Pantone Ultra Violet: Information and 10 Design Ideas

Pantone Ultra Violet won the color of the year in 2018. Can you incorporate it into your home design?

In 2018, Pantone named Ultra Violet the color of the year as it sparks mystery, intrigue, and originality. It’s a gorgeous color that seems light and easy but has deep and thoughtful tones that generate curiosity. 

Color Description

Ultra Violet is represented by the hexadecimal color code #5f4b8b. It is made up of 37.25 percent red, 29.41 percent green, and 54.51 percent blue in the RGB color model. It’s  #5f4b8b in the HSL color space and has a hue of 259° (degrees), 30% saturation, and 42% lightness. The wavelength of this color is approximately 433.29nm. 

It’s a difficult color to incorporate depending on your interior design style but can add class and sophistication to your space when done correctly. You’ll probably want to avoid using this color for every piece of furniture or on every wall in the house, but it can have a lovely and elegant effect on your space when used sparingly. 

Since it’s one of the more difficult colors to decorate and accessorize with, here are a few ideas to get you started! 

10 Ultra Violet Ideas

1. Use an Accent Blanket 

There are several areas around the house that can use the touch of a blanket. Over the back of an accent chair, on the sofa, or by the foot of the bed can make a great home for a cozy blanket. 

Try to find an accent blanket in Ultra Violet to give your space some sophistication and mystery. This color would look great over a leather chair or a white sofa. You can even pair it in a neutral color bedroom to be a fun and unexpected pop of color. 

The color will add interest to your space and give off subtle moody vibes. It’s still a calm and relaxing color, but this shade is just dark enough to add a deeper meaning.

Bedroom vintage wallpaper, accent wall, violet blanket

2. Find a Purple Sofa 

If your living space has a neutral pallet and you’re looking for a piece of furniture to add interest to your area, try to find a colored sofa. Incorporating a velvet Ultra Violet sofa into your living room will make your space feel fun and mysterious without overwhelming the room.

A velvet sofa adds sophistication and elegance to a room. It reminds you and your guests of traditional decor styles, and it feels great after a long day of work. You can add throw pillows of almost any color to pair with the sofa and add your personal touch. 

It’s also a great opportunity to add an accent blanket. If you’re looking for a casual option, incorporate a white blanket. For a more dramatic color pairing, try to find a yellow or mustard color blanket to add some contrast. 

A velvet muted violet couch with sun rays

3. Incorporate Fresh Flowers 

One of the best ways to get natural colors into a space is with fresh flowers. They’re beautiful, smell great, and signal new life. Depending on the time of year, you can find flowers with the perfect shade of Ultra Violet. 

To make a more dramatic statement, use different size vases or flower pots. This would be a great addition to any color pallet and with any interior design style. You can use the vase or flower pots to add to your specific style and let the color of the flower shine.

An arrangement can go on the coffee table, an end table, or even in the dining room. Try to keep the flowers in sunlight to help prolong their longevity.

A purple flower petal in a slim glass vase

4. Add an Area Rug

A great way to add different areas in your room and create seemingly separate spaces is by using an area rug. They can make hardwood or tile floors feel soft and welcoming and enhance your style. 

If you’re trying to incorporate Ultra Violet into your space but don’t want that specific color in any furniture, try finding it in a rug! It introduces the mysterious and soothing color without fully committing to a large piece of furniture. 

Adding a pop of color to a rug gives you the freedom to change it or move it. You can use it in different rooms in the house or keep it in the living room and let it contrast with light-colored sofas and chairs. 

Living room with orange couch and violet rug

5. Get a Neon Sign 

If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate a specific color, use a neon sign. You can commission an artist to make any phrase or shape that you want in the specific color you want. Neon signs would look great in the den, garage, over the bed, or even in the bathroom. 

An Ultra Violet neon sign would look great because it’s already an intriguing color. It’s subtle yet curious, and the neon aspect will make it that much more mysterious and fun.  

Adding the neon sign to a room with light-colored furniture would be a great addition. It could be a pop of color and an unexpected moment in a living room or the bedroom. 

Pink neon light signage Hello

6. Use Outside Chairs

When you choose one specific color to carry throughout the house, don’t forget about the patio! You can still incorporate a unique color in your outdoor living spaces. Doing so will help your indoor and outdoor living feel cohesive and connected to one another. 

Using barstools or outdoor chairs with a specific color is an easy way to continue the trend. Depending on the type of chair, you can sand them down and paint them any color you want. 

Wooden barstools or Adirondack chairs are easy to paint and refinish. The chairs are a functional part of your space, and they’ll look great once painted to match the rest of the house. 

Outdoor wooden purple chairs exposed in sunlight

7. Create an Accent Wall

Painting one specific wall in a room can create a brilliant and eye-catching accent wall. You can use this technique in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

For a dramatic effect, it’s best if the other walls are a soft neutral color to let your pop of color shine. Painting one wall Ultra Violet and keeping the rest a soft shade of gray or white will draw your eyes to the painted wall and add depth to your space. 

The color will feel sophisticated and update the room, and you can pair it with light-colored furniture and plenty of fresh plants. It’s a great addition to mid-century modern, eclectic, or contemporary homes.

A houseplant in front of a violet accent wall

8. Incorporate Colored Decor 

A fun way to collect and incorporate colored decor around the house is by going to antique stores or flea markets and looking for a specific color. You can find great deals at these places, and with enough patience, you could furnish most of your house at a discounted price.  

You can find bold colors in decor like old glass bottles, old paintings, flower pots, and much more. Using old glass bottles can add interest and functionality to your space. You can keep fresh flowers and plants in them, or just keep the bottles themselves as decor. 

A rustic wooden table with some twines, flowers and inks

9. Add a Vibrant Painting 

If you’ve already furnished your home and you’re looking for a final touch, add a vibrant painting! It gives you the chance to add in a certain color like Ultra Violet and can enhance your space. 

You can find paintings at flea markets, antique stores, or find a local artist to paint you something specific. Adding art to a room will add a cozy and welcoming feeling, making your space seem approachable. 

Sometimes, you can even start with a painting you love and coordinate the rest of the room around it. The painting will hold the color pallet, allowing you to decide on decor and accents based on the painting itself. 

A pink flower abstract painting decor

10. Incorporate LED Lights 

Using LED lights in places like a game room, den, or garage can completely transform the mood. It creates a fun and vibrant atmosphere and feels inviting. Colored LED lights are perfect for gamers who want more out of their experience or for a cozy den to add mood lighting. 

The best part is that most light strips have the ability to change colors. That means you can start out using Ultra Violet to create a sophisticated and slightly mysterious room but still produce tons of light. Then, you can change the color to something more soothing, like green or blue, if you need to change the tone of the room.

A gaming computer setup with violet LED lights
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