6 Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

Redesigning a bathroom with shiplap can totally change the feel of a bathroom. Are you using it correctly?

Incorporating shiplap into areas of your home may instantly transform the space. Consider taking a basic, boring wall in your home and adding texture and depth without regard for perfection.

This technique adds life and energy to a dull wall that you would want to cover up with ornamentation or artwork.

Adding shiplap to your bathroom quickly upgrades it without making it feel too sophisticated or overdone. It’s inviting and can make even the smallest restrooms appear larger.

It’s a classic look that will last for years, and if you live in an older home, you might find some hidden behind the drywall.

There are a few things you should consider before transforming your present wall.

Consider Light Fixtures

The existing light features in this location may influence the technique you use.

If you have stylish and sleek light fixtures and finishes, install vertical shiplap to make the space feel more sophisticated. This strategy will make the room appear taller and will significantly improve the area.

Use a horizontal method for farmhouse-inspired light fixtures and rustic finishes to make the area feel larger and more expansive. It also looks wonderful in rustic-style homes.

Two mirror frames and four transparent glass light fixtures.

Consider the Cabinets and Countertops

Large features such as cabinets and countertops will be important in determining which orientation is best.

Elegant countertops, such as marble or granite, will require a more sophisticated wall finish. In this situation, vertical shiplap would be an excellent choice.

Solid-color countertops with a rustic edge, such as concrete or solid white, could benefit from a more farmhouse-style finish. Thus, the horizontal approach would be the ideal choice here.

It is also necessary to consider the color and style of the cabinets. Sleek white or black cabinets work well with the vertical method, but antique wooden cabinetry works best with the horizontal design.

After you’ve studied the bathroom’s accompanying features, it’s time to consider ideas for making this your dream space.

6 Ideas for Shiplap in the Bathroom 

1. Paint it White 

The best way to create a farmhouse bathroom is by using a white painted shiplap. It’s the perfect mix of rustic and class, and it adds tons of character. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to create an instant upgrade, painting the shiplap white creates a calming and clean feel to the environment. 

The white color on the walls makes the space feel clean, but the texture prevents it from feeling sterile and cold. 

You won’t have to do too much in this room to make it feel welcoming, and the white paint will be that extra touch that it needs. 

A small bathroom with a stripe blue shower curtain and white walls.

2. Leave it Exposed 

To create a more rustic atmosphere, leave the wooden shiplap exposed instead of painting it white or black (or any other color). 

Leaving it exposed as the natural wood element gives it a more masculine and rustic feel, and it can show all of the subtle imperfections. 

Using this as a feature in the bathroom is great for country-style or farmhouse-style homes and can act as an accent wall. 

The best part is this is an inexpensive option and gives the space an instant upgrade. 

A woman relaxing in a bathtub with wine and candles.

3. Cover the Ceiling 

When you have a beautiful (or awkward) roof-line that you just can’t do anything with, cover it in shiplap. 

This makes the space feel tall and inviting, and it will draw your focus to the beautiful natural wood instead of awkward roof lines or ceilings. 

Leave it unpainted for a rustic and vintage look and let all the natural imperfections shine. 

If you want a sleek and elegant look, use a coat or two of white paint to give the space a fresh new look. 

A barn inspired bathroom with its bathtub beside the window.

4. Leave the Nail Holes Exposed 

One of the best ways to get the most out of shiplap is by leaving the imperfections exposed, even if you decide to paint it. 

Leaving the wood completely natural is a great way to do this, but it can still be achieved if you want to paint it the perfect shade of white or gray.

When you paint the natural wood, go back over the whole thing with sandpaper and give it a rustic look. This will give it an authentic look and enhance the entire room.

This can also be achieved by using only one or two light coats of paint, which will leave the seams and the nail holes exposed. 

Leaving the seams exposed where one piece of wood meets the next is another great way to make this a rustic and authentic accent to your bathroom. 

Using this technique allows the history to shine through and brings out the craftsmanship that went into the project, whether it’s original to the house or a new addition. 

A huge, complete, and modern white bathroom with minimal styling.

5. Use Reclaimed Wood

Turning something old and worn down into a new piece of art is always a humbling experience. 

If you have an old desk or dresser in the garage, or even a barn out back with piles of old wood, put it to use! 

The beauty of using shiplap is that imperfections are often the best part. The pieces don’t have to be the same size or color. 

Using old wood that’s rich with history and meaning and turning it into a beautiful accent wall in your bathroom will add so much value to your home. 

It also saves you money if you have enough spare materials lying around. Being able to say that the beautiful wall in your powder room was made from parts of your family’s furniture is priceless. 

If the pieces are drastically different in length and color, you can always use a light coat of white paint to give it an upgrade and make it all blend. 

A minimal bathroom using a white shiplap walls and neutral textures for styling.

6. Choose the Perfect Accessories

Now that you have the perfect shiplap wall in your bathroom, it’s time to accessorize! 

Using circular mirrors will play off the perfect lines that the wood creates. Whether you installed them vertically or horizontally, a circular mirror will contrast with the long lines. 

Try to use natural wood elements in this space to create a farmhouse and country style. It will complement the wall nicely, and if you paint the walls white, it will be a contrast in color and texture. 

Top it off with natural metal finishes in the cabinet hardware and light fixtures. 

Pendant lights will be great in this space, especially in modern or mid-century homes with an elegant and classic style. 

Two round mirrors whit black frames for his and hers sink in a white bathroom.
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