colors can feel washed out or sterile if it’s not done right. Adding an accent wall with a unique pattern can break up the bright neutral colors and draw your eyes to a specific wall in the house. 

Creating a patterned wall in the living room or on the wall by your bed will help your eyes focus on something fun and can even help your room feel larger. There are endless possibilities and patterns to choose from, making this a chance for you to add your personal touch. 

The apartment in Amsterdam uses a pattern with subtle colors, staying in line with the Dutch interior style but still adding interest to the space. It feels like a natural addition and seems to flow perfectly with the room. 

Accent wall using patterned wallpapers

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